Easy kitchen renovation – Mistakes to avoid

23 Sep, 2022

Easy kitchen renovation – Mistakes to avoid

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After sometime living in the same property every homeowner thinks about a new kitchen. While it can be a big project and is often the most complicated refurbishment in a home, there are ways to ensure an easy kitchen renovation happens. Read on to learn our top tips for what mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth running kitchen refurbishment project.

For an easy kitchen renovation – Avoid these mistakes 

easy kitchen renovation
There are a number of mistakes you can avoid to ensure an easy kitchen renovation

For some, remodelling isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. They don’t make it to the finish line without a tumble. The kitchen is the hub of the home, so don’t rush your project for remodeling your kitchen, as you risk making huge mistakes. Renovating the kitchen will cost the earth (and things will get complicated).

It is easy to overlook the details that can lead to major problems down the line. If you take the time to do it right from the start, you will have little to worry about. Avoid these big mistakes will help you ensure an easy kitchen renovation and that your project is a success. 

Failing to make a plan 

Planning, even for an easy kitchen renovation is vital. It is a big project. Many such projects result in undesirable outcomes because homeowners fail to plan. You too, risk failing to meet your goals as far as design, budget, and date of completion are concerned.

Remember to have an end goal and, above all, a vision. This doesn’t just mean turning to Pinterest for inspiration. A pretty picture of what you want the kitchen to look like isn’t enough. Figure out what you want to do in the new space. Knowing what you want makes the remodelling process more effective. 

wooden cabinetry adds a sustainable look to a kitchen
This large farmhouse kitchen remodel was made easier by careful planning despite the large number of elements

Different functions for your kitchen might include:

  • Workspace
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Social space
  • Storeroom
  • Doing a quick load of wash

It’s more affordable, and not to mention less frustrating, to correct errors before the renovation begins to take shape.

Create a detailed outline and a budget. It would be best to set money aside for unexpected expenses so that you’ll have peace of mind. Check with your local council to make sure your plan complies with regulations. Since your project deserves the utmost care and attention, reach out to the pros. 

Installing the cabinets or floor first?

modern white kitchen
Cabinets create space for putting things away – It helps to maintain a clutter free home

Needless to say, the order of the installation is important. Remodelling will go a lot faster if you do it in priority order. It’s recommended that you lay out the flooring after having installed the cabinetry.

Should the floor lose its ability to expand and contract, it will be very hard, if not impossible, to remove the flooring without damaging the kitchen cabinets. 

If you install the flooring after the cabinetry, it’s highly improbable that the floors will be damaged. Countertops are heavy, paint can drip, and appliance installation can add to the damage. Cover the floor until the kitchen cabinet installation work is complete. 

Cabinetry before flooring to ensure an easy kitchen renovation

Installing the cabinetry before the flooring is an advantage. Shop for your kitchen cabinets online at kitchenwarehouseltd.com to save time. The floor needs to be cut to size. There should be a minimal grip between the flooring and the cabinets. This gap can be filled by moulding.

If you’d like to install a hardwood floor, be very picky. Go for wood that has a proper finish. Given that hardwood can be slippery, place non-slip mats in front of the fridge, dishwasher, sink, and pantry and clean all spills immediately. Modern hardwood floors are surface-sealed, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Take care when planning to prioritise in the right order

Failing to protect your pet

Living through a kitchen remodel is challenging. If you add kids and pets into the mix, things get even more complicated. Dogs or cats can get caught behind the new cabinets or under the floorboards. As stressful as the project is to you, imagine the toll it can take on your furry friend.

Pets must be kept away from work areas for their own safety. If you’re not home as much as you’d like to be during the renovation process, find a housesitter.

They’ll come and check in on your best friend from time to time. It’s not a good idea to disrupt your pet’s routine. This will worry the animal and create unnecessary anxiety.

Protect both your pet from disruption and your contractors from distraction

Even if you trust the contractors to do a great job, you don’t know for sure how they’re going to treat your dog or cat. So, make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t get in their way. The last thing you want is for the workers to get distracted or annoyed.

Schedule a visit with the vet before you book the contractors, especially if your pet has a condition. Suppose your furry friend has allergies. Their allergies are likely to get worse during the kitchen renovation. Pay close attention to your pet’s behaviour. If you notice signs like sneezing or vomiting, have your dog or cat stay elsewhere. 

If your pet is used to living in the kitchen take care and secure a petsitter

Forgetting to factor storage into design 

Storage is the most important aspect of a functional kitchen. Your pots and pans, appliances, and gadgets all need a place. Functionality takes priority over the other elements of kitchen design. That’s what many tend to forget. Start decluttering and think about what you’ll use in your new kitchen.

Consider donating or throwing out unneeded items. If you’re the only one using the kitchen, for the time being, design storage to suit you and only you. For instance, you can install a pull-out pantry. The wheels of the storage cart glide without difficulty for instant access. 

Integrated appliances

Functional kitchens are equipped with integrated appliances, which save on space. If your kitchen is smaller, you can’t go wrong with integrated appliances. You can integrate the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher, to name a few.

If you move home in the future, those appliances beautifully fitted into the kitchen will give you bargaining power to make sure you get the price you want. To increase storage space in your kitchen, install cabinets in the corners. You can create a dynamic composition. The space would otherwise remain unused. 

Improperly Wiring Kitchen Outlets  

Gone are the days when the kitchen was home to a toaster, coffeemaker, and blender. Now, kitchen appliances use a large percentage of electrical energy. Examples include the dishwasher, the deep fryer, and the meat grinder.

The old electrical wiring isn’t able to accommodate your needs, and it will shut down. Call in an expert and have them wire all of the kitchen outlets. It’s advisable to use 20-amp outlets to power your appliances properly.

Have at least two or three accessible outlets; they should be on an arc fault and ground fault circuit protector.

How to ensure a smooth and easy kitchen renovation in summary

So by the time you have considered your detailed plan and budget you now know that there is an order. This priority order for each step of the renovation must be adhered to to ensure a smooth and easy kitchen renovation. Planning always helps but the planning should be informed by knowledge.

Good luck and enjoy the process of your easy kitchen renovation!


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