Design tips for homeowners – Practical home décor ideas

3 Jun, 2021

Design tips for homeowners – Practical home décor ideas

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Buying a property is a major investment. Some people see the potential as soon as they move into their home. While others need time to better appreciate the space and its potential. In this article we offer design tips for homeowners that are both practical and easy to undertake.

Awesome new home design tips any homeowner is gonna love

design tips for homeowners
A coordinated colour palette is an easy way to improve a look

When moving into a new home, it’s only natural to have both feelings of excitement and uncertainty. Of course, you are happy to have a unique space to create splendid memories and achieve significant life milestones. However, a part of you may still be uncomfortable with how the home looks, especially if the previous owner did finishes, fixtures, and chose the paint colors.

The list of design tips for homeowners

So, how do you design your new home to fit your personality, taste, and style? The following are some fantastic new home design tips that are worth a try.

1.      Begin by painting the house

Nothing spells your style, taste, and personality like your home’s painting colors and design. So, painting your home can be a great way to design it.

Apart from improving your house’s overall look, many other perks come with repainting your home. Learn more at

Painting makes the exterior of your home maintain that fresh look for a long time. According to home experts, painting the exterior of your home with the help of a painting expert provides it with an extra layer of protection from harsh weather such as dust, dirt, among other elements.

Painting the interior with the help of an expert enhances the air quality of your home. This is because painting professionals will use the ideal paint meant for interior surfaces with minimum to no VOCs that could contaminate the air inside your home.

  • It keeps dirt and dust at bay. One way to keep your walls and floors dust-free is by painting them. This prevents these elements from coming into contact with the surfaces, therefore keeping them clean.
  • It helps hide permanent stains and marks. Perhaps the previous homeowner made a couple of messes that left permanent marks and stains. A top-notch paint job can take off, leaving your home looking fresh.
  • Painting the door enhances your home’s entire look. One way to change the look and design of your home is by painting the door. According to home experts, the state of your door communicates to people whether or not you are taking care of your home.

2.      Redesign your kitchen to suit your taste

Another way to enhance your home’s looks and design is by redesigning the kitchen. With the help of a professional designer, remodelling your kitchen can be easy compared to doing it alone. This is where you can think through all manner of design ideas for homeowners, and find someone who can help you achieve your vision. So, where do you begin? Well may you ask. Apart from repainting the surfaces, renovating the cabinets can be a great place to start.

This is because cabinets take up most of your kitchen’s surface area; therefore, they automatically affect the overall design of your kitchen. Cabinets also play a vital role in your kitchen’s storage capacity, so renovating them is an excellent step towards remodelling the entire kitchen.

You can also remodel the kitchen countertops and purchase new kitchen appliances if your budget allows you. If your budget is tight, you can opt for a trade where you give them the old machine, add a small amount of money on top, and you have got yourself new appliances.

3.      Add some pictures on the wall

According to experts, one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your home in Brisbane feel welcoming and comfortable is by putting up pictures. Sometimes, you may have a fresh idea of how you want your photographs or paintings to be displayed. Do not worry; there are experts from McCarthy Homes Brisbane who will bring your vision to life. It could be paintings you love, family photos, or any other art piece. If you are not sure about making holes in your walls, you could use removable picture-hanging strips.

design tips for homeowners
Freshen up the look of your bathroom with some accessories

4.      Redesign the bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is also a monumental step towards redesigning your new home. So, why remodel your bathroom? This would make it safe for both you and your family. If your house is not brand new, chances are there are some places in the bathroom like the floor tiles, sinks, and cabinets that need repairing. If not, you or any other person in your home can get involved in a severe accident.

To increase its storage capacity. Part of redesigning your bathroom can renovate the cabinets since they make up a considerable percentage of your bathroom’s storage capacity. If the space is small, you can add shelves on the walls. If you are all about taking care of the environment, you can replace the sinks and other items in the bathroom with environmentally-friendly ones.

Designing your house is the best way to make it feel like home and communicate to other people who you are as a person. With these valuable design tips for homeowners ending up with the property of your dreams will be a walk in the park.



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