Does having pets at home attract pests?

7 May, 2021

Does having pets at home attract pests?

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If you’re a petowner, it is very likely that you treat your pets as though they are members of your family. Whether the pets live primarily inside or outside the home, they likely stay near you and your possessions. While this is a nice thing, sometimes it can present some serious problems. One of the most serious problems of having pets at home is their ability to attract pests into your home.

Can your pets attract pests to your home?

having pets at home
Rats frequent visitors where food is left exposed

To learn more about the risks of having pets at home, continue reading. You’ll find out more about how your pets attract pests into your home. And more importantly you’ll learn more about professional wildlife control and removal at

What are the risks of having pets at home

Small Pests

One of the biggest and most common risks of having pets is they can attract pests. In fact, however lovable they are they are also unwitting carriers of these pests. Creatures like fleas, mites, and other small insects simply ride into your home by hitching a ride with your cat or dog.

While this might not seem like a big deal, these insects eventually multiply. They can create a serious pest problem in the inside of your home. In fact, sometimes these smaller insect infestations can snowball into rodent infestations, which are much more serious. Common remedies include buying a special collar or medication to keep pets free of pests.

It is also important to check that you don’t have an active rodent infestation. Here is a helpful source on rat removal. This is an easy way to prevent serious headaches down the road.

having pets ta home
Foxes are frequently see even on urban properties

Pet Food

Obviously, having pets at home means you’re feeding them on a regular basis. This is an essential routine. Though it can also present problems depending on the situation. If you feed your pets indoors, you will likely have fewer food-related pest problems. However, if you feed your pets outdoors it can cause issues. Outdoor feeding attracts different types of pest animals to your home.

Rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, and many other animals would be happy to feed off your pet’s food. And if left unsecured or out in the open, each of these pests will make every possible effort to feed in this way.

Safe dry storage for pet foods

One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to simply keep your pet’s food secured from any such critters. Be sure that your pet finishes their food. This will reduce the attraction to your home and outdoor space. Food left exposed outside is a major risk to having pets at home.

Also, ensure that you invest in a tightly-sealed container to store your pet’s food. Even the most dexterous pests like raccoons won’t be able to access the food stores. You can find more raccoon control tips at

While pets might attract pests, if food is stored safely and feeding time is managed, you’ll have little to no pest intrusion.

Racoons are very dextrous pests – beware if they live in your country














Pet Faeces

As crazy as it sounds, some pests are actually attracted to the faeces left lying around by your pets. As awful as it sounds, animals like mice and rats feed on the faeces of some animals.  To them there is still viable food and nutrition in the faeces your pets leave.

Not only do we consider this a disgusting pest behaviour, but it is also a serious draw to rats and mice.

An easy way to prevent this from occurring is to do a poop collection from around your house or yard.

While it is not a fun task to dispose of the faeces in your yard, it eliminates that risky attraction.

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While pets are an integral part of life for many humans, they can attract pests. However, the benefits of pets apart from their companionship is that some will deter pests from entering the home.  Nonetheless, simply having pets at home can be a draw to pests. However, no need to despair.

And there is certainly no need to get rid of your pets! Become a responsible pet owner and use the many different ways to prevent your pets from attracting pests like raccoons and rats onto your property and into your house.

In fact, sometimes pets will scare away some pests, saving you much of the trouble!


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