Decorate your home – Children’s bedroom

6 Nov, 2020

Decorate your home – Children’s bedroom

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As a homeowner planning your décor can be a joy and a worry. When you become a parent you often want to take a step up planning for the child’s environment to make this a space they love and want to be in. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home and to add those special touches that make it a special place for your child.

How to Decorate Your Home and Your Kids’ Bedroom

The rules of decorating your home and kids’ bedroom in particular are similar to decorating any other part of your home. However, children grow fast and you should plan for their changing interests. You should not have to redecorate through every stage of their development. The following are a few helpful tips for decorating your kids’ bedroom.

decorate your home for your family
Bring joy to your living space when you decorate your home, especially when living with children

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  • Go Easy on the Themes

When you decorate your home if you choose to work with specific themes when you decorate your home, be careful not to go overboard. While cute, princess wallpapers, pink decorations, and cartoon-themes can be difficult to resist, overusing them could make your kids’ bedroom look tacky.

While it is important to use themes that your kids enjoy when you decorate your home, you do not need to apply them from top to toe. Consider using them on décor or bedlinen and keeping the walls and floor neutral. This way, you can easily change to your new theme when your child needs it.

  • Choosing Furniture when you Decorate your Home

The furniture in your kids’ bedroom should be just the right size. Start with a floor plan and detailed drawings of the space. If it is a small bedroom, avoid large and heavy beds and dressers. Kids need a lot of storage for their toys, clothes, and books.

Go for wardrobes with flexible shelf and hanging solutions and choose furniture with dual function where possible. Accessorize the furniture with fun pieces that complement the rest of the décor.

  • Bed Linen

Your choice of bedding can influence the appearance of your kids’ bedroom. They introduce a new layer to the bedroom and may help you add some pattern, texture, and color effortless. Dolphin comforters may be a great option.

Consider buying a few sets of bedding on hand – and make sure to get a mattress suitable for the age of your child, whether it’s a toddler mattress or something suitable for an older child. You can mix them up at different times of the year to create new looks.

  • Color Scheme

Color scheme is one of the most important things to consider when decorating your home. And especially when you decorate your kids’ bedroom. Consider their opinion when choosing colors and get them excited for the new room. Finding the right color for your kids’ bedroom can be tricky.

While your little girl may love hot pink now, they may change their mind a few months later. Having to repaint their room every few months or years can be expensive and tiring. Use neutral base colors like white and gray and two accent colors. That way, you do not need to keep repainting.

decorate your home with attractive restful colours
Choose bright friendly colours to add a gentle touch to a home decor

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  • Make It Fun When You Decorate Your Home

Even though a kid’s room needs to be practical, it must be fun as well. Wall murals are a great way of injecting some fun into their bedroom. Find one that matches the room and sparks imagination. Consider using black and white line drawings to ensure that you can use different color schemes later without having to change the mural.

Another option is to paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint. Even though it may seem like a lot of work, it is worth the effort. The wall allows your child to be creative and draw for fun. When they outgrow the wall, you can simply paint over it.

  • Pay Attention to the Ceiling

The ceiling is often overlooked when designing kids’ bedrooms. When you decorate your home think of it as the fifth wall in the room. Consider decorating it with soft colors and subtle patterns that may help your child relax. Consider decorating your ceiling with a lighter version of the wall colors to promote a sense of comfort. Wallpaper and stencil are great options for your ceiling as well.

  • Cover the Windows

Use interesting window dressings in your kids’ bedroom. Popular options include cartoon themes and superheroes. The right window dressing can help you add some texture, pattern, and color to the bedroom. The curtains should match the rest of your décor.

  • Keep Them Busy in Their Bedroom

Decorate to make your child’s bedroom a place they want to be

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Your kids’ bedroom should engage their mind and hands. They should have room to create, color, and play for their mental and physical development. When they get older, give them a personal workplace in their bedroom. It can be a little corner in the bedroom for doing homework and practicing their hobbies.  

Final thoughts on how you decorate your home with children in mind

When you plan to decorate your home consider that your kids’ bedroom should be the ideal place for them to learn, grow, and rest. Even though the process of decorating their bedroom can be challenging, it can also be fun. A functional and beautiful bedroom will keep your child happy for many years.

Whether you plan on starting from scratch or decorating an existing bedroom, you must pay attention to your choice of bedding, the color scheme, and simplicity. Involving your kids in the design process and considering their interests can keep them interested in their new bedrooms.


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