Design the perfect bedroom – Top advice

28 Mar, 2023

Design the perfect bedroom – Top advice

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Whether you are already a homeowner or you are renting one thing we can all agree on is the importance of our bedroom space. It is the most intimate part of our home. It is where we all relax at night to recharge for the day. Each one of us will have a different idea of how to design the perfect bedroom space. If you need help read on for top advice.

How to design the perfect bedroom. Top advice

the perfect bedroom
You might prefer a very neutral space with few distractions to sleep – is that the perfect bedroom ?

The bedroom is an immensely intimate space that not many will see outside of yourself and those you love. Consequently, it is the one space where you can truly make your own without fear of judgment by others. In many ways, this fact also makes it the area that should reflect your personality the most.

While you might place interesting paintings or artwork in your living room and have a fabulous kitchen you are subconsciously doing so to please others as well as yourself.

What is in the perfect bedroom?

So with this in mind, what makes the perfect bedroom? Although this post can’t provide you with your specific answer to this particular question, it offers tips. Use these ideas to turn your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility and personality.

Ensure your bed is perfect and facilitates a good night’s sleep

Despite the fact that you might use your room for many purposes besides sleeping, the bed is usually a center point.

Not only will it bring the room together, but it is also the primary function of a bedroom. As such, a fantastic bed will make all the difference between waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day or struggling to open your eyes and consuming enough caffeine to kill a rhino just to get out of bed. So what can you do?

It’s all in the mattress

bedroom renovation
However striking the visual statement you can’t beat an excellent mattress for a good night’s sleep

The first step is to chuck out your old mattress. Invest some money in one that does what it’s supposed to. The best option is a hybrid which contains all of the best features of traditional and memory foam with none of the downsides.

Choice of beds and mattresses

According to this Vesper Mattress supplier, they are made of materials that help your skin breathe at night and conform to your body’s shape, helping to avoid the usual aches and pains accompanying a covenantal mattress. Once you have your new mattress, you can move on and look for a bed frame that fits your room’s aesthetic.

The choice of beds is huge starting from a futon, to rustic farmhouse and on to industrial chic. Whatever you opt for, ensure it fits the overall style of your home and it suits you, because it will be the main focal point that ties everything else together and it will help you create the perfect bedroom for you.

Choose a calming color scheme that makes you happy for the perfect bedroom

You need your bedroom to be a place where you can escape all the hassles of life whether professional or personal. Consequently, it will take some time to consider if your color scheme needs changing. In most cases, you can achieve great results by repainting your walls in more calming and dulcet tones.

The most popular tend to be light pastel blues and yellow. However, there is so much variation that it’s probably prudent to visit your local hardware store and collect a few color swatches. It gives you time to consider which colors match your personality. Choose a colour to promote a tranquil environment conducive to restful sleep in to help create the perfect bedroom.

Use lighting to create the perfect ambiance

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you probably do a few more things than simply sleeping. Undoubtedly this is the main activity.  Yet many people also use their rooms for reading, meditation, and whatever two consenting adults also enjoy in a bedroom! Nevertheless, the point is that it is a good idea to invest in lighting suitable for different activities.

For instance, you might have a writing desk that requires a small lamp for journaling or reading. Additionally, you may want to install softer lighting for meditation sessions or simply get ready for sleep. Furthermore, if it’s possible, you should see if you can install light switches or lamps by your bedside. This avoids the jarring process of getting up to turn off the light when you are tired.

the perfect bedroom

Dark at night, light filled in the day could create the perfect bedroom in your home

Declutter your space for a cleaner, more organized bedroom

Clutter is the enemy of serenity. As all good zen masters might say, the less clutter you have, the less cluttered your mind will become. You might not think this to be all that essential, but you will be surprised at how clutter can impact your mental clarity and wherewithal.

However, by freeing yourself from the adverse effects of too much stuff, you will make your room feel more spacious. And you can improve your mental health in the process. You can invest in purchasing or building new storage solutions for this task because the idea is not necessarily to get rid of everything but to hide it away in an organized manner.

Final thoughts on designing the perfect bedroom

While your home might be your castle, the place where you rest and sleep is perhaps the most important room. So creating the perfect bedroom for you is important. Turn it into an area of serenity by updating your bed and clearing the clutter it might help you sleep. You will discover yourself falling into a more restful slumber and waking more refreshed than you have ever felt.


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