Find pet sitters for when you travel

21 Sep, 2022

Find pet sitters for when you travel

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For most pet owners the planning of a holiday or trip is exciting but brings mixed emotions. You have the excitement of going somewhere different, but the nerves about how to find pet sitters that you trust and will give you peace of mind.

How to find pet sitters for when you travel

find pet sitters
Using a trusted housesitting and petsitting network you can connect with pet lovers who will pet sit for free

Depending on the kind of pet you have you will need to find a petsitter who will be caring and attentive. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in our Housesitmatch network. However, we have many other pets that we care for including smaller pets like rabbits, and pocket pets like guinea pigs.

Petsitting and housesitting abroad

We also have horses and donkeys in our network that need love and attention when their owners go away on holiday or business trips. Some of these pets are in properties in the UK where we as a company are based. Yet we have many other pets to care for abroad in housesitting assignments all over the world.

Pet sitters in holiday homes with pets

Find pet sitters well ahead of your trip then you and your pet can relax and enjoy the break

If you have a holiday home abroad where you keep your pets, we can also find pet sitters to help you, no matter where the home. Our housesitting and petsitting network is global with pet lovers and experienced petsitters all over to help you.

At Housesitmatch we can help you to find pet sitters who will travel to your home at their expense. They will live on your property while looking after your pet and pay for their own upkeep. It is a very affordable collaboration that benefits both you and the pet housesitter.

Try a network that offers trusted pet sitters who pet sit for free

The beauty of a trusted housesitting and petsitting network like is that we have thoroughly ID checked all our members for safety.

We also strongly encourage our sitters to secure an up to date Police and Background check, and we facilitate this by offering access to this system wherever they are in the world. The checks are usually ready within 7-14 days online. And once the ID check and if appropriate the background checked are completed they display online via the member profile.

So every one can see when the checks are clear and complete. We like to offer transparency to build trust within our network.

Petsitters for free come with benefits

  • Save money- The most useful element of this housesitting and petsitting arrangement is that the pet sitters do not charge you for their time. Based on old fashioned barter the petsitters you find are offering their services for free, in exchange for free accommodation during your absence.
  • Companions for your pets in their own home – Another benefit of having petsitters living in your home to care for your pets is that the pets get the undivided attention of the sitter. You have pet minders for your pets, dog sitters at their home. Your pets are their sole responsibility. Your pets are not fighting for the attention of one or two kennel carers among a pack of other dogs.
  • Added home and possibly garden care – Apart from caring for and cherishing your pets they will also look after your home, garden and property. Basically they will pet sit like a friend might, if the friend could spare the time you are away from home. No money should change hands. The only cost you incur is the small annual membership fee.


find pet sitters
it’s great to have some one you can trust who will cherish your beloved pet and car for your property when you are away

Ask a friend or neighbour

Of course you can always ask a friend, relative or neighbour to pet sit for you. While this has the advantage that you already know them and trust them, will they have the time to stay for the duration of your trip? If you need ‘overnight pet sitting in my home’ it might be one favour too many for friends.

Some friends may be happy to do this once or even twice but if you plan several trips then the friendship ties may ware a little thin with this repetitive ask.

Pay professional pet sitter fees

There is always the option of securing and paying for professional pet sitters. The challenges here are finding someone local to you and containing the cost. Some petsitters offer a wide range of services, including dog walking, mucking out for horses, and pet grooming while they are resident. However, with each task the costs will add up making a princely professional fee at the end of your trip.

It also has to be said that the costs of multiple pets can really add up if you have a professional tending to each pet and charging for every service. Whether that is feeding, walking and exercising, grooming, checking and administering medication and so on. If there is a charge for every single activity and you have more than two or three pets then the costs escalate significantly.

dog exercise
Professional pet sitters will often have many pet charges

Some pet sitters will take your pets home for boarding at their premises. And this works well for some pets and their owners.

If your professional pet sitter also cares for a number of other pets, yours will have to compete for attention. Although your pet may enjoy the company.

Kennelling as a possible solution

Finding kennels that suit your pet can work well if your pet is happy in that environment.  There will be a daily cost to consider and factor into your holiday budget. Plus you will need to consider the suitability of the kennels for your particular pets, their age and state of health. Kennels tend to suit young and healthy pets better than the more mature and infirm.

Also you need to consider the risks of typical viruses that affect kennel residents like kennel cough and other infectious diseases they can catch. So check the premises first and get some recommendations from customers.

The various ways to find pet sitters in summary

So depending on how many and what kind of pets you have at home, you may need to consider their care with some care. The costs of professional pet sitters, and the risks of multiple occupancy kennels cannot be ignored.

In addition the free collaborative arrangement you can have through a housesitting and petsitting network like Housesitmatch can bring many advantages not least the undisrupted care for your pets in their own home. Of course there is the cost saving because the sitters do not cost you anything, as no money changes hands in this collaborative arrangement. And you may even make a new friend or two in the process.

Many of our sitters go back for repeat assignments by arrangement. Whatever you decide to do we want to wish you a happy housesitting and petsitting experience!


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