Ensure the best dog food and nutrition for your pet

2 Sep, 2020

Ensure the best dog food and nutrition for your pet

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Many pet owners worry and so consider carefully about how to choose the best dog food for their pets. Some pets are fussy eaters. Others inhale their food very quickly. Here are some top tips to help you identify the best way to feed your pet, whatever their size, shape and temperament.

Things You Might Need Besides the Best Dry Dog Food to Make Sure Your Dog Eats Well

best dog food
Choose the best dog food from the start

If you want your dog to eat well and stay healthy, you have to make sure you get the perfect dog food for your pooch. Dry food is always a great choice.

“It’s easy to leave it out, it stores well, it gives the crunch dogs want, and it can be packed with nutrients.” However, Dog Digz goes on to say, “But some dry dog foods taste bland or aren’t nutritionally adequate.”

One solution is to search for a different dry dog food, but what do you do if you have a food that’s approved by your veterinarian and you’re still struggling to get your dog to eat in a healthy way?

Airtight Food Container

Have you noticed that your dog gets excited when you’re opening a brand new bag of dog food, but after a day or two, he loses interest? If so, you need to reconsider how you store your pooch’s food.

Dog food does go bad over time. Even if it’s safe to eat, that doesn’t mean it tastes good. If you simply roll down the top of the bag, and your dog eats food out of the same bag day after day or week after week, the food is going to get dry and stale.

The easiest solution to this problem is to purchase an airtight food container. Simply pour the contents of the bag of dog food inside this container and it will stay fresh for many days in a row.

Raised Dog Bowl

Large dogs do better with raised food & water bowls

If your dog hesitates to use his bowl, it could be because he isn’t comfortable. Very large dog breeds have a difficult time bending over to eat from bowls that are placed on the floor. Make things a little easier for your Golden Retriever, Great Dane, or German Shepherd by purchasing a tray that raises the bowl off of the floor by at least a few inches.

You may also want to consider a raised bowl as your dog ages, even if he is a medium-sized breed. Dogs can get arthritis that can make bending over uncomfortable. Making your pooch’s food more accessible can help convince him to eat lunch and dinner.


If your dog doesn’t really like to eat, but you’ve tried many different dog food brands and you still get the same result, it might be time to try something a little different. Instead of switching your dog’s food again, try mixing things in that will make your pup’s food tastier.  Of course you have to be careful when mixing foods. Check out a valued site like Pawster.com to verify your ideas on what to feed your pet dog.

Experiment with healthy mix ins to entice your dog to eat

A few things you can mix in with your dog’s food include:

  • Treats
  • Wet dog food
  • Chicken or beef stock

By mixing in your dog’s favorite flavors, he’ll be more likely to eat the food. Softening the food in the bowl is also a good idea if you have a pet with dental problems or a senior pooch that has fewer teeth than he had just a few years ago.

Slow Feed Bowl

What if the problem you’re having with your dog doesn’t have to do with his hesitation to eat, and instead, he seems to inhale his food without chewing?

Although it may be a bit funny to watch, a dog that eats his food too fast can choke, gag, or vomit, and it can cause bloat. This serious condition occurs when the stomach expands and twists, causing your dog to go into shock, which often requires a trip to the veterinarian.

One of the best ways to slow your dog down is to get a slow feed bowl. These bowls contain obstructions that force your dog to eat around them, which also forces him to eat more slowly.

Slow Treat Dispensers

It’s possible that your dog simply doesn’t have an appetite when it’s time to eat dinner because he has eaten too many treats!

Other than that, you can give your dog a long-lasting, low-calorie meaty treat that will keep them occupied for some time. This will keep your dog from consuming too many treats, so they’ll be hungry enough for their next mealtime. Moreover, chewing on these types of treats will help promote your beloved pooch’s dental health.

You should probably be giving your dog fewer treats than you think. Make sure his treats last and prevent him from wolfing his treats down by using slow treat dispensers.

Treat balls and other dispensers require your dog to use his brain to get at each treat, while lick mats only allow your pet to get a small taste every time he licks.

It is extremely important to find the perfect dry food for your dog, as it can enhance his health and prolong his life. However, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. With the tips on this list, you can encourage your dog to eat in a healthy way, no matter what his food.


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