Easy upgrades to make a more modern home

5 Apr, 2023

Easy upgrades to make a more modern home

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Buying a home in need of an update is a popular way to buy and add value to your investment. As every homeowner knows upgrading to a more modern home is doable. We offer you a selection of easy upgrades to add value and to upgrade your property.

Easy upgrades to make a more modern home

a more modern home
A fresh coat of paint can modernise a property

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There’s no denying that many UK homes aren’t designed for the modern way of life. Houses are built increasingly smaller these days. So being able to adapt your home to your lifestyle to create the space and comfort you need is vital. There is a UK average of 2.7 bedrooms per property, meaning many households live with either 2 or 3 bedrooms.

If you’re looking for a way to modernise and upgrade your home read on.  We’ll describe upgrades where  you can relax in and are happy to spend time in, read on for some inspiration.


One of the most popular ways to modernise homes is to make them bigger. Adding square footage to your property can improve your quality of life by adding value and making updates all at once.

Well-thought-out home extensions, be it a single or double-storey addition can, will enable you to add current features and fittings regardless of the use of the room. For most people adding space to a kitchen or creating a kitchen diner living space is popular.

For others, conservatories are the way forward or adding an extra room for growing families. Whatever your reason, this is a perfect opportunity for modernisation.

Update Fixtures and Fittings

Refresh a bathroom with modern and stylish accessories

For a quick and easy way to modernise your home, update all of your fixtures and fittings. Modernise light switches, sockets, door handles, lights, and so on. They can make a massive impact when updated. They can really change the look and feel of a space. And by choosing stylish modern fittings can help you to add a modern look to an otherwise traditional space.

Smart Features of a more modern home

Many of us are used to smart technology in our lives and homes, and nearly 30% of UK homes have voice-enabled devices. These days you can smart enable TVs, washing machines, fridge-freezers, security systems and even curtains and blinds. You can create a fully automated and connected home.

Choosing smart devices, contemporary plugs, lights, and other features can help you to connect your home to your mobile phone and present a more modern home. This will allow you to move into the 21st century as far as modernising your home is concerned.

Create Space

clean kitchen in a more modern home
Create a sense of space in the high traffic area with light and an uncluttered look

One thing more modern home designs all have in common is the illusion of space. Decluttering and the minimalist lifestyle feature heavily, and contemporary homes have an open and sleek design with a neutral colour base. Keep it clean, fresh and sleek for a modern aesthetic.

Declutter to present a more modern home

Lastly, decluttering can go a long way in modernising your home. From clothes, accessories, furniture and ornaments, take a long, hard look at everything in your home, see what you genuinely love and want, and remove the rest. Take it room by room.

Remember, when you have decided what you don’t want to keep, remove it immediately. Whether you take it to the tip or you donate it to remove it, ensure it’s not lying around endlessly.  A tidy organised space gives the impression of a more modern home.

a beautiful modern home with water frontage
Clean lines and clear spaces inside and outside present a more modern home

Making a more modern home in summary

Modern living needs a more proactive approach when it comes to adapting older homes to your needs. By creating space, adding more rooms to the property and investing in modern upgrades, you can transition to a more modern look.


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