Found baby wildlife on the property? What to do

8 Jan, 2022

Found baby wildlife on the property? What to do

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If you own a property that has land, and you have found baby wildlife on the property think before you act. Every homeowner with a garden comes across this situation from time to time. It could be birds fallen from nests, small injured rodents. While you will be tempted to remove them immediately to care for them, read this blog first and take thoughtful actions.

What to do if you found baby wildlife on the property

found baby wildlife
Young birds may look alone but take care, parents maybe nearby

If you have a yard, no matter how small, it is very likely that you have or will experience finding baby wildlife on your property. Whether it is a baby raccoon, baby birds, or one of the many nuisance animals, you will need to know how to handle the situation. Continue reading to learn more about what to do if you find baby wildlife on your property.

Should you help it?

Many baby animals may need help, particularly if injured. However, in many cases, animals are just fine and will move on without assistance. For example, when birds are still small, they are incapable of flying for some time. During this time, they will hop around instead of fly. This gives them the appearance of being injured. While in reality they are just fine. In addition to the bird example, many small animals will have to set off on their own without their mother. Humans interfering can actually make them less likely to live. So, how can you tell if you need to help?

The best way to determine whether you should interfere on behalf of a critter is to observe them for signs of being injured. Often, this can be as simple as feeding baby raccoons. If you saw them be injured by a vehicle, a pet, or a fall, you will know they are hurt. Another way of knowing if they are injured is to observe the animal for any blood, broken bones, or the inability to move in a certain way. If you do observe that a baby animal is injured, you can take the following steps.

Raccoons, opossums, other furry critters

The medium-sized furry animals are often the easiest to care for, as each of them will generally be docile if they are very small. It is very important to exercise extreme caution around all of these animals however, as they carry many transmissible diseases. It helps to learn how to take care of each animal in its particular way, so doing research is essential. Visit to learn about baby opossums, baby raccoons, and many more species-specific information.


Baby birds are unique creatures. So for example, if you encounter a baby bird on the ground, you need to be thoughtful and quick in your actions. If you can, try to locate the nest the bird came from. Because, it needs to be returned to its nest as soon as possible. Do not worry about the bird’s parents rejecting it since you have touched it, as this is just a myth.


Baby bunnies are among the most commonly encountered baby wildlife on your property, as they are left alone frequently. If they are left alone in your yard, do not be too worried, as their mother will very likely be back to get them. Mother rabbits often leave their babies alone most of the day and will be back to find them. Your best bet is to let the mother come back and not disturb the young rabbits.

Hire a Professional

The best thing you can do to keep baby wildlife safe is to call a professional wildlife removal company. These companies, like Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City, have been dealing with young wildlife for years, and they know exactly how to treat the animals to give them the greatest chances of survival. If the animal requires medical attention, wildlife removal companies will hand the animals over to the proper authorities, helping the young wildlife to be rehabilitated.

A final though on what to do if you found baby wildlife on your property

It is important to remember that removing wildlife can be very stressful and potentially kill the animal.  Think before you act if you found baby wildlife on your property. When you leave the removal to professional wildlife control experts, you give the baby animal a much greater chance of survival.



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