Designing a kitchen? Top 10 tips

31 Aug, 2022

Designing a kitchen? Top 10 tips

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All around the world homeowners get to the stage when their home needs a new kitchen. If you are considering designing a kitchen to redecorate this vital living space read on. In this article we offer you our top 10 tips on what to consider when redesigning your new kitchen.

Designing a kitchen? Top 10 factors to consider

designing a kitchen
Consider the lighting when designing a kitchen – plan for the room function

Whether moving into a new home or renovating your current one, the kitchen is a crucial area that deserves a unique design. The kitchen serves different functions ranging from being a place to prepare and eat meals to storing items and sometimes holding washing machines.

Your kitchen’s plan will impact how much you enjoy your home; you must consider certain things when designing your kitchen. Here are ten key factors that influence kitchen design.

Size and layout

Size is the first factor to consider when designing your kitchen. The size of your kitchen determines the layout, the type, size and number of appliances that the kitchen can hold.

If the kitchen is large enough, you could install large appliances such as the cooker, refrigerator, and dining seat. Space maximisation is crucial for a small kitchen. Design a layout that maximises kitchen space, improves appearance, and allows free movement.

Appliances and energy costs

It’s not just the appliances you use; it’s also about how you use them. When designing your kitchen, installing your devices to reduce energy consumption is necessary. For example, installing your refrigerator so close to the wall will impact its cooling capacity and increase energy consumption.

It would help if you also considered using natural lighting as much as possible to save energy. Other essential energy considerations include using water-conserving faucets and recyclable kitchen utensils.

Home interiors when designing a kitchen

Although your kitchen could have a stand-alone design and a different coloured theme, it is probably better to use complementary colours and plan for the kitchen. If your kitchen is not restricted from the main living area, then all designs must compliment the living areas for uniformity.

Play around with colours and themes but ensure that the final design does not present a colour shock. If you have trouble picking colours, you can hire a kitchen designer to fix things for you.

Precise purpose of your kitchen

designing a kitchen
Remember how useful counter tops can be in a busy kitchen

It is necessary to define the purpose of your kitchen. Yes, kitchens are primarily for cooking or preparing meals, but modern kitchens serve more than that. You can eat in your kitchen, do your laundry, store some food items or home stuff, or use it as an extension of your living room.

It is necessary to prioritise the purposes of your kitchen, starting from the most critical and working your way down. That way, your design will focus on maximising the purpose and improving your experience.

Hiring an interior designer

Consider hiring a kitchen interior designer for your kitchen, especially if you are renovating it. A kitchen designer can quickly turn your ideas into beautiful designs. But more importantly, kitchen designers have a wealth of experience designing different styles of kitchens.

You can check out exciting designs for a kitchen showroom in Northampton. An interior design could create that magic you want in your kitchen.

Efficiency, Comfort, And Safety

A new kitchen’s design is a primary factor determining your efficiency and comfort when using the kitchen. It would help if you had a kitchen that eases movement and allows you to do things efficiently. Design your kitchen in a way that promotes decluttering and improves a general cooking experience.

You also have to consider the comfort and safety of your kids. Design your kitchen so kids won’t have access to dangerous utensils such as knives.


Ventilation is a crucial need for kitchens. It is usual for the temperature to increase while cooking. Frying certain foods may release oily smoke, which is dangerous in an enclosed kitchen.

Plan the ventilation to draw out smoke from the kitchen without triggering fire alarms. Invest in air purifiers, fans, and range hoods. Don’t forget to place cookers along the window air path for an unobstructed flow.

Storage cabinets

What’s a kitchen with house storage cabinets? The cabinets are not only crucial for storage but also for aesthetics. Go for cabinets that are durable, space-efficient, and well-designed.

The location of the cabinet depends on the kitchen layout, but it is crucial to place cabinets where they won’t obstruct movement. Your cabinets also provide the chance to express your personality. Consider luxury or modern cabinets to improve your kitchen’s appearance.

Style and preferences when designing a kitchen

Although few people realise it, your kitchen says a lot about your style and preferences. Why? The kitchen is one place where many people spend time today.

All you do there is natural and happens without overthinking. That’s why you have to consider your style when designing your kitchen. If you like cooking a certain way, ensure your kitchen’s design achieves that style.

Work surface and flooring

Work surfaces should promote efficiency and safety without looking bland.  Look for advice on how to choose the right materials. You can go for wooden, stone, or metallic surfaces.

Ensure it is big enough for your needs but don’t compromise mobility. The kitchen floor is also essential for safety, function, and aesthetics. Go for flooring with good grips that allow easy cleaning.

Designing a kitchen in summary

Whatever the shape and size of your home when you come to designing a kitchen there are things to consider.

Whether you are commissioning an interior designer to help you in designing a kitchen, or refurbishing the space yourself these 10 factors will help you get to the best situation possible for your particular needs.


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