Essential garden tools – The garden hose reel

30 May, 2021

Essential garden tools – The garden hose reel

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If you’re a homeowner with a garden, or manage a plot of land like an allotment you’ll have tools. The essential garden tools can be a personal list, however, there are few items that are really helpful. The garden hose reel can be overlooked, but living without it is literally a drag. Here are some tips on why the garden hose reel is so helpful to a gardener.

What is a Garden Hose Reel and Why You Need One

essential garden tools
Every garden needs a source of water and a way of distributing the water

When people begin to tend to their gardens, it’s amazing how much equipment they need. There are lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, forks, spades, and much more. A garden hose can also prove to be an invaluable tool, enabling people to ensure their lawns and flowers receive adequate water on a regular basis.

When a hose is kept loose in the garden shed, it can easily become knotted or kinked. They’re also hard to keep rolled up, and that can prove problematic when you are limited to space. For this reason, many people buy garden hose reels. Let’s take a quick look at what one is and discuss how it could be of benefit to you. 

What is a garden hose reel

Hose reels are designed to store the length of plastic piping safely and securely. They enable gardeners to easily access the hose and transport it quickly. When they’ve finished using it, it’s a simple task to return it to its original storage area. 

The internet is a great place to start when you’re shopping for a hose reel. You can look for the model that most suits your purpose. If you are limited to floor space there are ones that come with wall-mounted brackets and screws. There may be a choice of different hose diameters, including half-inch and ⅝’’ versions. Depending on your garden size, you could choose a 100ft or even a 130ft length hose. 

essential garden tools
A nose is vital to take water around the garden efficiently

Why is the hose reel an essential garden tool

We mentioned earlier that no one wants a tangled-up hose. If it’s left outside the weather will take its toll upon it. Over time the temperature changes will make the hose brittle, causing it to crack and split. When large amounts of water are being used, the last thing you will want is leaks. 

Unattended hoses can make the garden look untidy, and they can also be a potential trip hazard

Once you have extended the hose to the required length, there is the option to lock it securely in place for maximum stability. Hose reels are lightweight, which makes them highly portable and easy to bring indoors. Being fully retractable, you are saved from dragging an ‘oversize snake’ across the garden; instead, you can let the rugged tires do the work for you. 


Just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy and suitable for heavy-duty purposes. Most products are made from aluminium. The reels are abrasion resistant, thus extending the life of your hose. This makes it a perfect purchase for both small gardeners and professional landscapers. 


The reels look good and come in a variety of different colors. The garden area will appear more organized and tidy than if you were pulling lengths of unruly hose across your precious plants and flowers. If you have an air compressor hose, it could be stored on a hose reel too. They are safe drinking water too. 

A final word on the garden hose reel as an essential garden tool

As we have now learned, hose reels can prove to be a highly useful addition to someone’s gardening equipment. In turn, they help make the whole process more enjoyable and effective.


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