Decorating style for a guest bedroom

5 Jul, 2022

Decorating style for a guest bedroom

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Many new homeowners worry about having guests to stay. Usually it is because they haven’t yet decided on the best decorating style for a guest bedroom in their new home. Then there is the small matter of putting those ideas into action.

In this blog we offer you our top tips for how to get that job done, efficiently without breaking the bank!

6 Tips on the decorating style for a guest bedroom

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Scatter cushions and a matching throw add colour and warmth

Having guests over can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’re not particularly proud of your guest room. Creating an inviting space for your guests is important. And a lot of that lies in the décor you choose and how you use the area available.

Even the smallest spare room can be transformed into a gorgeous guest room with an open feeling. So don’t despair if your restricted in space. Here are 6 top tips to help you curate the best decorating style for a guest bedroom.

  1. Invest In A Good Bed

One of the most important features in any bedroom is of course the bed, and it’s even more crucial in a guest room. Choosing the perfect mattress for a guest room is essential if you want your guests to feel well-rested and comfortable during their stay, so make sure you don’t overlook this aspect.

Try opting for something like a memory foam or hybrid mattress so that your guests will be comfortable no matter their sleeping position.

What about the kids?

Don’t forget about kids too. When it comes to decorating a guest bedroom, go with practical furniture and beds that will have your little guests feeling comfortable.

Check out BedKindgom kids beds collection for unique and fun types of beds for children including cabin and bunk beds with storage that can come in handy, especially for small space decoration.

Don’t forget the guest room bedding

You also want to ensure you provide them with adequate bedding as the last thing you want is for them to be too cold or too warm. Try going for layers of bedding so that they can add and remove them as they like to suit their own personal needs.

decorating style for a guest bedroom
A desk is a practical addition for your overnight guest
  1. Make It Multifunctional

A guest room isn’t just for sleeping, so it’s important that you try to create a room that’s multifunctional and allows your guests to fully relax during their stay.


You don’t need to squeeze in an ensuite if you don’t have the room. But something as simple as adding a small kitchen area can make the world of difference. But always remember the importance of consistency in style for a guest bedroom.

In this area, you could add things like a kettle and some complimentary teas, coffees, and biscuits. This will really give the room a sense of homeliness. What is more, it allows your guests to feel comfortable grabbing a cup of tea without disturbing you.

Home office for guests

It’s also a good idea to think about what your guests will be doing during their stay. Remember that remote working is the norm for a lot of people now.

It might be worth adding a cosy office area in one corner so that your guests can work uninterrupted if needed. Turning your guest room into more than just a place to sleep will really give it an edge!

  1. Inject some Personality into the space

Just because you’ll be having different people use your guest room doesn’t mean you need to pare down the décor to try and suit everyone’s tastes. You should still bring some of your personality into the room itself so that it fits with the rest of your home and doesn’t feel too much like a hotel.

Add a distinctive style for a guest bedroom

Try making your guest room unique! If you love thick velvet curtains and feature walls of art, don’t hesitate to bring that into the guest room too. Your guest is coming into your home, so they’ll expect it to reflect you and your style, meaning you don’t need to compromise one bit.

perfect mattress
To create an ideal guest bedroom is key for many homeowners
  1. Install Innovative Storage

You might think that a wardrobe is enough for your guest room. But really you should be looking for ways to maximise the space and still provide your guests with great storage.

Try looking at innovative storage solutions like under bed drawers and clothing rails. These not only provide you with more space, but they can also look way more stylish. A sleek efficient look is more modern than a chunk wardrobe that takes up half of the room.

Storage items with a sympathetic style for a guest bedroom

Your guests will most likely be bringing a fair number of belongings. Of course that depends on the length of their stay So it’s vital you provide them with ample storage.

Innovative storage ideas tend towards a more modern, clean look. So you’ll be sure to present a clean modern style that is easy to use and leaves them with a great impression.

  1. Don’t Forget The Basics

It can be easy when decorating a guest room to get caught up in diverting details. Unfortunately, this can lead to you forgetting some of the bigger basics. For instance, offering an alarm clock and a hairdryer will make a massive difference in convenience.

The best way to ensure you don’t forget anything is to make a list of what you might need when away from home. Try incorporating them into your guest room. Why not offer your guests with a list of what’s available to them in the room and where to find it.

This list can even be added to the design of the room with something as simple as a chalkboard on the wall. Or you could add a decorative notepad on the desk. These little touches can help your guests to feel relaxed. It also completes the design of the room.

healthy bedroom
Sometimes traditional lighting has a calming and comforting effect
  1. Upgrade The Lighting

Lighting is super important when decorating a guest room. You don’t want to leave your guests fumbling around in the dark. Nor do you want to give them a headache from a harsh white light. Try blending different lighting methods together to create an ambient vibe.

Mixing smaller lamps and overhead lights controlled by a dimmer switch can help your guests choose the perfect glow for their comfort. It also gives you more creative freedom when it comes to the overall design.

Final thoughts on the decorating style for a guest bedroom

Guest rooms can sometimes be overlooked in terms of décor. And unfortunately this can make your guest’s stay a little less enjoyable. Use some of these 6 top tips and to help you create the ideal guest bedroom. Make a little effort and you can outdo even the top hotels!


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