Does your heating furnace need repair? Read the signs

5 Feb, 2022

Does your heating furnace need repair? Read the signs

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A heating furnace is permanently installed to provide heat to an indoor space. This works through a flow of an intermediary material like water, steam or air. Many homeowners who inherit a property with a furnace may not be familiar with the workings of a heating furnace. This means that you are less likely to know when it goes wrong. Read this article to learn the signs when your heating furnace needs repair.

Mark the signs that your heating furnace needs repair

old radiator
There are many components to a heating furnace today, regular maintenance is key to safe and healthy heating in the home

Photo by Alex Perz

A heating furnace can run either with gas, electricity, or through induction. These days, they are much more long-lasting and safer than their former counterparts and work to produce high amounts of heat that flow through the ventilation system of your home, giving a pleasant, toasty temperature to all the rooms that are connected to the system.

Break downs happen

However, despite how far they have come in efficiency and functionality, they do break down, many times at the most inconvenient moment. Read on to find out the most common signs that your furnace may require repair. If you can spot any of these happening in your home, don’t delay and reach out to your nearest furnace repair services.

In Missouri, where the weather can be unpredictable, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for any signs of furnace trouble. If you notice something unusual, don’t hesitate to contact professional services such as Independence Missouri Furnace Repair Service to ensure your home stays warm and cozy during those cold winter months.

They have the expertise and experience to diagnose and fix any issues, providing you with peace of mind and a comfortable living environment.

Unusual smells

You may be familiar with the smell of the fuel that your heating furnace runs on. You may also be aware that the furnace will release this smell when it is first turned on but know that the smell will disappear as the system starts working. However, when a different odor pops up or when you detect a strong smell of fuel that refuses to dissipate, this is a sign of a problem.

Whether there is a gas leak or too much dust within the unit, you must call a heating furnace repair service right away.

Unit refuses to start

You may have started to realize that the older your furnace gets, the harder it gets to get it to start and to keep running. Trying to get the unit to start working by restarting it several times throughout the day may reflect a damaged thermostat or disconnected wiring. Call your repair service to get you the part that is needed and resolve the problem.

Yellow pilot light

It is important to pay attention to the color of the pilot light since a variation in its color could signal a problem with your furnace. While a healthy pilot light will be blue, a yellow one will indicate an issue with ventilation. Color changes when there is carbon monoxide around that is not dissipating. Carbon monoxide is hazardous, and you should keep away from any space where it is present.

Have your unit checked out as soon as possible.

gas flame

A heating furnace pilot light is an essential part of the heating systemPhoto by Mason Hassoun

Not enough heat

You expect your natural gas furnace to do a good job heating your home. When there is not enough hot air coming out, you know that there is a problem. There are several reasons why the furnace might not be producing enough heat. One such reason is the ductwork. It might be leaking, allowing air to escape, or a thermostat that is not communicating properly with the heating furnace unit.

Unusual noises

You know your heating furnace is not perfectly silent, and you have gotten used to its usual noises. However, when the level or type of noises changes, they may be signaling that there is a severe issue. Although it may sound funny, it is important for you to pay attention to the noises. This way you can imitate them to your repair technician when they inspect the system.

Bad air quality

Not maintaining your furnace regularly can lead to dirt, bacteria, and other debris moving throughout your home in the heated air. This can lead to more frequent respiratory ailments, headaches, and watery eyes.

Final thoughts on managing your heating furnace

It is likely that your heating furnace will work for years and years without needing any kind of repairs. However, it is as well to be prepared. Check for these signs on a regular basis to ensure the safe and healthy running of your home heating system.


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