Cuddle Session: How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Healthy

16 May, 2020

Cuddle Session: How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Healthy

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Taking care to manage your cat’s health and safety can help to extend their life. As every pet owner knows there are certain routines that must be maintained to optimise a healthy environment at home for our feline friends.  Here are some top tips:

How to manage your cat’s health and safety

keep your cat safe
Keeping your cat safe and healthy is important

Becoming a pet parent is inarguably one of the best decisions you can make in life. The little furry buddy becomes a loyal companion that will never betray you. In addition to companionship, having a cat in your home can help beat stress and anxiety, especially when you see them play around with stuff and perform acrobatic moves around the house. This is not to forget that of all the pets you can own, cats are the best cuddlers. The innocent kitty will wait until you’re asleep and sneak into your bed to keep you warm. She’ll brush her body against your feet and even jump on your lap occasionally.

For real, owning a cat is a great source of happiness and satisfaction. However, being a responsible cat parent means taking good care of her by ensuring that she’s well-fed and provided with the basic necessities and supplies to ensure their health, safety, and wellness. On this note, here are some tips on how to keep your cat safe and healthy.

Keep your cat clean and groomed

Well, cats are arguably one of the cleanest pets on the planet. In most cases, they clean up using the tongue, licking out dirt from various parts of the body. However, cat hygiene needs to go further than that as far as their health and safety are concerned. Especially if you own a hairy breed like the Persian, Kate Barrington from  Petsumer says that you may need to bathe him and brush his hair more regularly.  This also means choosing the right cat brush and grooming kit for your kitty. All in all, regular brushing and bathing help reduce the messes of hair shedding while keeping your cat free from parasites such as fleas and ticks.  

Provide a quiet, cozy sleeping area

Cats love to sleep in high places so that they can be able to view their surroundings. Try and be in a position to provide your cat with several sleeping spots around your house. Just like humans, cats value their sleep. They love sleeping in a safe, quiet, and cozy place. Cats are playful and they enjoy curling up in their boxes as they play with the tail and the flies in the air. You should also keep in mind that cats love to sleep alone so try and accommodate their sleeping patterns as much as you can.

Provide healthy meals

Compared to wild cats, domestic cats do not have to hunt for food. Wild cats eat as many times as they hunt but what keeps them healthy is the exercises they do while roaming around to hunt down for food. Indoor cats, on the other hand, are prone to weight gain and obesity because they do not work for their food, meaning that they do not get enough exercise. This makes it important to observe what you feed your cat. Different cat breeds may have different nutritional needs, so make sure you talk to your vet about what to feed your furry friend.

Give them space

Cats do not like being around noisy areas. When choosing his or her space, make sure it’s a cozy, quiet, and secure place. This applies especially if you have other pets in the house or you have more than one cat. As much as cats are friendly, they are independent by nature. Cats living in the same house tend to have some behavioural competitions, especially if they are sharing space. Each cat should have his or her own space and if it is only one cat, ensure that they have a private space where they feel they can hide and feel safe from all the destruction of the humans.

Exercise your cat

“Curiosity killed the cat”…The white man said, and yes cats are curious. This is something you can use to help them exercise and keep fit to avoid the dangers of being overweight or obese as mentioned earlier. For instance, try to make your cat run around the house by throwing items for him to run after it. While running alone can be enough exercise to keep your cat fit, you can as well place hanging toys just to keep them jumping to reach out. With time, as you hang out with your cat, you will know the kind of exercises he needs. Indulge your cat in games that will keep him active and engaged so he doesn’t go around wreaking havoc in your house.  

Place litter boxes in convenient locations

You should have litter boxes strategically placed in convenient locations around the house to avoid behavioural issues. When your cat is used to having her box placed behind the door, she will always go there but once you start outing it in different locations, your cat can mess around anywhere. You should also use unscented litter, preferably low-dust, and avoid placing them near noisy appliances. Empty the litter box contents frequently and clean the box with mild washing soap. Disinfectants can be toxic to pets, so avoid them at all costs.

Maintaining a healthy cat can help extend the cat’s life

And there you have it. Keeping your cat safe and healthy is a sure way of keeping her happy and improving your cuddle sessions. What’s more, the furry friend will appreciate every effort you put in ensuring their well-being. In addition to the above, ensure that your cat gets all the necessary vaccines and get her checked at the vet’s office regularly to ensure she’s healthy.

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