Find the perfect mattress for you – 5 Top Tips

26 Oct, 2021

Find the perfect mattress for you – 5 Top Tips

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If you have slept restlessly in your bed, dreaming of a comfortable night then you need to find the perfect mattress for you. Every homeowner gets to the stage when they just want a comfortable bed, a space that helps them relax and rest. Read on to learn the 5 tried and tested steps on how you can find that comfortable mattress to help you sleep.

5 Things to Keep in Mind: Discover the Perfect Mattress For Your Needs

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Your bed can be your comfortable safe haven

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Find the perfect mattress

Once entering a mattress store, the variety of products to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. Add on that impossibly passionate salesperson who will set you as their target the moment you step inside the door; if you are a timid person, the whole situation will most likely put you under pressure and affect your purchase decision.

There are a lot of unwanted factors that can prod you away from making a resolve. Thus, to avoid losing track of your goal mattress and to assist in getting the best deal out there for you, here is some handy information you can refer to when selecting which mattress to purchase.

Choosing where to buy

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming a trend and it does make shopping for necessities easier because doing so requires less effort from the buyer. But, if you thoroughly consider the whole situation, the advantages of shopping online are more limited versus physically shopping for needed products, especially if it is as essential as a mattress, something you will be using for years.

The idea of purchasing items with just a tap or click is undoubtedly attractive, but there are numerous advantages that you will miss by opting to do so. For example, there are holiday sales and markdowns that are not available on online shopping platforms. You can only acquire such promos directly from the mattress stores. Therefore, you cannot miss those profitable events.

Practicing patience

Be reminded to take time in choosing which product to acquire. Although picking the best mattress to buy can be easy, there’s always that off-chance you won’t like your purchase. To avoid buyer’s remorse, get to know the bed more and be patient with your purchase. In addition, it is wise to compare what different stores have to offer so you’ll have more choices at hand.

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You want your bed to be super comfortable

Examining your options

Different mattresses are made from varying materials to produce specific effects intended by the manufacturer. Since you will be choosing which mattress to use for a long while, it is necessary to examine the varieties of mattresses there are to be informed of all the options offered. Listed below are some of the most recognized types of mattresses and a prompt description of each.

  • Of all mattress types, this is the most common one and the oldest type there is. It makes use of spring coils to support its frame and produce a sturdy effect.
  • Memory foam. This type uses a kind of foam that conforms to the body of its user. It offers a comfortable sinking feel when lying down on it and is also popular nowadays.
  • This mattress gives a similar feel as memory foam does, but its material is different and nature-friendly.
  • This type of mattress consists of materials derived from the three mentioned above. Therefore, it gives a perfect balance of solidity and softness.
  • Air bed. This mattress is preferred by travellers because of its convenience when moving from one place to another. Some variety of this type of mattress is adjustable to the preferred firmness of the owner.

Considering the size

Aside from what type of mattress you favor for personal reasons, another factor to consider is the size of the mattress. Accordingly, the size of the mattress must fit the body type and the number of persons who will use the bed. Here are the different mattress sizes and their measurements.

  • It is measured 39″ x 74″, perfect for one person with a small to average build.
  • Twin XL. It is 39″ x 80″, slightly longer than a twin bed.
  • Measuring 54″ x 74″ it has more width compared to a twin bed.
  • It is measured 60″ x 80″, ideal for two persons with a small to average build.
  • At 76″ x 80″, this size offers slightly more space than a queen bed.
  • California King. It is measured 72″ x 84″, perfect for two persons, and offers more room for movement.

Complementing health needs

Your mattress will be in use almost every night. You spend a lot of your time at night lying down on it, so find the perfect mattress for you. Make sure you choose one which is beneficial for your body, especially if you have physical health concerns such as sore back or aching joints.

People with physical discomforts such as back pain or throbbing joints should preferably use mattresses with softer materials such as memory foam or latex. The same goes for those who sleep on their sides because the mentioned mattresses relieve pressure exhausted on the shoulders from side-sleeping.

On the other hand, experts advise people who lie on their back or stomach and move a lot in their sleep to use firmer mattresses because they better support their bodies’ posture and movement.

Takeaway on how to find the perfect mattress

Buying a mattress can be considered a significant personal investment. Accordingly, your bed is a space that shelters you with comfort and will do so for a long time. Therefore no effort should be held back in choosing the perfect matching mattress for you.



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