Find in-home care for elderly parents – What to consider

4 Jul, 2021

Find in-home care for elderly parents – What to consider

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You may be at that stage of life where you are involved with caring for your parents. They may be homeowners needing care in their own home. Or indeed you may be taking care of them personally. Either way finding in-home care for elderly parents must be carefully assessed to suit everyone’s needs. Here are 6 things to consider when you are facing these decisions.

Consider These 6 Things When Helping Elderly Parents Look For In-Home Care 

in-home care for elderly parents
You may need to start planning for full time support at home

Finding the right in-home care for your elderly parents is crucial to help them age peacefully and in place. In fact, you will find that the vast majority of older adults prefer living at home as compared to elderly care facilities. While hiring someone to offer in-home care for your elderly parents might feel awkward, you just need to find someone with noticeable characteristics of a respectable in-home caregiver such as empathy, patience, practical skills, and proficiency in elder care.

Below are six things to consider when helping elderly parents look for in-home care. 

1. Contact a Reputable Senior Care Provider

Consulting a reputable senior care agency is among the best moves when helping elderly parents look for in-home care. If they have been in the elderly care sector for many years, a reputed senior care agency can help you get the most suitable in-home caregiver for your senior parents.

Additionally, most senior care agencies will provide in-home caregivers that are not only professionals but also passionate about helping elderly individuals. As the folks at Arcare put it, choosing an elderly in-home care provider that celebrates and supports your lifestyle is a vital process. It takes time and careful consideration. What’s best, the provider you approach is likely to offer both residential and in-home care for the elderly, so you can pick what’s best for your parents.

2. Assess Your Elderly Parents In-Home Care Needs

Different elderly parents may need varying in-home care needs. Talk of medication, physical therapy, meal preparation, bathing, toileting, and so on. So, it is crucial to evaluate the specific needs based on the situation of your aged parent. In fact, it goes a long way to speak to their personal doctors to determine the type of care and medical-related attention they require. Also, the family and friends of other elderly parents might give you some relevant insight into some areas you probably never thought of in terms of helping your loved ones get the right in-home help.

3. Know Your Budget

It is imperative to understand how much you can afford when it comes to finding in-home care for elderly parents. It may be a long term proposition after all. So, ensure you have a realistic budget before you approach any in-home care agency or any elderly caregiver. With a realistic budget, your elderly parents can afford sustainable in-home care throughout their lives.

In case you’re operating with a tight budget, there are other options to explore for additional in-home Care funding. For instance, elderly parents are eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance if they have certain medical requirements.

in-home care for elderly parents
Your parents may be independent but need specific help at home

4. Create a Job Description

At this point, I assume that you have evaluated the needs of your elderly parents. Now, it is time to find a reputable in-home caregiver or agency best suited for the job. So, write a job description detailing the type of in-home caregiver you are looking for. In your job description, ensure you detail all the ‘must-haves for the suitable candidate. Once you get a few candidates, be sure to interview them so you can pick the best one.

While you’re at it, you want to ensure they have other essential in-home caregiver characteristics such as empathy, kindness, and proactive before hiring them.

5. Have a Job Contract

Drafting a detailed job contract is also a crucial element when helping your elderly parents look for in-home care. In fact, your in-home care agency should be in a position to commit to a specified job contract. Nonetheless, ensure that the drafted job contract includes all the pertinent details to avoid future inconveniences. Remember, God, forbid! The terms of job contracts are the ones to protect your loved ones in case things go wrong between the parties involved. So, you should make sure you have read through and understood the job contract before signing. These terms may include:

  • The costs/wages.
  • Hours of work.
  • The job requirements.
  • Rules.
  • Terms of termination of a contract.
  • Signatories of the parties involved.
  • Qualifications, etc.

6. Run a Background Check and See References of the Potential In-Home Caregivers

This is more than important. You should also check to validate that they don’t have any bad records, a history of alcohol, or other substance abuse habits. If the in-home caregiver you want to hire has any criminal record, then you could be risking the lives of your elderly parents by hiring them. In a nutshell, hire thoughtfully, dig deeper to find as much information as you could about the in-home agency and the caregiver. That way, you double your odds of getting the most reputable and competent in-home caregiver.

A final point on in-home care for elderly parents

Helping elderly parents to find the right in-home care is never a walk in the park. This is especially if you don’t know what to consider. Thankfully, the few tips highlighted above should help you find just the right in-home care without much strain.


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