Dog owners & dogsitters choose the best leash for your dog

17 Sep, 2019

Dog owners & dogsitters choose the best leash for your dog

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Whether as a dog owner or a dogsitter choose the best dog leash is critical for the type of activity and the dog. Size matters, the type of activity matters, and the general personality and the level of vigorous activity expected from the dog will also influence your choice of leash.

Here are some tips, a view of the pros cons for you to choose the best leash for the dog whether you are dog minding as a dogsitter or the dog owner wanting to handle your dog safely in different situations.

How do you choose the best leash for your dog

If you have a new dog you want to choose the best dog leash. And if your experience with dogs is limited you might need a little help choosing the best dog leash.

What is a dog leash?

Dog leashes are designed to serve a similar purpose that is to have control over it when you take him out to interact with the rest of the world. In as much as they are all directed towards giving you some level of control, not all leashes will be ideal for every dog. It is for this reason that you will be required to take some time to evaluate which leash would be perfect for your dog.

You have been with your pet long enough with your pet to study its quire habits and so on. Some of the factors that you should be putting into consideration would be the size of your dog and the material to mention a few. While shopping for a leash, take note of the following factors.

dog wearing the best leash for his size and shape
Choosing the best leash for the size and personality of your dog and the purpose is important

How do you choose the best leash for your dog?

The type of leash – whether as a dogsitter or dog owner

Yes, there are different types of leashes in the market. They are usually three that is the standard leash, the retractable leash, and the adjustable leash. The three different leashes allow you varying degrees of control.

Best dog leashes for purpose

Starting with the standard leash, what is it? Most of the standard leashes are made of nylon material which gives them firmness. The lengths are usually within a range of 4-8 feet. The standard leashes may sometimes also be threaded with reflective material to enhance visibility and safety if you are an owner who prefers walking his dogs in the night or very early in the morning.

Retractable leashes

Retractable leashes, on the other hand, expand to a given extent. Such leashes can allow your dog to wander a few steps away without you having to move too. However, it is important to note that they are limiting to the control you may have to the movement of your dog. With these, you might need to be extra cautious to keep your dog away from harm’s way.

If your pup is well behaved, the retractable leash would likely be the best leash for him. Adjustable dog leashes will give you extra flexibility and at the same time allow you control of your dog’s movement. With these leashes you can get adjustability if an additional 3-6 feet of length

Leash Material – what every dogsitter should know

This is an important point to consider if you don’t want the leash to snap a few days after putting it into use. It is no surprise that today dog leashes are made of a wide variety of materials so there is ample choice. They can include chain, nylon, leather, cotton and even rubber. Note that the different materials also have an impact on the price tag.

dog minding
Most dogs need the best leash that suits their size and temperament

– Nylon

The most popular material is nylon, the popularity is attributed mainly to the fact that it is durable and affordable. The beauty of a leash made of nylon is that it gives you unlimited options to pick from, especially when it comes to colours.

– Leather

Why should you pick leather? It is a very durable material, however, it may come at an extra cost.  What is more you can also extend its lifetime by getting a leather conditioner to keep its aesthetics on point. Leather leashes are also comfortable to your hands, unlike nylon leashes which may give you burns if there is too much friction.

The one downside is that it may limit you with the range of colours, but leather is the perfect material for a leash if you are looking for one that will last a long time. Leather reins are the best leashes if you want a long lasting one.

Leather leashes are durable

– Metal chain

Is your dog in the habit of chewing on the leash, you can mitigate that by getting a chain leash. If your dog is also large and strong, the chain leash would be an ideal pick as they tend to be bulky too.  It is also advisable to play with the sizes too, as you do not want to overwork your dog with too much weight on its neck!


Another factor you should put into consideration when choosing a leash is the length. It all depends on the nature of the neighbourhood where you will be walking your dog. If you are a dogsitter minding a dog then ask the dog owner. A longer leash would be perfect for the less trafficked areas. Meanwhile, shorter ones are okay when you are walking and required to share space with other people.


The width is a significant determinant on the durability and strength of the leash. Therefore this is an important consideration if you are buying the best leash. Aggressive dogs and chewers are easier to walk with a thicker leash, it gives more control. If your dog is large and bulky you will need a stronger leash. Thick ones will aide leash support and handling.

For calmer and smaller dogs slimmer versions could prove to be the best leash and will work well. Plus there is usually a wider selection available. As a dogsitter you may find your owner has a variety on hand for use in different activities.

Using a harness leash while a dog is still a puppy can assist in training


If you’re training a puppy or have a dog needing more control then a harness is good, and will likely be the best leash for you. It means you can restrain the dog without straining their neck. What is more. the training is easier because you will halt their progress.

Pet care

If at all possible try to meet the dog first, or at least get to see it on a ZOOM or Virtual meeting so that you understand the size and temperament of the animal.

If the pet owners have used pet sitting services before look at their reviews to see what other sitters have written.

Ask about the dog you will be minding.  What kind of dog nutrition is required, do the owners allow dog treats. What are the routines, ask them to write them down for you. And of course you should ask which is the best dog leash to use.

the best leash for large dogs is a strong leash
The best leash for strong dogs is a strong leash

Dog sitters

In home dogsitter

Having a live in dogsitter means that you can ensure your pets are cared for in an environment where they already feel safe. You can build the petsitting routines around your pet and their home. The in home dogsitter will take care of them for you. If you choose the best leash then the dog sitter can walk them with confidence even if you are absent.

Dog walkers routines

Dogs are intelligent creatures and most are also very physical and need exercise. You will need to learn the dog walking routines for each of your canine charges. Make sure you choose the best leash for the exercise.

Ask what they wear on their walk, does it include a dog harness, a collar and a muzzle or any of the above? Which is the best dog leash for walking in the park versus walking in the street? Do they stay on the lead while they are out of the home property?

Or can they be allowed to run free in a park, and if so where about? And most importantly do they come back on recall? All these issues are important to understand before starting your dog sitting and choosing the best leash for controlling your dog charges.

top dog sitting tips
Find out about the best dog walking routes for your dog

 A final word on how to choose the best leash for your dog

As you are looking to choose a dog leash consider the notes above. The best leash will give you an easy time while walking your dog. It will also offer value for money as it will last when used for the required purpose. If you are looking for the best leash for your canine best friend visit for great market choice and product range.

If you have dogs you will need a dog sitter.

Find a dog sitter – Ideal at-home pet care

find a dog sitter
Find a dog sitter from a reliable trusted source, then introduce them to your pets to ensure both are comfortable and relaxed

Holiday time arrives and every pet owner is nervously looking for dog minding solutions. Do you use a local dog boarding kennels or have a neighbour or family member take care of your pet? Or have you used up all your credit with friends and family so now you need to find a dogsitter?

Staying with familiar people is a good way to keep your dogs calm and to minimise separation anxiety.

Friends and family dog minding solution

If you have a single dog or single pet then often friends and family are happy to step in and do a spot of dog minding while you are away. However, the pet minding ask gets more complex and is a considerably bigger favour if you have multiple pets.

Whether they move into your home or have the pets at their place it is still a big responsibility. Familiarity of location, of smells and of habits all help your dogs feel more relaxed.

Maintain your dog’s routines

Above all keeping your dog’s routines and location as a constant is considered the best practice to keep your dogs relaxed and happy while you are away. However, some dogs will be very nervous regardless, by their nature or perhaps because they are rescued with a sketchy past. So perhaps you need dog sitters at home. Find a dog sitter online.

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