Fixing the roof adds value

19 May, 2022

Fixing the roof adds value

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If you own a house you will know the challenges of home maintenance. Most homeowners realise especially the value of maintaining the roof of the property. But did you know that fixing the roof quickly after any damage can add value to your home? Read on to learn more…

Just why is fixing the roof important 

fixing the roof
Roof materials vary in quality and durability – consult an expert before deciding

These days, a lot of people avoid repairing their roofs because they worry about cost. They think it is going to be a huge hassle. In particular people worry because in most cases you need to bring in contractors. You will likely need to hire a professional to assess any damage and decide what needs to be done.

And then, you also must set some money aside for these repairs that you’ve potentially intended for some other things. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners do not think that roof maintenance should be a priority.

They probably forget that without it they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves against the weather. Precisely roof is the item that protects you and your family members from various unpleasant external factors. If you’re still having second thoughts about it, then read on. You might learn some essential facts regarding this topic to help you.

The importance of roof repair

men on a roof in a roof replacement project
A roof replacement project is a big deal, and expensive, fixing the roof regularly is cheaper

– Fast repair equals fewer expenses

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to sell your house at some point or not. Remember, the sooner you fix your roof, the less you will have to spend in the future. Remember that if there’s damage to your roof right now, it will get progressively worse if you do not do something about it. For example, if a shingle is lost, eventually, it will turn into a leak.

Moreover, if the roof has a leak and you ignore it, at some point you’ll be dealing with major water damage. That’s precisely why you shouldn’t ignore any issues. Instead, call a professional as soon as you notice there’s a problem. 

– Increased roof lifespan

A vast majority of roofs usually last around three decades. But that relies on you maintaining your roof on a regular basis.  Poor maintenance will reduce it’s life by up to half the time. 

Therefore, if you want to increase roof lifespan, then you must schedule annual roof maintenance and repair. Many roof experts will tell you that precisely these things are going to positively affect the lifespan of your roof. It will serve you ten years longer.

Anything else we forgot to mention about fixing the roof?

– Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

One of the major benefits of fixing your roof on time is that it saves you money. For instance, as soon as you notice any damage to your roof call a professional. In this way your insurance company will likely cover most of any costs. However, this depends on the type of damage you have have incurred.

On the other hand, if you postpone things, then you will most likely only get minimal compensation. Then you’ll have to shoulder most of the cost of basic repair.

So neglecting a roof issue, means you’ll have to spend a lot more money then if you had acted promptly. So call a professional right away and avoid these unnecessary expenses. 

Fixing the roof prevents further damage

At some point, your roof will require general maintenance. Regardless of whether the wind has caused missing or loose shingles, granule loss, or any other type of damage, what matters is that you act fast. Otherwise, it may cause further damage.

Another danger is the damp. If you overlook any roof-related issues, moisture will cause roof deterioration which can lead to serious problems. As previously mentioned, expenses will grow if the issue is neglected. So make sure to do everything that’s in your power to prevent them.

Let’s talk about the air quality 

If by any chance you live in an area that is very humid, particularly in the summer, and if there are roof-related damages that enable the humidity and water to enter your home, then mould will start growing in various places, such as ceilings and walls.

And it is widely known that mould in the home can seriously negatively affect the air quality. If you do not do anything about it, then you can expect you and your family members to develop allergy-like symptoms and cold.

fixing the roof
Subtle differences in roof tile and sheet formation can make a difference in performance

It adds value to your house

Even though the roof is a huge investment, it still has a great influence on the value of your house. There’s nothing more appealing than living in a household that has a lovely, properly-maintained roof.  You know the structure of your home will be warm and dry and protected as far as possible.

So if you decide at some point, that you are going to sell your house, you’ll quickly attract potential buyers. This is because most buyers look at the roof before they focus on anything else.

In summary – Why fixing the roof is important

There’s no denying that roof is one of the most essential features of your house. Hence, it must always be on your priority list. If you need more convincing, then just go through these facts above once again.


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