Dry rot for homeowners 101

2 Oct, 2023

Dry rot for homeowners 101

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One of the fears many new homeowners have is finding dry rot or some other form of timber decay or structure impairment in a recently purchased property. Read on to learn our top tips on the causes of dry rot in particular, how to understand it and what to do about it.

All about Dry Rot for Homeowners

timber with dry rot
Any property with a timber frame needs checking for dry rot

When you buy a new property you need to be ready for some of the structural issues you may be facing. A structural survey is really important before you purchase the property so that you can be sure there are no sinister surprises waiting for you. Dry rot in particular can cause dramatic wood decay and the long term effects can be devastating. Learn as much as you and act quickly when advised to do so.

Understanding the Causes of Dry Rot and How to Prevent It

As a homeowner, the last thing you expect to see is signs of damage in your home’s structure. When you spot dry rot, the first thing you should do is get reputable dry rot removal services. As with any other problem in the home, tackling this issue as soon as it appears will make it easier to control and less expensive to get rid of. Let’s see what dry rot is and what you can do to prevent it.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fungus that can damage any type of wood. It can start in a small spot and spread to cover larger areas. As it spreads, the wood rots and turns brittle, becoming more likely to break and crumble. When left untreated, the issue can continue to grow uninterrupted until it has caused catastrophic damage to the building.

How Does Dry Rot Spread?

The main ingredient that dry rot needs to take hold and spread on wood is moisture. As long as it finds moisture, it will continue to spread, damaging wood as it goes. This means that if you are successful at eliminating any sources of water from its surroundings, you will be able to completely stop dry rot from spreading and causing further damage to the wood in your home.

Water may be where it should not be if a pipe behind the wall is leaking, there is a way for water to come into your home through a damaged roof, or water is allowed to pool in a wooden deck or patio, just to name a few examples.

Prevent the presence of dry rot in your home by continually monitoring everything made of wood and taking prompt action as soon as you notice any changes in the wood’s appearance.

selling a house
Whatever age or condition your property is in you are best to prepare with an inspection before buying your property

How Do You Know If What You Have Is Dry Rot?

The best way to confirm that you are dealing with dry rot is to press the affected area using a screwdriver. If the wood feels spongy and soft to the touch, you are likely dealing with dry rot. You may also notice a characteristic damp and moldy smell that indicates there is rotten wood around.

You will notice that there is gray or white growth if the dry rot has been left untreated for a while. It’s easy to get dry rot in walls, floors, doors, siding, and roofs, among other spaces.

How Is Dry Rot Treated?

There are several methods for getting rid of dry rot but the first step is getting rid of any moisture that should not be there. Other options include treating the wood with different chemical substances and removing and replacing any wood that has been damaged. Don’t take any chances with the structure of your home.

Call a dry rot removal professional as soon as you spot the first signs of dry rot.


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