Digging up concrete at home – What size drill?

24 Feb, 2021

Digging up concrete at home – What size drill?

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When you start a home renovation, often there is some deconstruction needed before the construction begins. And more frequently than you would think you find there is concrete at home that you need to dig up or remove. Homeowners all over the world find they face this challenge as part of a renovation or rebuild project. But what kind of hammer drill will you need to use? Before you go and buy or hire any drill read on for some top tips.

What Size Hammer Drill for Concrete at home?

concrete at home
Many buildings are built in concrete because of its strength

Concrete at home is a challenging and dense building material making it hard to put a hole through. Picking a hammer drill for concrete is a challenging task. You have to decide on the right masonry bit size and age of the concrete for the right hammer drill size.

Hammer drills are designed for spinning and the drill bit in and out of concrete with precision. The tool delivers thousands of blows forcing the bit through tough masonry materials. The combined force of drilling and hammering produces holes much faster than a standard drill.

Drilling through more materials that are rigid is more of an extreme sport for an armature. However, the entire process is made simple by answering this question “what size hammer drill for concrete?” if you have the answer, more opinions available in the corded hammer drill blog article from the drilling advisor page.

The type of work you need to do after drilling through concrete at home may also determine the size of the hammer drill to use. Is the drilling a renovation, light installations, or for hanging a shelf. A hammer drill seems to be your best choice. Therefore, we share some features of the hammer drill functions. You can grow through some of the tips to use it safely and in an efficient way.

concrete at home
Think about which tool you need before you start

Purchasing the hammer drill

The hammer drills are available from different dealers and manufacturers that may be from your locality or not. When looking to purchase a reliable and long-lasting hammer drill size, make sure the work you intend to handle will fit into the work rate of your drill of choice.

Think about the brand, affordability, cord or cordless, etc. please note that when you go for the price, analyze how much power the drill has and the number of features on offer. Are you looking for a drill to use in the short or long term? If so, look at its design and construction materials.

When handling tough materials like concrete at home other features to look at include the hammering function, variable speeds, a comfortable grip, depth setting, and the power it delivers when drilling at different speeds and various surfaces. You should read the manual to confirm if you are getting the right size to function a particular hammer drill for concrete.

concrete at home
Hammer drills are often used to remove layers of concrete

Select the proper drill bit before you start

Drilling through masonry, cement board, blocks, and bricks require special masonry bits. Identify ones with carbide tips that you can use with the hammer drill. Carbide withstands the constant hammering on hard surfaces giving you an excellent and smooth cut. You know how big that hole should be and what you are about to mount on the wall.

As you drill the hole

  • Ensure the drill bit size corresponds to the size of the wire or screw mounts that will pass through. The wall mounts or wires look good when they are a perfect fit and not loosely attached.
  • You can set the hole depth.
  • Hammer drills come with a depth stop on one side of the drill. For a drill that does not have, wrap tape to make the level where the bit should not pass.
  • Hold the drill correctly.

You may be using the right size hammer drill for concrete at home, but the way you hold the drill may determine success or failure. Holding the drill wrongly will run ruining the hole by giving it a larger diameter. Stand feet shoulder-width apart, have a firm grip on the drill, and if you have a place to lean on for support, start drilling into the concrete.


Drilling concrete at home

One hand to hold the drill with your finder at the trigger, the other hand maintains the drill’s balance at a level. When drilling, do not miss the mark as you retain a perpendicular level with the drilling surface. Establish a hole for the drill to hold and maintain one smooth piercing through the wall. Keep drilling until you get the depth that you want.

Drilling tips

Do not lean forward when in the process of drilling. Balance the learning with force on your hands.

  • You pause drilling for a bit to remove the concrete dust.
  • A good quality drill with the right bits will finish a small hole in under a minute.

A final word on concrete at home and drills

For excellent cuts, use the correct size hammer drill for concrete at home. Do not forget the carbide tipped drill bits. The sizes of the drill or drill bits may not count, but your experience, try to figure it out.



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