Different roofing systems and their benefits

27 Sep, 2021

Different roofing systems and their benefits

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If you have owned a property you will know the positive and negative features of a particular type of roof. As a homeowner, however, you may not fully understand the full range of options of the different roofing systems that exist. Here is an article that offers you a description of the different types of rooves and their benefits.

The Different Types Of Roofing Systems And Their Benefits

intricate sloped roof
The sloped roof is one of the most popular among the different roofing systems available for property

Photo by Paparazzi Ratzfatzzi

If you are thinking about changing your roof or just adding an extension to your house, there are many things you need to consider. Finding the appropriate one for yourself is very important since different environments require different choices. You may also need to look at the type of roofing material.

If you are looking for full service roofing contractor, you should be aware of the different types of roofing systems and their benefits. This will help you make an informed decision when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof.

Depending on the house, the roof can take up to 40% of the exterior and it often plays a key role in the look of the house. Here we will introduce some of the different roofing systems you might be considering, and hopefully we will make it easier for you to come to a conclusion.

Different roofing systems listed

Roof Slope

One of the more popular among the different roofing systems is the roof slope. When you decide that you would like a new roof, you need to realize that you have to choose one which fits your roof slope. The slope of your roof has both an aesthetic and practical function. Water from rain and snow runs faster down a steeper slope.

You can view Lacey Roofing’s website here and get more helpful information about roof slopes and any other roofing services that they are offering. Water from rain and snow runs faster down a steeper slope. The roof slope is expressed through a ratio that is based on the proportions of the roof.

roofer maintaining an older roof
Maintaining an older roof takes more effort. Replacing it means considering of the different roofing systems in play

Photo by Zohair Mirza

It’s all about the slope

The roof slope is expressed through a ratio that is based on the proportions of the roof.

Contractors may use terms such as 6:12 or 6/12. This means that for every 12 inches rises 6 inches or if you have 4:12 for every 12 inches, it rises 4 inches. The professionals that perform residential roofing in Montana can help you find the best possible solution.  From flat grades to steep inclines, the slope of your house can create an interesting silhouette.

As you choose materials for your roof, have in mind that if you have a steep roof, it will be seen from the ground, and thus having an influence on the looks of the exterior. Your contractor should help you with these decisions. These are all considerations for the cost to reroof a house

Gable Roof

Just like the drawings you had when you were a child, the gable roof is a triangle on top of the house. The two sides are rising and they meet at the top. The slopes can vary from steep to slopes with a gentle grade. The gable is very popular and it can work on a variety of home designs. 

Clipped Gable Roof

One or more gable roof ridges cross and angle at an angle, typically perpendicular to one another, to form the clipped gable roof. Homes with more intricate layouts, such as those with garages, are more likely to use this form of dwelling.

roofing with gables
Choosing a roof to suit the style of your home is important

Photo by Charles Parker

Mansard Roof

A four-sided gambrel roof with a double slope, one steep slope, and one shallow upper slope is known as a mansard roof. These houses are ideal for people who wish to optimize their living area as much as possible, with the option of using the loft as additional living space.

Bonnet Roof

Bonnet roofs are essentially reversed mansard roofs. It’s also known as eaves, and it’s a four-sided bonnet roof with a steep upper slope and a more mild lower slope that covers the house’s borders for a porch. This style is more popular in 1700s construction, however, it is generally considered obsolete by current builders.

Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof, also known as inverted pitch roof, emulates the look of a butterfly with two angled sides making the shape of the letter V. This is a very modern look for buildings, it allows larger walls and windows, and it is great if you look to collect rainwater through the channel in the middle.

Clerestory Roof

A clerestory roof has an internal wall erected above one portion of the roof. This is usually lined with windows or has one continuous window. The sides of the home are generally slanted, enabling plenty of light to enter.

complex combination roof with different roofing systems
Some roofs are made up of a combinations of different roofing systems

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

Combination Roof

Combination roofs are quite literally, combinations of roof styles, a mix of a number of different roofing systems.

It incorporates two or more styles usually for aesthetic reasons but also for practicality. Among the different roofing systems this option in particular is often used to create something unique.

Curved Roof

These types of houses exploit flexible materials to create a curved structure.

Curved roofs help reduce the resistance of wind, but they are mostly chosen for their gorgeous aesthetic qualities. This helps them stand out amongst the different roofing systems.

Dome Roof

Dome roofs are rods in the shape of a dime. It is a very complex and durable design. It helps the building to have a stunning look. You will notice that it is very common for buildings of historical importance, like cathedrals and political institutions to have statement roofs.


Dormers are roof windows that protrude from a typical pitched roof, giving the impression of a larger window. This is commonly utilized when people wish to enlarge their loft to make it appropriate for living, allowing the room to breathe and light.

The variety of different roofing systems and your choice

Finding a suitable choice for your home and lifestyle can be a fascinating process. It can also help you to learn more about different types of roofs and types of roofing materials. A roof can adorn a house and make it a unique spot as well as protecting your home from inclement weather.  However, it may not be the project to take on if you want to revamp a property on a budget.

There are many things you need to consider and many factors you need to include. At Housesitmatch.com we often share information for our members that may be of practical use. So this advise is given with the best intent. However, it is a great idea to be actively involved in designing your home and roof. So choose a roof that suits you and that will be long-lasting and worthy. 


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