Dog bite injury settlement – Calculation

26 Apr, 2022

Dog bite injury settlement – Calculation

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It is every pet owner‘s fear that for whatever reason your dog bites someone. For whatever reason, it does happen occasionally. And what are the likely consequences? What if there is an investigation and eventually a dog bite injury settlement is required? What are the likely costs? Read on to learn more about the calculation and how to plan for it.

How to calculate settlement amounts from a dog bite injury

dog bite injury settlement
Even the most placid family pet can turn if provoked

When you experience a terrifying dog bite injury, you may be owed compensation based on your case’s circumstances. Dog bites are almost always the dog bite owner’s fault, so you should consider initiating a personal injury claim after you’ve encountered an aggressive animal.

You can speak to a dog bite lawyer to find out what approaches you can take when starting your dog bite injury settlement case. Here are some items that can influence how much you are owed in your dog bite injury compensation:

Severity of wounds affect the dog bite injury settlement

How badly you were injured by another’s dog will greatly impact how much you receive in your settlement. There are different levels of dog bite attack injuries, ranging from non-puncture wound bites to wrongful deaths. Dog bite injuries range from Level 1 to Level 6, so if you fall within the Level 1 to 2 region, you’ll likely receive a few thousand dollars. However, levels 5 to 6 may result in up to a million or more.

Level of disability

Your dog bite injury may have resulted in temporary to permanent disability. You may also be partially or totally disabled.

This can prevent you from functioning properly and being involved in the activities you enjoy. How badly you were disabled can also make a difference in how much you are awarded in your dog bite injury settlement. If you want to learn more about your rights after this kind of personal injury incident please click here.

Disfigurement and scarring

Dog bite wounds can create ever-lasting physical changes that deeply mar how you look. For example, you may have scars around the areas where the dog attacked you. In a worst-case scenario, you could be disfigured, especially if the dog attacked your face. Disfiguring injuries and scars can result in you requiring surgery, which increases the cost of your settlement.

It can also induce additional pain and suffering due to the emotional damage disfigurement and scars can cause.

What percentage you’re at fault

If you were partially at fault for your injuries, your dog bite injury settlement will be reduced by the amount you are at fault for.

Age and gender of victim

The age and gender of the dog bite victim can also influence the settlement amount. For example, a young child may receive more in a settlement. This can be a critical point in the case.

Cost of medical treatment

How much you have had to pay in medical bills will be added to your dog bite injury settlement total. If you had to receive multiple forms of medical treatment and repeat visits, your settlement total will increase. There are some critical criteria that may affect your case –

  • Days off from work – Perhaps you need to take time off from work because of your injuries. If this is extended, all the days you missed work can be included in your settlement total. It is worth researching this as soon as your canine attack or accident happens.
  • Pain and suffering – Another important part of your settlement is how deeply you struggled with your emotions because of your injury. Your dog bite injuries may have caused you to suffer from PTSD, preventing you from enjoying the company of dogs again. You may also be struggling with shame, embarrassment, guilt, and even depression. These emotions are calculated using a multiplier and make up a majority of your damages.

How do I calculate my dog bite injury settlement?

You will need an attorney’s help to accurately estimate how much you should receive in your dog bite injury settlement demand. They can also help review your case and find out whether you are fully or partially at fault before you initiate a claim.

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