Expat pet owner moving to Malaysia

22 Mar, 2020

Expat pet owner moving to Malaysia

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Expat pet owners know the challenges of moving from country to country to follow a business posting abroad. It used to be the case that you might get help from the company who instigated your professional move, however, that is not always the case. If you happen to be moving to Malaysia and you’re taking your pets with you for a long posting or resettlement then here is some advice for what you need to do to prepare.

How to Move to Malaysia And Bring Your Pets

Moving anywhere new is not easy. It takes time, and sometimes it can be stressful as well. International moving is even more difficult as compared to moving within a state or a country. And as any expat pet owner will know if you have pets, then you need to move them carefully. Pets are easy to move when you are moving in your car. But when it comes to moving internationally with pets, you need to take care of many things. Here we offer some tips on how you can move to Malaysia in particula with your pets. We will explain the steps, procedures, and requirements.

There are a few steps or things that you need to take care of. These steps will make your movement easy and stress-free.

expats in Malysia
Moving to,another country can be stressful – get someone to help

Get Help From a Moving Company in Malaysia

It is best to get someone who is experienced in the moving industry. With that said, we recommend you to hire a moving company in Malaysia.The moving company can guide you through the whole process, and they will take care of everything. They also have agents to take care of the pets during the quarantine period.

Pet Crate or Boxes

The first thing that you need to do is arranging a suitable crate for your pet. If you are moving with a moving company, then you can also talk to them. Many moving companies also have pet relocation services, and they provide special boxes/crates. But, if you want to take your dog with you on a plane, then you must buy a suitable crate. The crate should be according to the requirements of airlines you are travelling with. These details are essential so be prepared with the right information.

expat pet owner
Find a suitable pet crate for your animal to help them feel safe


When moving to Malaysia, your pet must be micro-chipped. This is the only identification method that is acceptable in Malaysia. Therefore, you must get your pet micro-chipped according to the accepted standards, such as ISO 11784. It is better to get your pet micro-chipped nearly 40 days before you travel because you might need vaccination as well. It should be done before the vaccination.

Consult a Veterinarian

Most experienced expat pet owners know that you need to consult a veterinarian before you travel. You must consult at least one and a half months before you move. Your pet might need a rabies vaccination. Malaysia only allows pets that had a rabies vaccination at least 30 before. So, you should consult the veterinarian accordingly. Further, you also need to get a rabies certificate that also states the microchip number of the pet. You can also have any other vaccination as well if there is any need.

Consult a vet at least 1,5mth before you travel

Import Permit and Health Certificate

The permit is necessary to enter the country. You should get it from the authorities. Further, the country also needs a health certificate from the certified veterinarian within seven days of import.


You should carry all the health and pet owner records of your pet so that your movement can be easy and stress-free. You might need any documents at the airport.

Other Requirements and Regulations

You must also read the regulations and requirements before you think of moving. The puppies and kittens must be at least three months old. There are some prohibited dog breeds as well. As a responsible expat pet owner you must check the list. Further, some breeds are allowed, but they require advance permission from the authorities. For pets other than cats and dogs, you must check their requirements.

Quarantine Period

The pets must go through a quarantine period of at least seven days before getting into the country. Pets coming from some countries like Japan, Ireland, or New Zealand, there is no need for the quarantine period if the pet has been in the country for at least six months. Otherwise, quarantine is necessary.

Malaysia international moving company


Moving to another country with pets is not easy. You need to take care of the regulations. Your pet must pass all the requirements of the country. We have explained how to move to Malaysia with your pets. You can also take help from the moving and pet relocation companies. If you are an expat pet owner moving to Malaysia make sure to read the terms and conditions of the country regarding pets. It will make your move easy and allow you to complete the requirements before you move.

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