My favourite thing about housesitting is – creating a fun, loving, safe environment for pets

4 Jan, 2017

My favourite thing about housesitting is – creating a fun, loving, safe environment for pets

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Every year we host a housesitting blog competition in 2016 we asked ‘what is your favourite thing about housesitting?’ And we were stunned by the quality of entries. Thanks so much to all who entered. It has been a hard decision to decide on a shortlist of entries. This is one of our top three blog competition entries. Please congratulate Momoko Hill on making the shortlist with her blog  – ‘My favourite thing about house sitting is having the opportunity to create a fun, loving and safe environment for people’s beloved pets when they go away.’

My favourite thing about housesitting is…

favourite thing about housesitting - relaxed puppy sleeping
Relaxed puppy sleeping

… creating a fun, loving, safe environment for pets

I am a compassionate lover of all animals and I’ve been so lucky to have a unique and close bond with all of the pets I’ve cared for and there is nothing I love more than getting to know their personalities and quirks! Some animals have the funniest characters…from Ren who is a scatty Red Setter, to the diva Pointer pooch that is Ruby, Smokey the lone wolf fluffball, affectionate black kitty Risley, cheeky chappy Buckley the miniature Dachshund, adorably soppy Bruiser the Staffy, to Luna, a pure white cat that I have a very special bond with (I feel like she just simply understands me!).

favourite thing about housesitting cuddling with cat
Cuddling with Luna

About housesitting and petsitting

It’s very special to me to be able to create an energy of trust with each beautiful creature, knowing that I am in their home and there to keep them safe, loved and fed! I also love taking photos with animals, aiming to capture their personality and curiosity. It’s always fun to see whether an animal is a natural poser, or camera shy!

fvourite thing about housesitting cat personality
Naturally curious or natural poser

As all pet owners know, animals become like family, so it’s really important for people to know that I will do my utmost best to take the very best care of their furry friends. I want people to know that everything is in safe hands so they are free to enjoy their time away, without any worry (this involves me sending regular photos to the owner for added reassurance!).


I love lots of things about housesitting

I often find that animals who are usually known for avoiding human interaction, or being unfriendly, all seem to want to suss me out when I housesit, I think they can tell how much of an animal lover I am, as even the usually standoffish pets often follow me around and want lots of cuddles, which I definitely don’t complain about!


Another thing I love about housesitting is having a rare look into someone else’s lifestyle. The art they have on the walls, the precious moments captured in photos and ornaments on the mantle piece that represent hundreds of memories from that person/families life, it’s pretty special! I’m quite romantic in the sense that I love thinking about the stories behind objects and how they came to be there and the journey they went on. I find the families I house sit for have the most fascinating stories to tell, there hasn’t been a time where I haven’t returned home feeling inspired and grateful to have spent time with special animals in a beautiful house – in equal measure!

Here are some photos of the beautiful pets I’ve looked after…aren’t they gorgeous! They love to get involved especially when I’m taking food photos! (Because pets are always hungry after all!)


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