Dog owner – Is your dog happy with you?

24 Mar, 2023

Dog owner – Is your dog happy with you?

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As every pet owner knows to have a happy pet is very rewarding. But it is not as easy as you think to read your animal.  For example if you are a dog owner do you really know how to detect if your dog is happy with you? Read on to learn more.

Dog owner – How to tell if your dog Is happy with you

dog owner
How can you tell if your dog really likes you?

If you spend your time as most people do, then there’s a good chance you’ve watched at least a few cute and funny dog videos online. Dogs make people happy, that’s easy to see. But have you ever wondered if dogs are truly happy being with their humans? If you look at your dog and feel a sense of doubt about whether or not your pet is happy, you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out how to tell if your dog is truly happy with you.

Life With a happy hog

The answer to why you would want to live with a happy dog is simple: it’s easier than living with a sad, anxious, or depressed dog. When you have a happy dog in your life, the stress around feeding, playing, exercising, and socializing goes away. You can take off on an adventurous British Isles cruise without worrying if your pet sitter is going to survive with their sanity.

A happy dog is less likely to destroy things in your home, and happy dogs also live longer and stay healthier. At the end of the day, your dog’s happiness equates to your happiness, so it’s important to pay attention to their wellbeing.

Happy dog behaviors

There are some simple ways to tell if your dog is happy, but the signs might not be exactly what you’d expect. If your dog is doing any of these things, they are likely pretty happy with you. This list includes:

  • Conforming to a daily schedule
  • Falling asleep easily and peacefully
  • Listening to and following commands
  • Eating meals at meal times
  • Asking for and showing affection
  • Playing with other humans and dogs

Every dog’s personality is different, and it can take time to get to know your pet, especially if you adopted a rescue animal. Puppies are another exception because they have their own needs and varying energy levels according to breed and size. For the most part, these signs of a happy dog apply to all dogs in normal living situations.

Anxious dog behaviors

ease dog separation anxiety
Much better to find a pet lover to look after your dog when you are away to ease anxiety

If you notice that something is off about your dog, you can look for signs of anxiety. Dogs can become anxious for short periods of time, such as during travel or while moving homes, but they should return to their normal happy state within one to three weeks. Some dogs struggle with separation or chronic anxiety, which is often linked to early experiences such as abandonment or abuse.

Anxious dogs might do any of the following:

  • Pant and drool excessively in certain situations
  • Act out with aggression toward other humans or dogs
  • Pee or poop in your house even after potty training
  • Destroy furniture, carpets, blinds, clothing, and fabric
  • Pace around nervously without being able to rest

Depressed dog behaviors

If you think that your dog might be depressed, you can watch out for certain signs such as if your dog is no longer interested in food, playing, and affection. The cause of depression in dogs can vary, but some common reasons behind this condition include the loss of a loved one or fellow pet and illness.

Some viruses and parasites can cause depression in dogs. So whenever your dog’s behavior changes noticeably for more than a day or two, it’s a good idea to go to the vet for a consultation.

Healthy dog behaviors

how to keep a dog healthy
Maintaining diet and exercise routines is core to keeping your dog looking and feeling healthy

If you’re a new dog owner, you might not understand how to tell the difference between normal dog behaviors and signs of anxiety. For example, most dogs chew on things. Chewing on things makes dogs feel happy and releases endorphins, so this is not necessarily a sign of anxiety on its own.

Shedding is another sign of a healthy dog. All dogs, except a few breeds, shed regularly and then shed even more with seasonal changes such as in the fall to prepare for winter. Shedding is not something you have to worry about except for when you need to clean your home.

How a dog owner keeps their dog happy in summary

One of the best ways to keep your dog happy is to establish a stable home environment and a daily routine. Once your dog knows what to expect, you can enjoy every happy day together with your fur baby.

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