Dog owners tips – In-ground or Wireless Dog Fences?

15 Sep, 2021

Dog owners tips – In-ground or Wireless Dog Fences?

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All new pet owners go through worries about keeping the animals safe in their home and on their property. This thought grows more serious if you have a new dog or you move to a new property. Have you considered the fencing? Have you decided which is best for you, in-ground fencing or wireless dog fencing. In these dog owners tips we help you consider the very best for you, your dog and your property. Read on to learn more.

Dog owners tips

Building a relationship is key to helping your new dog settle in. It is undoubtedly one of the primary dog owners tips.

Considered the pros and cons of in-ground and wireless dog fences?

Here are the dog owners tips you need to think about regarding fences

If you are a new dog owner then here are some tips for first-time dog owners to consider before and even once you have brought home your dog. Most importantly it’s about keeping your dog safe. One of our top dog owners tips pertains to keeping your dog safe. It involves figuring out the best way to prevent him or her from leaving your property.

Avoid first time dog owner anxiety and get organised on your property by choosing the right fencing.

Wireless dog fences

After all, you don’t want your furry friend to run off into traffic or dangerous situations, so you may want a dog fence.

In our discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of in-ground versus wireless dog fences, we aim to help you find the perfect solution for your home. For a more comprehensive understanding, why not check out our detailed comparison of various brands’ wireless fences against in-ground ones? You might find this piece particularly interesting: Halo’s wireless fence vs in ground.

What are the pros and cons?

An in-ground fence and have wires run underneath the ground. This requires you to bury the wires underground to create a barrier, so your dog can’t leave the boundaries. If you don’t want to do it, you can hire workers to handle the burying for you to have it done correctly.

You can also get a wireless dog fence that uses a device you keep in your home to create an electric fence around it. The device allows you to set a radius around it that shocks your dog if he or she tries to leave the range. You can adjust the size of the circle to meet your needs.

dog owners tips
Some dogs are livelier than others and absolutely need fencing to keep them safe. But what kind? Thinking about the nature and size of your dog is one of the key dog owners tips.

Dog owners tips 1 – In-ground dog fences

Let’s start with the in-ground dog fences, dog lover and expert Dave Miller advises on many things related to dogs.

And in his dog owners tips he has said you can change the fence’s shape and take advantage of its larger range. Avoid first-time dog owner mistakes and get organise so your dog is safe within the fence. These are also tips for single dog owners.

If you have dog sitters take note. If you go away from time to time for the holidays and you have dog sitters at home then take note.

Dog owners tips 2 – The Dog sit – Help your dog sitter keep your dog safe

You really need to fix that fence or find a permanent solution so that your dog is safe. It should go without saying that mending fences is one of the critical dog owners tips. Your dogsitters wont know the property like you do. Moreover, they certainly wont know the surroundings so you need to makes sure your dog is kept safe.

Dog owners tips 3 – Make your fence into any shape

Since an in-ground fence has you put wires into your property, you can make it any shape you want. This means you can have it go around trees, make a square shape or do anything else you want it to do. This makes it great for people who want the fence’s range to match the exact boundaries of their property.

  • A larger range – In-ground dog fences also give you the opportunity to have a wider range than wireless dog fences. While it does have an infinite and you need wires to install it, it does provide a bigger range than wireless fences. This makes it an excellent option for people with large plots of land who want to let their dogs run around.
  • Take longer to set up – Since you need to install wires into the ground, in-ground dog fences take more time to set up. This means you have to hire someone to install the wires or do it yourself which will take multiple days to do. However, once you set it up, you won’t have to worry about it as much compared to wireless dog fences.
  • You can’t change the range – Since you need to put those wires into the ground, you can’t adjust the dog fence’s range. You have to stick to the size you determine ahead of time, so you may face some problems if you don’t plan it out correctly. However, if you know exactly what you want ahead of time, you won’t have to guess and check the dog fence since it’ll follow your boundary.
dog owners tips
Sometimes the in ground fencing you have around the property is sufficient. But what if someone leaves the gate open?

Dog owners tips 4 – Wireless dog fences

In home dog sitting

Now we want to talk about wireless dog fences since it has some notable pros such as an easy installation process and an adjustable range.

If you have dog sitters and organise in house pet sitting take note

Another reason these wireless dog fences are a great idea, depending on your dog of course, is that if you have dog sitters for the holiday to care for your pets you can help them to keep your dogs safe. Once again this depends on the size and personality of your dog.

This may be especially important if you have a new dog and you have moved to a new location both at a similar time. Read these dog owners tips to ensure you are prepared:

  • Fast and easy to install – A wireless dog fence has an easy installation process. You just have to plug it into your home, set the range you want and it’ll create an electric fence around your home. As long as your dog wears the corresponding collar, he or she will receive a shock when leaving the boundary. Since it’s easy to set up, you can have it ready within a few minutes.
  • Adjustable range – Wireless dog fences also have an adjustable range. This means you can go to the device, change the range and find the ideal one for your home. You can hold the collar in your hand and listen for the beep to test its range before your dog wears it. From there, you can decide if you like the range, or if you should make some adjustments to it.
  • Only provides a circular barrier – However, since it transmits an electric fence, you can’t adjust its shape. It will only create a circle around the device based on the radius you set, so you don’t have as much flexibility with it. In short, you sacrifice the versatility of the shape for an easier to set up dog fence compared to other options.
  • It has less range – Wireless dog fences also don’t have the same range as in-ground dog fences, so they won’t reach as far. That means if you live on a large property, you may not have the range needed to give your dog free reign of your entire property. However, if you have a smaller property with a decent back or front yard, you won’t need to worry about this.
dog owners tips
A wireless fence works within a limited range as long as the dog is wearing the collar. One of the top dog owners tip is remember to put the collar on

The conclusion of these dog owners tips and this debate

One of our primary dog owners tips is the use of managed fences to keep your dog safe. As you compare the pros and cons of in-ground dog and wireless fences, you can figure out the ideal setup for your home. If you travel away from home and have a dog sitting services in your own home to care for them then deciding on your fence is key.

Take every effort to protect your dog, when you are at home and especially when you are not.

It is always worth taking on board any dog owners tips especially if you have a new dog and are trying to work out the best way to protect them. Make sure you consider all the options as they might apply to you and your dog. Then decide which fence you think works best for the area you live in and set it up to keep your furry friend safe.

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