Dogs in Apartments – Top Tips

7 Jun, 2020

Dogs in Apartments – Top Tips

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Most new dog owners think carefully before committing to bringing a new dog into their home. There are many things one can do as a pet owner to preparing your home for a new dog. Living with dogs in apartments which is often seen as a challenge doesn’t have to be difficult if you consider these following top tips.

Having a dog when you live in an apartment

dogs in apartments
Dogs love to look out on the world

Even though there are more than 63.4 Million households with pet dogs in the US living in an apartment with a pup is already all kinds of challenging: Finding a place that is pet friendly without having astronomical fees, always be wary of noises, barks or odours, not having a yard to let your dog roam free…

Top Tips for Dogs in Apartments and their Owners

But not everything has to be a challenge, and with a few key items, you will be perfectly prepared to live your best life (and your dog’s!) in the coziest apartment! We have some great advice courtesy of the editorial team at Alpha Paw on some great accessories for your dog or for when you’re housesitting somebody else’s pet.

Dogs in apartments love joining in to the canine chorus

Buy Peepads

Not having free access to the outside at all times to go potty is the first thing dog owners fear when moving to an apartment. However, you can train your dog to use a pee pad. Soon he won’t even wake you up when he needs to use it!

The key here is to find very absorbent and odor-free pee pads as there are a lot of dupes on the market.

The Top Dog puppy pads are infused with activated carbon and if the absorbing power of those pads wasn’t enough to convince you, they are also made so that there is no yellow stain left after usage.

The black pads mask any color or odor, so that you can leave your pup in your apartment and not fear the worst if you are not there when he needs to use the bathroom.
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Consider a PawRamp

If you keep dogs in apartments or a mansion, a dog ramp could be useful to protect your dog’s back and joints.  A dog ramp is even more valuable to have in an apartment where every jump can be heard by the downstairs neighbor! it softens any potential thudding

The PawRamp comes in 2 sizes and has adjustable height settings going from 12 to 24 inches, which fits to most couches and beds.

It packs flat for easy storage under the couch, which is especially important when apartment space is always limited. Finally, the ramp is made out of pine and marine wood to aesthetically fit in any interior and covered in thick polyester carpet to avoid sliding.

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A cozy bed can be such a comfort for dogs in apartments

For dogs in apartments – Choose a Cozy Calming Bed

Keeping dogs in apartments means you are managing limited space, but it does not mean sacrificing on looks. On that front, the Cozy Calming Bed delivers. This dog bed will flawlessly add on to any aesthetic. It goes straight in the washer as a whole.

So there is no need to take the cover out or cry over how your puppy’s little accident has ruined his bed.

But where the Cozy Calming Bed really delivers is its calming and anti-anxiety capabilities. It is a fluffy bed with sides to cradle your pup. It keeps his warmth to mimic the comfort of a mother. The feeling of safety and comfort will surely win over your pup’s heart and you will have a hard time getting him out of bed!
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dogs in apartments
Keeping dogs in apartments is quite a common practice. The size of your dog may help you decide on your furniture and the space you give your dog

Car Safety Seat

Living with dogs in apartments means you might need to leave the house entirely to go walk your pup. Sometimes you may even need to drive to the nearest park if it isn’t close by. Keeping your dog safe in the car is a necessity, and a car seat is the safest option for small pups.

The Alpha Paw Car Safety Seat has the comfort of a cozy bed and comes with 2 leash attachments to fit up to two small dogs. It attaches to both the front of the passenger seat and the back seat for ultimate safety and can even double as a bed for when you’re traveling!

Is your pup too big for a car seat? Not to worry! Use a car safety seat belt instead! The Alpha Paw Car Safety Seat Belt buckles to the car seat attachment. It can handle a force of over 850lbs. This allows for a quick release in the event of an emergency for any size of dog.

Final thoughts on dogs in apartments

With these tips and tricks, you will be able to enjoy your pup and your apartment life. Consider these suggestion so you don’t sacrifice comfort, safety or practicality. They’ll help to keep your canine friend happy too.

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