Decorate a home with flowers – 6 Wonderful ideas

9 Jun, 2021

Decorate a home with flowers – 6 Wonderful ideas

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Many homeowners today love the idea of brining the outdoors inside, whether you live in a house or apartment. To decorate a home with flowers is one way to do just that. You might decide simply to present freshly cut flowers on a daily basis, or even to have an indoor garden. Here are 6 wonderful ideas to help you along.

6 Wonderful ways to decorate a home with flowers

decorate a home with flowers
Some people love flowers so much they simply need them around

Decorating with flowers is a fantastic way to bring nature into your home. This natural artwork looks elegant, sets the tone for each room, and provides mood-boosting benefits to everyone who sees (or smells) them. 

If floral print just isn’t cutting it for your flower-loving style, try these six wonderful ways to decorate your home with flowers.

decorate a home with flowers
Add collections of flowers in casual locations around your home

Subscribe for a Monthly Bouquet Delivery

If you love having fresh-cut flowers on display all year long, the best way to celebrate your passion is with a monthly flower subscription. A subscription service is a fun, economical way to ensure your home always has gorgeous flowers on display. There are various options when choosing a floral subscription. You can opt for a seasonal, specialty bouquet selection, choose flowers that appeal to you or let the experts put something special together. 

A flower subscription is a great option for someone who wants to take their interior décor to the next level but doesn’t have the time or energy to put something together. The monthly deliveries will ensure your table or entryway always has something new and welcoming for your household to enjoy.

Use Hoops and Wreaths

Another stunning way to decorate your home with flowers is to use wreaths or flower hoops. This option is for people with a creative side that love DIY projects. You can use your creations to decorate your front door and to enhance your curb appeal, or to display inside as a décor element.

Bamboo or metallic hoops are a modern twist on the traditional wreath for a more minimalist, bohemian-inspired look. Use these hoops as a wall display in your living room, framing them around another décor element for a magazine-ready look.

In addition to a hoop or wreath base for your flowers, you’ll also need:

  • Fishing line
  • Tape
  • Floral foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Hairspray

The main items on this list will help you arrange and secure your flowers. The hairspray will help keep your fresh or dried flowers intact for longer periods of time.

Dry Your Own Flowers

If the idea of having to replace flowers each month seems overwhelming, consider drying some flowers for display. Drying your own flowers is a great way to use real flowers for your décor without worrying about them drooping and dying. This project will also let you keep flowers from your garden or a bouquet that meant a lot to you.

To dry your own flowers, choose blooms that look strong and healthy. Trim away leaves and debris, and hang them upside down in a warm, dry area using string. Alternatively, you can use the silica gel method for better long-term preservation and colour steadfastness. Once the flowers are dry, display them however you like.

decorate a home with flowers
If you have the space create a year round indoor garden

Create a Pressed Flower Display

As an alternative to drying your flowers, you can try flower pressing instead. This method requires using an old book and weighted blocks (or other books), then leaving the blooms pressed between pages for a few weeks. 

Place the flowers on cardstock before you press them, then transfer them to a shadow box display and hang them on the wall. Dried pressed flowers are a truly evergreen idea for how to decorate a home with flowers. 

Grow Bulbs in Glass Vases

If you love your spring garden and dream of it year-round, this is the flower display option for you. “Plant” your bulbs in clear vases, using river rocks and a bit of soil to rest the bulb. The trick is to keep the bulb dry while letting the roots grow down into the water. Consider germinating your bulbs in the fridge before starting.

Add liquid plant food to the water to give the bulbs more nutrients as they grow. The flower typically derives its nutrients from the bulb before drawing from the soil. By removing the soil, you’re shortening the blooming period of your plant— the plant food will counteract that effect.

Create an Indoor Garden

Finally, if you’re serious about making flowers a part of your home, create an indoor garden. There are endless options for bringing this dream to fruition, from building a permanent garden box to transforming your windowsill into a tiny paradise. You can create a vertical living wall or invest in a table top greenhouse. Get creative and make a private garden in the comfort of your own home.

You can decorate a home with flowers all year round if you want to. With these six ideas, you can display flowers all year long and breathe new life into your décor.



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