Deep Cleaning – When you move in or out of a flat

26 Mar, 2020

Deep Cleaning – When you move in or out of a flat

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Whether you are the property or home owner, renter or the housesitter it is as well to be as careful when you move into a new environment as when you move out. Deep cleaning is always our first suggestion. It is healthier for you the permanent or part time resident, as well as being healthier for the apartment and anyone who comes in after you.

Why is Deep Cleaning needed when you move in or out of an apartment?

deep cleaning
Keep yourself and your property healthier by deep cleaning

Deep cleaning an apartment is the most necessary measure of whether you intend to move in or move out. This counts for housesitters as well as the homeowners. Most people think that cleaning the whole apartment before moving out is nothing but a waste of time. Not only is cleaning a great way to get the place in good condition, but it can also lead to you getting your full security deposit back.

Of course you may decide to recruit professional apartment cleaning services to do the job for you.

In addition, the person who is moving into the apartment ought to clean it thoroughly for the sake of their hygiene says Heba Noureldine, a Deep Cleaning Company Dubai home cleaning expert.

Moving out – Why is deep cleaning the apartment so important?

deep cleaning
A thorough deep cleaning is very important especially in water based rooms

Most rental apartment lease policies stipulate the condition of leaving the apartment unit ‘clean.’ When the tenant moves out, the landlords will make this condition a base and try to make cuts in your security deposit to the highest extent that they can reach, but how can that be avoided? By keeping in mind the following things:

What is Deep Cleaning?

By deep cleaning the apartment, you will have to scrub and dust every corner of the house including the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom.

Most people like to hire professionals such as Modern Maids of Atlanta and get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently, but if you have to do it by yourself, that’s alright too. All you have to do is clean the apartment in a systematic and organized way; this will save you time and panic.

  • Declutter – Sort out your stuff:

The first thing you want to do is get your stuff sorted while moving out you do not want to carry around junk you have no use for, the easiest way to stay organized is getting cardboard boxes and labelling them with the contents inside it. Another great way to stay organized is to separate the things you’ll need, things to dump, and things to donate.

By making two boxes labelled dump or donate, you can easily stay organized. Just make sure not to leave anything behind when you move out.

Deep cleaning is really important if pets live in the enclosed space
  • Pets – The presence of pets in the apartment is more reason for deep cleaning:

If there are pets living in the apartment or pets have lived in the apartment it will be all the more important to ensure pet hairs are cleaned, surfaces where paws may have walked are washed and wiped to ensure a sanitary environment.

  • Be methodical – Clean from room to room:

The most hectic thing that most people do is that they start the cleansing and go through the whole house at the same time. Not only does this make the cleansing less effective, but it also puts more stress on the brain as you can’t track clearly how much of the apartment is clean and what is left, so when you start cleaning, make sure to go from room to room.

This way, you can know exactly how much work is done and how much is left.

  • Details – Clean the small things:

Make sure to get the small details of your apartment as well, go through each room and clean even the trivial stuff like; lampshades, fans, windowsills, tables, chairs, closet, mirrors, fireplace, blinds, and faucets and sinks. Cleaning all these things can be fatigue, but if your lease stipulates you to clean the apartment, then you’ll have to go through with it.

Deep cleaning also means making sure your equipment is clean
  • Repairs – Fix up your apartment:

An easy way to make your apartment look like in perfect condition what you can do is to make the easy fixes by yourself, but this does not encourage you to go around ringing up some plumbers or electricians to come to fix up the apartment.

Still, you can take care of smaller things like filling up any wholes made by nails in the walls, painting over cracked or scratched wall paint, repairing loose door handles or squeaky hinges, cleaning carpets, and replacing fused lights.

Moving in – Why do you need to clean the apartment when moving in?

Deep cleaning your apartment before moving in is the biggest favor you can do for yourself. Check out the essential cleaning checklist to help guide you through the process. It is extremely easy to clean an apartment so before unpacking, get your gloves on and start cleaning.

Deep cleaning – what does that mean in an apartment?

You need to keep these tips in your mind before cleaning your new apartment:

  • Clean from top to down; due to gravity, try to clean ceilings, fans, and chandeliers, etc. before moving to floors.
  • Clean the closet
  • Disinfect the whole apartment; especially kitchen and bathroom
  • Clean the appliances; before you start using the dishwasher or oven, make sure to clean them properly.

Deep cleaning – conclusion:

Deep cleaning of an apartment before moving in or moving out is a crucial step. It helps you to ensure you adopt and maintain good hygiene. We especially recommend this to housesitters who may be caring for pets in an enclosed environment. Stay healthy, keep cleaning!


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