Dog or a cat? A guide to help you choose your pet

10 May, 2021

Dog or a cat? A guide to help you choose your pet

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If you are thinking about which pet to choose between a dog or a cat consider all the aspects of owning either pet, or both! Most pet lovers have at some time been pet owners, however, personal circumstances change, and that can affect your choice. Read on to learn and perhaps simply to remind yourself of the various characteristics that might affect your next choice.

Confused about getting a dog or a cat?
This guide could make your decision easier

dog or cat
It can be hard to choose your next pet if you can only have one!

As a pet lover, it’s difficult to choose between dogs and cats as they both are great companions. But even though they both sum up to be good at companionship, both have very different personalities. Their different personalities offer different pros and cons to having them as a pet.

Pros of having a cat as a pet:

  • Does not take lots of space

Cats don’t ask for a lot of space compared to dogs. Most domestic cats require 18 square feet. The only reason behind this is that cats like to squeeze themselves. One can see cats sitting under the bed, drawers.

  • Cats are quieter

Even the loudest cat is quieter than a dog. Mostly, dogs bark at everything. But a cat only meows at humans rarely. Mainly, cats like to communicate through facial expressions and body language.

  • Cats clean themselves.

Cats lick their fur to clean themselves.
A cat spends 30-50% of their day cleaning themselves. It not only helps in grooming the cat, but it regulates their body temperature.

dog or a cat
Cats are famous for licking themselves clean regularly
  •  Cats are less expensive.

The American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (ASPCA) once conducted a study on the average cost of owning a dog or a cat. It concluded that the recurring cost of a dog per year is $1050 whereas for a cat it’s around $700.

  • Cats keep pests at bay.

The smell of a cat is enough for keeping rodents away from the house. If rodents detect a hunter in the house, they are far less likely to enter.


Cons of having a cat as your pet

  • Cats Scratch furniture

Cats like to scratch. They scratch when playing. They scratch whilst stretching. The reason for their scratching could also be a sign that they want to establish (or mark) a territory or it could also be a sign of threat. And due to the fact cats’ claws want ordinary sharpening, cats scratch on matters to dispose of frayed, worn outer claws and disclose new, sharper claws. All this scratching can purpose several harms to furniture, drapes, and carpeting!

  • Cat hair sheds a lot.

Cats in the wild shed twice a year. The spring to lose the heavy wintry weather undercoat and in fall in practice for the grow-in of the following winters’ undercoat. However, due to the fact we’ve domesticated cats and subjected them to air-conditioning in the summer-time season and synthetic warmness in wintry weather, their body structures have been confused and have resulted in a constantly shedding state.

Pros of having a dog as a pet

  •  Increased personal protection.

Dogs are smart and are fully aware that their owner takes good care of them. Protection for their master is a natural trait of a dog. No one can harm you if there’s a dog with you, as dogs are capable enough to become aggressive and bite dangerously.

  •  Dogs are joyous.

Cats like to play alone and be on their own, but dogs are joyous and enjoy a human’s company. They will lick you and force you to play with them. Dogs know how to spread love and laughter and try converting every moment into a delightful one.

  • Dogs require regular walks.

Most dogs need 3o mins–120 mins of walk daily, which also benefits the person who helps the dogs for walking by indirectly contributing to their fitness journey.

Cons of having a dog as a pet

  •  Increased financial burdens.

Before investing in a dog, one should be aware of their expenses. Some of the unavoidable expenses are dog food, veterinarian, grooming, wellness, and vaccinations. However, some of the expenses can be managed if one invests in pet insurance with wellness which would prevent the expensive costs one would have to bear in getting simple medical check-ups and other medical issues that could put a dent on your finances in a jiffy.

dog or a cat
Some dogs can be very messy wherever they go
  • Decreased cleanliness.

Just like children, dogs cause unintentional messes. Some dogs shed while some love to play in the dirt and mud, some eat very messily, and so on. If you’re someone who likes their things tidy and clean, owning a dog may not be your best idea.

Pet care

When you have your pets installed at home, you need to plan pet care. Pet care can take many shapes. Today we have many options available to us as pet owners. The  pet sitting services available to us can take place in the home and in other boarding facilities.


If you have chosen a dog as a pet then you will need dog sitting services. Some people choose to have a live in dogsitter. Others prefer to organise dog boarding, sometimes in kennels and sometimes in the sitters’ home.

Free dogsitters

If you join a pet and housesitting website you can benefit from free dogsitters and housesitters. Choose the right platform to ensure all members are checked, and the service reviews are good. Then choose a dog lover who will care for your pet in their own home.


If you have chosen cats as your pets, then you will need holiday catsitters. Cats are usually best left in their own living space so live in cat sitters are a great idea.

Cat sitters near me

Some cat owners will start by placing adverts in local boards or networks, or search online to find local catsitters. Often it is the professional cat sitters or pet sitters who will respond. If you are taking a long holiday then the daily costs will add up.

Free catsitters

The same pet and housesitting websites will offer a range of catsitters too. Once again this arrangement organised by a professional housesitting website can save you a lot of money.

A final word on choosing dog or a cat – both have respective merits

The idea of displaying the pros and cons of choosing or having a pet dog or a cat was not just a whimsy. We prepared this article to offer pet lovers and pet owners a basic description of characteristics to help you decide. Each type of pet has specific habits and needs that might suit you according to your own unique taste and needs. If you don’t mind cats scratching the furniture but find the costs of a dog too much, then adopt a cat. But if you are someone who has no problems with a dog’s messiness, but will have a problem cat hair all over your room, then adopt a dog. Choose the pet which will be best for you and your family situation. Think of it as choosing your best buddy pet companion.



Join a professional service that offers access to help you find free checked live in petsitters and housesitters, for a moderate annual fee. These petsitters will help you keep pets at home safely and happy in their daily routine.


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