Dog foods for labradors – Safe with housesitters

8 Dec, 2021

Dog foods for labradors – Safe with housesitters

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If you have a Labrador dog and you find housesitters to care for your pet while you’re away, prepare. Make sure that as a pet owner you have thought about every aspect of the pet care. To learn about the best dog foods for Labradors read on and check these top tips.

What is the Safest Dog Foods for Labradors?

Caring for your Labradors is a priority, especially when you’re away. What are the best dog foods for Labradors?

Housesitting can be even more fun when pets are involved! Being able to spend time with cute furry friends adds extra joy to the day and helps keep from feeling lonely while homeowners are away. It’s important to strictly follow every dog’s diet routine to limit unfortunate emergencies while owners are away.

Read on to learn more about the safest house-sitting, and the best dog foods for Labradors and rest easy on your next trip away from Fido or on your upcoming house-sitting job.

What diet is safest for Labrador dogs while in the care of a housesitter?

The safest and best dog foods for Labradors can vary, depending on the dog’s age. Because they are older, these labs may only eat specific foods or have medications they need to take daily in order to stay healthy. Puppies may also adhere to a particular nutritional plan to combat overeating and obesity as they grow up.

Physical weaknesses of the Labrador breed

This is because labs are much more prone to developing crippling hip diseases if they consume too much calcium or become overweight.

It’s important for housesitters to talk with pet owners and for pet owners to leave detailed instructions outlining their Labrador’s specific nutritional needs. This will help to avoid any diet-related issues that could arise while owners are away.

Learn which are the best dog foods for Labradors

In most cases, adult Labradors should stick to a diet that is rich in high-quality protein, fats, minerals, fibre, and vitamins to stay healthy and live long lives.

Pet owners should make sure to talk with their veterinarian long before their first trip away to make sure their dog is fully comfortable with any diet before leaving home.

dog foods for labradors
Choosing the best dog foods for Labradors retrievers is essential, remember they are a large breed puppy

What should pet owners do before they leave their Labrador with a housesitter?

Pet owners should make sure to stock up on any particular food or medications that their dog needs. Do this before you leave. If the dog has a complex diet plan, each specific element should be clearly labelled. Store the foods in a central location.

Brief your housesitter and dog sitters

Most importantly brief your housesitter where to find all the necessary foods, treats and medications. A detailed plan of each meal, including the timing of and amount prepared should be typed up as instructions. Homeowners can then brief the petsitter in person or via phone/email before they are left alone with the Labrador.

This will assure that the safest house-sitting dog food for your unique dog is provided for them while you are away.

dog foods for labradors
It is important to choose the best foods for Labradors to ensure your pets stay fit and healthy

What should housesitters do before committing to caring for a Labrador?

As a pet sitter, it is your responsibility to make sure that you understand all of the pet care instructions. If there are things that don’t make sense, ask follow-up questions. Make sure that nothing is left up to chance after the pet owners leave. As a general rule of thumb, Labradors shouldn’t be fed table scraps or any kind of human food that may not be a part of their diet plan.

Routine is important when you are managing dog foods for Labradors

Each pet should also be cared for at the exact times and to the specifications that are communicated by their owners to maintain the safest house-sitting dog food experience for the Labrador.

While owners are away, be sure to monitor any pets and record behavior that seems abnormal. Talk about best contacts in the event of an emergency and make sure to have a concrete plan that is approved by the pet owners just in case.

How can you assure the safest house sitting dog foods experience for Labradors?

dog foods for labradors
Jake the Labrador is healthy and happy – his owner buying dog foods for Labradors helps

In general, there are some overall tips that house sitters and pet owners can follow.

Tips for dog foods for Labradors

Use these suggestions to make sure you optimise chances of a safe house-sitting experience for your Labrador. Here are the top tips:

  • Housesitters should make sure that they don’t keep any snacks or food items, including gum, medications, drugs, or mints in their luggage or a purse that could be accessed by any pets.
  • Homeowners should avoid changing anything in their lab’s diet or medication routine for up to two weeks before any trips. This will help assure that there are no issues that result from these changes while you are away from home.
  • Note the phone numbers for emergency contacts, including the veterinarian, and a local family friend. Housesitmatch offers members a template document called the EASY SIT GUIDELINES to help prompt you to share these key contacts.
  • Both pet owners and pet sitters should be open and honest with the needs and daily occurrences of any pets. This will assure that everyone stays well-prepared and capable of keeping the lab happy and healthy until their owner returns!

A final word on the safest dog foods for Labradors

In conclusion, open communication and setting expectations are key. They will ensure that your Labrador consumes the foods you choose while in the care of a housesitter. Now get out there and enjoy your trip, knowing that your pet sitter is prepared!

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