Dog crates – How to choose the best ones for your pet

4 Apr, 2021

Dog crates – How to choose the best ones for your pet

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If as a pet owner you have a dog, you will likely have considered getting a dog crate on recommendation. If you are travelling with your dog then a dog crate can be essential. There are many reasons these are recommended today, and here below we are summarised the main ideas to help you.

Different Types of Dog Crates

dog crate
Some dogs feel secure in a solid frame then these are the best dog crates

If you’re a pet parent, then I assume you’re familiar with the term “dog crates”. However, if you’re a newcomer in the dogs’ department, then knowing everything about them can be quite challenging. The portable carriers are important components that provide a confined space where your canine friends can retreat.

They make house training easier by proving a confined space where your dog can rest in case you’re not there to supervise them. Crates help to solve your dog’s behavioural problems while creating a convenient way of keeping them away in case you have guests.

With that said, they come in different variations that range from plastic, wooden, metallic, heavy-duty to foldable among others. With so many options available, choosing the right crate can be quite overwhelming. So, in this post, we’re going to discuss at least five different types of dog crates that are available.

Why is it necessary to crate train your dog?

  1. It creates a safe resting place

Dogs are den animals that seek refuge in small-enclosed spaces. If your dog is feeling stressed and tired, then relaxing inside a dog crate is much better than sleeping on the floor where it might be disturbed by kids while playing.

  1. Home safety

If you’re a pet parent always on the go, crate training your dog is an added advantage that makes it easier for you to supervise it. Also, if you’re cooking or working from home, having your dog resting inside a crate can surely give you some peace of mind.

  1. Easy evacuation process

Whether you’re evacuating your dog after an emergency or maybe you’ve rescued a dog from past neglect or abuse, having it stay inside a crate can allow it to adapt to the new environment much faster. Dogs that have gone through a traumatic past can enjoy the convenience of being inside a crate where there are no strangers around them.

dog crate
Soft sided pet carriers can make portability easier

5 Types of dog crates you can consider

  1. Soft-sided options

Soft-sided collapsible dog crates are among the common options you’re likely to come across. This type of crate comprises of a nylon or canvas construction that makes it resemble a backpack or a carrying case. The best thing about these types of crates is that they’re stylish and come in a variety of inspiring colours.

But, despite being stylish, soft-sided dog crates have a soft texture that is susceptible to damage. So, if your dog is the type that likes scratching and chewing, then it’s not a good candidate for this type of crate.

  1. Furniture dog crates

If you’re looking for a portable dog crate, then perhaps you might not want to consider the convenience of a wooden or furniture dog crate. Just as their name suggests, wooden furniture options prioritize more on style and elegance and hence double as dog crates and home furniture.

Pet parents that consider wooden options must supplement them with portable kennels to serve them during travels. Otherwise, wooden dog crates are very heavy and quite challenging to clean and maintain. Lastly, most dog breeds don’t respond too well these wooden options. Tt’s a case of trial and error sometimes.

  1. Plastic portables

The plastics are the only types that stand between the soft-sided crates and the metal/wire crates. They have the tenderness of the soft-sided crates and the sturdiness of metal crates. In fact, due to their portability, these are the best for car and plane travel.

Another benefit of the plastics is that they offer more privacy as compared to their metal counterparts. However, their design has one flaw. They’re less ventilated meaning dogs cannot stay inside for too long. Lastly, plastic crates are smaller making them the best for small to medium-sized dogs.

  1. Folding wire options

Folding wire crates are some of the best when it comes to serving a variety of purposes. These crates can be folded or unfolded for easy use in the car or the house. They’re usually portable and have different sizes that make them suitable for small, medium to large dogs.

The folding wire options are easy to clean and easy to supplement with cushions, pillows, and blankets to provide a comfortable resting place for your dogs.

Dog often like solid structures to retreat to
  1. Metal/wire dog crates

Lastly, there are the metal or wire options. These types of crates are entirely made of metal wires to resemble a cage.

The metal wiring provides ample ventilation to your dog while still improving its visibility.

If your dog is the breed that likes chewing and scratching a lot, then this type of dog crate is the best, as damage will be minimal.

Unfortunately, these metal dog crates are quite bulky to travel with especially if the dog you’re carrying is too big.

Dog crates in summary

Understanding the different types of options available is just the first step for you as the petowner.

Crate training your pet to adapt to a specific frame is another step. Thankfully, this short guide has listed five types of options that you can get for your canine friend.

Although your choice is greatly influenced by your lifestyle and your intentions, it’s always wise to get an adult-sized crate for your puppy.

This way, your pet will adapt to the dog crates throughout its developmental stages.


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