Expensive décor at home – Here’s how to get the look

17 Jan, 2021

Expensive décor at home – Here’s how to get the look

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Whether you planning to move home or simply refresh your house style redecorate with a new look.  It can have a revitalising effect for your home and yourself as the homeowner. It is not so hard to redecorate creating the look of an expensive décor at home. Here are some tips to help you achieve that look.

Want to Make Your Home Look Expensive? Here’s How

expensive decor
A clean modern style in open spaces creates the look of an expensive décor


It’s the beginning of a new year and with everything that’s going on, most of us want a fresh start. With the pandemic still ongoing, and all of us locked up in our homes, we can at least give our homes a brand-new look. This way, at least we’re quarantined in style.

Many of us think that to achieve the look of an expensive décor home, you have to spend a lot of cash. However, that’s not really true. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there that allow you to get the same results whilst managing your wallet. Here’s how to make your home look stylish and expensive while on a budget.

Updating lighting fixtures can add style

Lighting is one of the most essential factors in either making or breaking a space, however small. According to the Cotterell & Co website, lights have the ability to transform a space when lit. It can change the complete look and feel of your room. Controlling the light depending on the function and purpose of the space can make it exquisite. Subtle lighting with desk and floor lamps can add to that feel of an expensive décor.

First, determine the function of the space. From there on, point out how you want your space to feel like and what mood you want to project to its users. By deciding what these are, you can determine what space needs more in terms of lighting. Whether the area needs more or less lighting, whether it needs to feel warmer, cooler, or much more true to its real colour and even if certain areas need light for specific tasks each treatment needs consideration.

Don’t be afraid to remove the old chandelier if it gives off a gloomy feel. Instead, opt for a lighting fixture with a more contemporary design. It can actually gives a little more life to your space, and a modern vide that also look expensive.

Add mirrors to highlight a space

Mirrors are practically magic. Being wide and spacious are two of the characteristics most associated with an expensive home. With the use of mirrors, the same goal can be achieved without having the need to expand your space or knock down any walls.

You can try installing mirrors on your cabinet doors or even installing mirror panels on a full wall to maximize its capabilities of enlarging a space, as well as making it more breathable and airy. At the same time, mirrors being reflective can help further illuminate a space by bouncing off light from existing lighting fixtures, without using additional electricity. This helps in saving up on your electrical bill.

A well positioned mirror and rug add the feel of an expensive décor

Update your hardware for a sense of modern style

It may be just a small change, but it can make a significant difference in the look of movable furniture pieces and even built-ins. Changing the hardware, especially the pulls and handles of your furniture pieces, such as drawers and kitchen cabinets, can elevate its appearance and make it look a bit more high-end. Determine the style you wish to have and apply it to easily customized parts of your furniture such as these. If you want to make your furniture piece look expensive, a piece of advice would be to try sticking to a sleeker and much more minimalistic design, rather than overly ornamented ones. 

Colour Palette

As much as you want your space to look lively and vibrant, using too many colors can end up making space look like a total eyesore. You can’t have an expensive-looking home if it looks like a children’s dollhouse. A careful selection of a specific color palette must be made. A quick study of the color wheel can help you understand which colors perfectly complement one another, and which ones don’t. It is advised that you choose only two colors at most in addition to your main color, preferably a neutral one. Three may be pushing it, but it can be worked with. 

However, for i indecisive and still worried that they’ll overuse too many colors, try sticking with only two. A neutral one and another that can also be neutral or not depending on your preference. From there on, explore different tints and shades of those two colors to add contrast and interest. Mixing it up with metals and different materials is enough to elevate the space without using too many colors. Also, be aware of where you choose to apply those colors, especially on walls, ceiling, and even on the floor. Placement can have different effects on your space such as making it look taller, wider, or smaller depending on where and how you put it.

expensive décor
Create space around furniture for the look of an expensive décor

Mix textures to achieve the look of an expensive décor

Textures are one of the most important factors that give life to space. Space isn’t just all about the visual appeal, but the tangible aspects as well. Mixing and matching different textures can literally have a different feel to it.

Depending on which ones you choose to go together, it can be a positive or negative combination so choose carefully. Mixing up varying textures can also be a great way for homeowners who plan on sticking to a monochromatic colour palette to further provide visual interest to their space through the play of shadows and light bouncing off of different materials with varying textures.

Try incorporating different fabrics, metals, and glass, as well as wood with varying finishes. A mix of textures can certainly help you achieve the look of an expensive décor. However, keep in mind that varying textures also means varying materials. Make sure that you choose those that can be easily cleaned and maintained. It’s better to check your choice of materials as you go, rather than regret later on.

Add rugs

Adding an area rug is probably the easiest and cheapest way of making your space look more put-together. The addition of a carefully selected rug can give the illusion that all the furniture pieces belong to one group. This creates a sense of unity and predetermined style in the room.

A well positioned mirror and rug add the feel of an expensive décor

An area rug can also help create a division between areas without necessarily having to add a wall or a partition. This alone can add a note of an expensive décor. This is a great way of indicating which space is which for smaller homes so that homeowners can take advantage of all the open space available, as well as prevent the space from looking claustrophobic.

In choosing a rug, keep in mind which area it will be put in and what furniture pieces it will be combined with. This is so that you’ll know how big your area rug should be and what kind of pattern or design as well as the texture you’re looking for. Also, take into consideration the amount of traffic it’ll be able to handle. You want your rug to be durable and one that would be able to withstand the daily wear and tear of walking all over it.

Achieving the expensive décor look at home

These are just some of the easiest tips to keep in mind that actually make a huge difference to anyone’s home. If these aren’t enough, you can try adding molding to your walls and adding plants. Even just cleaning and minimizing clutter can already elevate your home. Remember that even the oldest and most cramped space can be transformed into something much more luxurious. All homes have the capability of looking more expensive than it currently is. It’s all in the eyes of its users and how you wish to redecorate and remodel it.



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