Decorate a Home With Wedding Flowers – Top Guide

6 Jun, 2024

Decorate a Home With Wedding Flowers – Top Guide

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If as a new homeowner you are planning a wedding and you’re also moving into a new home consider this guide on how to decorate a home with wedding flowers. It is a budget friendly way to create a welcome for you in your new space and allows you to enjoy the memories of that special day for a longer time.

From Vows to “Welcome Home”: Decorate a Home With Wedding Flowers (Budget-Friendly!)

bride holding a wedding bouquet
Many brides want to extend the memories of that special day – so decorate a home with wedding flowers

Photo by nikki gibson

You’ve said your vows and now it’s time to say ‘Welcome Home’. You might be wondering how to make your new space reflect the love and joy you felt on your wedding day, all while staying within a budget.

One creative way to do this is by decorating your home with your wedding flowers. Yes, those beautiful blooms that graced your special day can find a new life in your living spaces, adding an air of elegance and sentimentality. Intrigued? Let’s explore the many ways you can breathe new life into your wedding flowers, without straining your wallet.

Understanding the Importance of Repurposing

Embracing the art of repurposing not only breathes new life into your wedding flowers, but it also paves the way for creative, eco-friendly decor in your new abode. Imagine walking through your front door, greeted by the familiar scent of your bridal bouquet, its vibrant hues splashed across the room in the form of lively centerpieces, wall art, or even a floral chandelier.

You’re not just giving your flowers a second chance at life, you’re also creating a unique space that’s truly your own. Each petal, each stem holds a special memory, a moment frozen in time. Why let them fade away when they can be part of your daily life, a tangible reminder of your love story?

And let’s not forget the environmental benefits. You’re reducing waste, one bloom at a time. By repurposing, you’re sending a message that you care about our planet. After all, it’s all about making choices that align with your values.

Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

decorate a home with wedding flowers to enjoy the blooms for longer
Decorate a home with wedding flowers to enjoy the beautiful blooms at their best

Photo by Secret Garden

Before you can breathe new life into those wedding blooms, it’s important to know how to preserve them, capturing their beauty and sentimentality for years to come. Think of it as bottling up a piece of your special day, a floral memento that continues to radiate love and joy. But before you embark on this creative journey, it’s important to find a reliable wedding florist in Dubai who can provide you with high-quality blooms that will dry beautifully.

Start by choosing blooms that hold special meaning for you. They might be roses from your bouquet, peonies from the centerpieces, or even the boutonnière your partner wore. These flowers will be the stars of your home décor.

When you Decorate a Home With Wedding Flowers Work Quickly

Next, you’ll need to act quickly. Flowers begin to wilt soon after they’re cut, so it’s essential to start the preservation process within a day or two of your wedding. Gently remove any leaves or unwanted petals, then hang the flowers upside down in a cool, dry, and dark place for a couple of weeks. This traditional air-drying method helps maintain the shape and color of the blooms.

Once fully dried, you can spray them with a protective sealant to keep them looking fresh. Now, they’re ready to be used in your new home, a constant reminder of your special day.

DIY Dried Flower Arrangements

Now that you’ve preserved your wedding blooms, let’s immerse ourselves in the art of creating beautiful DIY dried flower arrangements, turning those cherished petals into a lasting piece of home decor. The process is simpler than you might think, yet the results can be strikingly sophisticated.

First, decide on a vessel. A vintage vase, a sleek modern container, or even a rustic mason jar can serve as a perfect home for your dried bouquet. There’s no wrong choice, as long as it reflects your personal style.

Dried bouquet of yellow roses
Drying flowers is a wonderful way to preserve them and decorate a home with wedding flowers

Photo by paul wence

Begin With the Largest Blooms

Next, consider the arrangement. Start with your most substantial flowers, arranging them as the focal point. Position smaller flowers and foliage around them, playing with height and depth. Don’t be afraid to trim stems or remove leaves to get the desired effect. Play around until you’re satisfied with the arrangement’s balance and flow.

Finally, bind your arrangement together. A simple ribbon or twine will do the trick. If you’d like, add a drop of adhesive for extra security.

There you have it! With a little creativity and patience, you’ve transformed your wedding flowers into a stunning, budget-friendly home accessory. Remember, there’s beauty in imperfection, and each arrangement will be uniquely yours.

Creating a Floral Wall Display

While a vase full of dried flowers can add charm to a table or shelf, imagine the visual impact of an entire wall adorned with your treasured wedding blossoms. A floral wall display not only serves as a stunning visual centerpiece but also as a sentimental reminder of your special day.

Creating this display can be as simple or intricate as you’d like. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • First, sort your flowers by size, color, and type.
  • Arrange them in a design that appeals to your aesthetic sense.
wedding photos in a wall frame
Wedding flowers can be used to decorate a home in many ways including a wall frame

Photo by Leeloo The First

Consider using a shadow box or a large picture frame for your display. Attach your flowers using hot glue or another adhesive that won’t damage the blooms.

Flower Petal Artwork Ideas

Ever thought of transforming your cherished wedding petals into a mesmerizing piece of art? This is a long lasting way to decorate a home with wedding flowers. Well, here’s a creative, budget-friendly idea that’s as unique as your love story: flower petal artwork.

Imagine walking into your living room and being greeted by a stunning piece of wall art, crafted from the very flowers that adorned your wedding. How’s that for a daily reminder of your special day?

Decorating With Flowers is Easier Than You Think

And it’s easier than you’d think. Start by carefully drying your wedding flower petals; place them in a book for a few days until they’re completely dry. Then, arrange them on a canvas in a design that speaks to your heart. It could be a heart shape, your initials, or even an abstract pattern.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, use a thin layer of decoupage glue to adhere the petals to the canvas. Let it dry and voila! You’ve got a beautiful, sentimental piece of art that not only adds a splash of color to your home but also keeps your wedding memories alive.

Wedding Bouquet as Table Centerpiece

Transforming your wedding bouquet into an enchanting table centerpiece can beautifully bridge the gap between your nuptial celebrations and your new life together. This innovative idea not only saves you money but also infuses your living space with the joy and love that marks your special day.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Preserve and Display: Preserve your bouquet by drying out the flowers, then display them in a beautiful glass vase.
  • Create a Floral Arrangement: Deconstruct the bouquet and create smaller arrangements for different corners of your home.
  • Add Candles: Nestle a few candles amidst the flowers for an ethereal, romantic glow.
  • Mix with Fresh Blooms: Add some fresh flowers to the preserved ones for a vibrant, living centerpiece.
  • Incorporate Memories: Place your wedding photograph or other mementos amidst the floral arrangement for a personal touch.

Transforming Boutonnieres Into Magnets

When you consider how to decorate a home with wedding flowers, remember the Boutonnieres. Imagine the charm of having your wedding boutonnieres transformed into quaint, magnetic keepsakes that give your fridge or memo board a touch of matrimonial magic. This budget-friendly DIY project not only preserves your wedding flowers but also serves as a daily reminder of your special day.

How to Get Started

Start by carefully removing the flowers from the boutonniere, taking care to keep the petals intact. You’ll also need small, strong magnets, which you can find at any craft store. Using a hot glue gun, attach the magnets to the back of each flower. It’s as simple as that!

Once dry, you can arrange these floral magnets on your fridge or memo board in a pattern that pleases your eye. Imagine the joy of seeing your wedding flowers every time you reach for the milk or pin a note.

You’re not just creating functional decor, you’re crafting mementos that hold the essence of your wedding day. it is a wonderful way to decorate a home with wedding flowers and creating lasting souvenirs.

Creating Homemade Potpourri With Petals

Breathing in the sweet scent of your wedding day petals, now dried and transformed into a homemade potpourri, can be an aromatic stroll down memory lane. This DIY project not only preserves the essence of your special day but also adds a delightful touch to your home decor. It’s easy, budget-friendly, and creatively satisfying.

Consider a Potpourri When you Decorate a Home with Wedding Flowers

Here’s a simple guide to help you turn your wedding blooms into beautiful potpourri:

  • Collect your wedding flowers and separate the petals.
  • Rinse them gently and pat dry to remove any leftover residue.
  • Scatter the petals on a baking sheet and bake in a low-heat oven until dry.

Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the dried petals. Mix well, and voila! Your homemade potpourri is ready. Place it in a decorative bowl or an ornate jar, and let the sweet fragrance fill your home. It’s a wonderful way to keep the memories of your wedding day alive. Also, it makes an excellent conversation starter when your guests ask about the unique, sweet scent wafting through your home.

Incorporating Flowers Into Home Furnishings

pink flower heads arranged in a white dish
Enjoy the wedding flowers by displaying them around your home

Photo by Agnese Lunecka

Imagine this: your favorite wedding blooms, dried and arranged in a clear glass table-top or embedded in a decorative resin tray, gracing your coffee table with a subtle hint of romance. The same flowers that you clutched as you walked down the aisle can now become part of your everyday life, adding a touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom.

The Look around your home and identify underutilized spaces that could benefit from a floral touch. Perhaps it’s a dull corner that needs brightening, or a plain wall crying out for a floral-themed painting. You could even use petals to create a unique artwork, or frame a few pressed flowers for a charming wall display.

Don’t forget about your upholstery. A few strategically placed floral throw pillows can add warmth and personality to your space.

Tips for Long-Lasting Flower Decorations

Ever wondered how to make those wedding flower arrangements last as treasured home decor? Fear not, following are some savvy tips to keep your floral decorations looking fresh and vibrant for longer periods.

  • Water is essential: Regularly change the water in your vases and make sure it’s clean. Dirty water can cause bacteria to grow, which will shorten the life of your flowers.
  • Prune, prune, prune: Trimming the stems every couple of days will help the flowers absorb more water, keeping them hydrated and helping them last longer.
  • Keep them cool: Flowers love cool temperatures. Avoid placing them near heaters or in direct sunlight.
  • Use flower food: Those little packets that come with your bouquet aren’t just for show. They contain nutrients that can prolong the life of your flowers.
  • Avoid fruit: Keep your flowers away from fruit, as it releases ethylene gas, which can cause the flowers to wilt faster.

With these simple yet effective tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your wedding flowers for weeks, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your new home.

How to Decorate a Home With Wedding Flowers in Conclusion

Just imagine walking through your home, catching a glimpse of your preserved wedding blooms. Each petal, each leaf, each twig holds a cherished memory.

As the scent of homemade potpourri fills the air, your heart swells with love, reminiscing about your special day. Your repurposed flower decor doesn’t just add charm to your abode, it tells your unique love story.

A story that started with ‘I do’ and continues every day in your cozy, flower-filled sanctuary.


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