Essay writing – How to help your child

24 Nov, 2020

Essay writing – How to help your child

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As any parent knows as children grow and their education becomes more demanding. You will need to find all manner of ways to support them. Essay writing often makes up one of the major skills they need to learn. If you are a family on the road travelling or even housesitting much of the time then the educational pressures may land on you as the parent rather more than if the children were still in one school with teachers in support.

Some parts of education can be challenging

Educating your child – The priorities

If you want to support your child’s education keep a close eye on progress. Engage them to determine how well they are doing. Read on to check out these tips. Even if you already buy educational games or tutoring support to help them achieve their best, read on. Take a quick look at these ideas to make sure you have covered every opportunity to help fulfil their potential.

  1.  Help them get organised

One of the best life lessons a parent can give a child is helping them learn to get organised. Help them learn what they have to do next and to prepare. This is often half the battle of helping them do it well. Whether that is having the right books at home or with them for homework, or knowing due dates. Knowing how to plan and keep their things in order can also help them learn how to organise their thoughts and ideas for essays as they get older.

     2. Understanding their homework brief –

Knowing what to do and how to get the homework done will make the difference between a stressful and a well-managed homework session. Teach your child to ask if they don’t understand the homework so they can get ready to work at home or on their own.

     3. Essay writing

As your child progresses through their school grades and eventually onto to college likely they will need to write essays. There will be essay assignments for mid term assessments and eventually exams. In fact this approach to assessment is used almost exclusively in some countries. Whereas in other countries like the US there is an integrated approach to assessment using a combination of multiple choice, essay and oral examinations.

You can build up to the art of essay writing. Often in school children are helped to build their skills in written form. Eventually as they find their stride in essay writing as a way to answer formal study questions they learn to use references, quotations and source citations. However, there are children who need extra support with their essays. And today these legitimate professional essay writing support services are available online. They employ writers and academics who are tuned in to help your child whatever age.

Whether your student is just learning to draft and write academic essays or they are at college application stage and needing to produce application essays help is at hand.

essay writing
Support services are available to help students with essay writing

    4. Learning to understand the brief

Half the battle in answering an essay question is understanding the brief. Therefore time should be spent to learn how to unpack a written question. What exactly is the teacher or examiner asking them to consider, and to what might the references be alluding? Because once the pupil has a good grasp on the interpretation of the question the answer will be easier to formulate.

    5.  Developing all the information points for a full answer

Once the question is properly understood the child must consider all the points that need to be included. Essay writing is often a careful and concise expression of all the appropriate answers in a priority order written in a strong argument. Again these skills can be learned over time and with practice.

Read, read and read again

One of the best tips every pupil needs to learn on essay writing is to read around your subject, read your draft and then proof read again your final output. it is the best way to learn to check academic papers and become a writer. Above all, help your student learn that it is always ok to ask for help.



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