Ensuring safety in the home is imperative

13 Jan, 2021

Ensuring safety in the home is imperative

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Whether you own your own home, or rent or you’re a housesitter for someone else you need to feel safe where you live. As every homeowner is aware keeping the space safe. where you live or have visitors stay is absolutely fundamental to peace of mind.  Here are some excellent reminders of just how to ensure safety in the home, to protect your property, your family, pets and visitors.

safety in the home
Use every possible tool to make things difficult for intruders

Ensuring That Your Home Is Safe Is Imperative

Many of us put a significant amount of work in our home space. From painting the walls to furnishing the living room, much energy and funding is put into embellishing upon one’s house. Considering all of the work that one puts into a house, it is necessary to keep this space safe from robbery or burglary. Below we will discuss some of the strategies that we can use to do just that.

Deadbolted Screen Doors

It is also possible to install deadbolts on your screen doors. You should already have deadbolts installed on the main door to your home. Additionally, you may also have deadbolts installed to the rear entrance of your home as well. You should be able to rest easy on your best hybrid mattress once you install these safety precautions.

Deadbolts are helpful because they make it very difficult for an intruder to break through the door to enter the home. You can place deadbolts on your screen door too. This creates even more barriers that a burglar has to deal with through to gain access to the home.

safety in the home
Use bolts and padlocks for shutters when you are away

External Camera Monitoring

One way that you can ensure that your home stays safe when you are not inside is by setting up an external camera monitoring system. This type of system monitors motions outside the house and will detect if intruders are attempting to enter the home. This camera monitoring system is designed to send you an alert if  it senses someone outside of the house.

These types of alerts can be sent to your smartphone, via email and via text message. There are also external camera monitoring programs that offer live feeds of your house exterior while you’re away from home. These systems are visible to those who attempt to enter the home and often ward away intruders just because the camera is visible.

Window Locks for Safety in the Home

Another way to ensure the safety of your home is to safeguard your windows. There are certain locks that you can place on your windows that prevent them from being opened from the outside. These locks come in all shapes and sizes as well as different colors so that they will match your windowpane.

These locks are easy to install. They prevent burglars from being able to enter the home through the windows. This is an easy way to prevent opportunist burglars. Another way that you can increase the safety of your home is to install locks on the outside as well. That way, anyone who tries to intrude can see that it will be more difficult to do so.

safety in the home
Use window locks especially for downstairs windows

Motion Detecting Outdoor Lighting

You can also affix ‘sensory’ or motion-detecting light bulbs on the outside of your home. Should an intruder attempt to enter the home, they’ll be lit up and visible to the neighbours and anyone around the home. The lights turning on will create a visual alarm for those who are around the home to witness intruder nearby.

These types of light bulbs are often cost-effective and can be purchased at your local hardware store, such as Home Depot. They’re easy to install yourself, with just the use of a ladder or step stool. You will find that fixing motion-detecting lights to the outside of your home will greatly decrease the risk of burglary.

safety in the home
Motion detecting lights are a invaluable to protect your home

Precautions of Home Safety

In summary, there are many precautions that you can take to secure the safety of your home. You install locks on the windows, as well as deadbolts on the screen door, some visible and others hidden. You may also find that it is helpful to illuminate the outside of your house with motion-detecting lights.

And last but not least, you will find it is very helpful to install and maintain an exterior camera system on your home. This allows you to witness the motions outside of your home even when you are away from the property.  This type of system often comes with technology that allows you to view the camera on a live stream via your smartphone. It is so easy to install these devices and to monitor your property for safety. So why not do it.

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