Dream home – How to create your own

11 Jun, 2021

Dream home – How to create your own

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Do you ever spend time wondering about your dream home? You may not even be a homeowner yet. However, if you have a property and you want to adapt, perhaps to make changes to take a moment to plan. Look at your home and make active plans, then see your ideal living space take shape around you. Stop dreaming. Starting creating. Here are some ideas to help you along.

Top ideas to create the home of your dreams

dream home
Imagine all that you would like in your home…

The concept of designing your dream home to your specific taste is very freeing. You can create whatever design you want, but you might just be limited by budget and your ideas or imagination. 

This is where most people find it difficult to navigate. The responsibility of making decisions concerning the details is quite daunting due to several available possibilities and choices. 

Although your dream home should reflect your personality, we know that you need some advice to help you choose what styles to follow. So, we have compiled a list of ideas that will help you create your dream home. 

Indoor living space

  • High Ceilings – Many people are opting for a single-story home rather than a multi-story home. A high ceiling in your home will create a feeling of big space that can even be exploited with beautiful wall and ceiling arts. So, instead of the traditional 8 or 9 feet ceiling, try making it 10 or 11 feet.
  • Tankless Water Heater –  This is more compact when compared to hot water storage tanks. The tankless heater is about the same size as a small suitcase. It would be great if the tankless dimensions won’t take too much space and can fit under your sink, in a pantry, or even under the stairs. With a correctly sized heater, it will not only meet your household needs, but it will also be energy-efficient, thus, will save you money.
  • Decked-out Kitchen – Pay attention to the kitchen when trying to create your dream home. Start by installing high-end appliances, have a cabinet for everything, and an enclosed pantry. Your kitchen island could be oversized and movable to add a bit of entertaining touch. Then, of course, you need perfect lighting in the kitchen, under cabinet lighting works, and several other lighting choices. Big floor space so there’s room for everyone at a time, you can hang a painting too. It is almost limitless, the things you can do in your kitchen.
  • Mudroom – This is going to serve as the place where your family can unpack all of their gears after a long day at school, work, or any outdoor activity. With this, they can keep their things together to be ready for use the next day.
  • Home Cinema – Take your television and movie experience up a notch. Design your home cinema to have the best lighting, sound, and visuals for watching and rewatching your favorite blockbuster movies at home. 
  • Game Room – Your game room is where all of your electronics gaming and non-electronic gaming take place. A dedicated space like this helps to keep your home organized altogether. Since you won’t have electronics cluttering your main living spaces, you can have different interesting features in your game room, like a big television for gaming, a pinball, and so on.

Outdoor Living Space

Nowadays, many high-end homes embrace indoor and outdoor areas.  This might be integral to your idea of a dream home. However, this is not just about a well-lawned front yard; instead, try exploring some other outdoor options : 

  • Outdoor Kitchen –  A complete outdoor kitchen is almost necessary rather than a luxury if your budget can support it. This is priceless in times of outdoor gatherings in your family home. With an outdoor kitchen, the chef can stay outside with the rest of the family while grilling and cooking. 
  • Custom Swimming Pool –  You can go from enjoying your time indoors to having fun outdoors with a custom design pool. The pool should accentuate the natural design of your yard while allowing easy movement between the indoor and outdoor spaces. You don’t want your pool blocking movement around the outdoor surrounding of your home and into your home. Instead, dedicate an outdoor space specifically to build a custom pool that allows you to spend quality time with your family outdoors.
  • Outdoor Lounge Seating With Fire Pit – With this, you can get out of the water and head to the lounge to get comfy and enjoy the meals made in the outdoor kitchen.
  • Sports Area –  The options are endless, but they depend on your preferred recreational sport. You can build a basketball court, a tennis court, or more, depending on your budget and space.
  • Playground –  A playground is an important feature for creating your dream home. You need a space where you can have some of those things found in an amusement pack. An immersive treehouse experience and play areas, with swings, slides, bouncing castles, and so on. This is most important, especially if you plan to have your kids or other children come over to your place.

Personal Living Areas

  • Spa-style Bathroom: You can create a spa-style bathroom by adding indoor water features like a wall water fountain to enjoy a complete self-care experience inside the comfort of your own home.
  • Large Dressing Room: A big dressing room to fit racks for your shoes, full-length mirrors, couch, and even an island where you can arrange all your jewellery and other personal items.
dream home
You may be wanting a clean modern comfortable living space…


Affluent Amenities

The basic idea behind building a dream home is comfort and convenience. There’s no better to achieve this than to create a tech-centric home. 

  • Smart Home Automation: One of the greatest and latest features of 21st century home construction is the smart home feature. With your smartphone, you can control every electronic device in your home. 
  • Security System: With motion sensors and the likes, you can keep an eye on every crucial point in your home. Security is an important feature for your dream home.

We hope this list helps you in creating the home of your dreams. 

Don’t just dream your dream home – Make it happen

These ideas should serve as a launching pad for you to inspire you to create your ideas. This is so because what you would like to have in your bathroom, pool, or any other part of your dream home might vary from what other people want. So just explore ideas, as given in this article, and other ideas that can be useful in creating your dream home.

Need house sitters?

Once you have your dream home you might need housesitters to help you care for your property and pets when you travel away from home or business. Read on to learn more about how housesitters can help you.

Find a housesitter

Well ahead of your next holiday you should consider why might I need a house sitter? And then think about how you will find a housesitter.

What are the responsibilities of a housesitter?

Within the protocols of Housesitmatch.com there are several responsibilities of a housesitter. These responsibilities or duties will span a wide range of requests. They can include managing security in the property, so like a property guardian to pet care and tomato sitting! However, each housesitting arrangement will be unique to each homeowner and house sitter.

Home sitters for property security

It is the responsibility of a house sitter, or home sitter as they are sometimes called, to provide care for the property. As a constant presence in the home the sitters will be keeping the home secure in the owner’s absence.

Sometimes your dream home is at risk if it stands empty for a long period. Most insurance companies will not uphold the home insurance guarantees if the property stands empty for longer than 5 weeks.

Housesitters for property management

Therefore house sitter or home sitters play a valuable role in keeping your dream home secure by showing that it is occupied. Maintaining and overseeing all the functions and facilities of the home is an essential responsibility.

They can also help you get organised at home while you are away.  Only by having a human to manage the property can you make sure that all functions remain in good working order. Should anything go wrong, or if extreme weather causes damage then with sitters on site there will be people to manage the situation and report issues to the owners.

what is a house sitter
Pet sitting is usually expected of a housesitter

Is petsitting a housesitter responsibility?

It is also likely you might say ‘I need a house sitter’ if you have pets.

Pets and house sitters

A housesitting assignment often requires pet care. Most housesitting websites like Housesitmatch.com display housesits as house sitting and pet sitting assignments. A housesitting website is where many people go to find a house sitter online  The adverts published on the website usually ask for live in house and pet sitters to care for property and pets.

Pet sitting is a responsibility if pets already live in the home. The usual responsibilities associated with pet minding include feeding and exercise of the pets. In addition you will be responsible for overseeing their well being to make sure they stay in good health. Sometimes pets must be given medication. If this is the case then the pet owner will document this and share the details with you.



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