Dealing with home threats from underground animals

16 Mar, 2021

Dealing with home threats from underground animals

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House owners seldom worry about home threats from animals outside the house. However, as a homeowner perhaps you should be concerned. There are various threats caused by underground animals that can cause damage to your property. Here are some notes on what you can do to mitigate such threats on your property.

Home Threats from Underground Animals

home threats
Moles pop up in all kinds of places

When you are a homeowner, there are many different types of problems and damage that animals can cause to your home. From animals getting into your attic and tearing up your insulation, to mice and rats spreading disease around your home, pest animals can present a serious problem.

One of the more serious forms of damage that animals can cause occurs when certain creatures burrow underground. Continue reading to learn more about home threats from underground animals.


These smelly creatures are known for their pungent aroma more than virtually anything else about them. Their distinctive black and white bodies are easily spotted and identified by virtually everyone at one point or another. Not only can these creatures cause nasty smells around your property, but they can actually cause damage to your home. They are real home threats.

Skunks are a burrowing animal that search for grubs and other insects in the ground. They will root around yards, parks, and fields, looking for sustenance. When they are looking to find a warm place to burrow and shelter, they often choose to do it right alongside the foundation of homes. These are usually very safe, very warm places to live for skunks. This burrowing and the massive tunnels they can end up digging can cause serious structural damage to your home. Even worse, their offspring may decide to burrow around your home as well, creating even more damage to your home’s foundation.

home threats
Skunks they can cause permanent damage to house foundations


Much like skunks, moles are burrowing creatures that spend most of their lives in their tunnels. These critters are often seen around gardens and residential lawns, as they prefer to live in areas with high concentrations of insects, seeds, and other food sources. As a home threat moles might be very small, but do not let their small size fool you. These rodents are capable of causing tons of damage to your home.

Much in the same way as skunks, moles oftentimes burrow alongside homes and this can weaken the foundation enough to the point where serious damage occurs. While they are much smaller than skunks, moles tunnel through exponentially larger amounts of ground material than skunks do, making them a very serious threat to your home. Learn more about moles here.

Home Threats Dead Animals

While often forgotten, one of the worst threats to your home is actually dead animals. When animals feel like they are about to die, they oftentimes will find an out-of-the-way place where they can die peacefully. One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize a pre-dug hole that they find alongside a home’s foundation from some other critter.

Once they die in a tunnel by your home, they can cause nasty odours that virtually seep through your foundation. In addition, these animals can spread disease through contact with various home surfaces. All in all, dead animals that make it underground by your home can cause problems. To learn how to get rid of dead animals visit

Control Methods for Underground Animals

Now that some of the common burrowing nuisance animals have been discussed, it is time to get into how you can get them away from your property.  You need to manage them as home threats.

One of the best ways that you can deal with any of these pest problems is to call a professional wildlife removal service, as they have decades of experience and know how to remove pest animals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If as a homeowner you decide to opt for a do-it-yourself approach, you will have to invest a little money into the solution. As home threats go, if unchecked underground animals can have a devastating effect.  If you have gophers or moles, there are several different trap varieties that you can use to catch them. If you have skunks or groundhogs, you might opt for a cage trap that is safe and easy to use. At the end of the day, it is very important to get rid of any of these critters as soon as possible.




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