Freelance work has been radically changed with mobile apps

22 Dec, 2020

Freelance work has been radically changed with mobile apps

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If you do freelance work you will know first hand how radically your work life has changed with the influx of user friendly mobile apps. Many of our housesitters at HousesitMatch work while they travel and housesit. Freelance work is now so much more accessible and deliverable. Read on for more information.

freelance work
Housesitters often work wherever they go

How Mobile Apps Have Changed Freelance Work

Freelancers are individuals who are not necessarily tied to any particular company long-term and are self-employed. With freelancing, you can work for yourself and select your projects at will. For others, freelancing is one way of making money online. 

With the current global crisis, many people have lost their day jobs and turned to freelancing as a source of income. There are many freelancing jobs online and offline. Online freelancing jobs include content creation, marketing, and software development. Offline freelancing jobs include being a pet sitter, nanny, tutor, and many more.  

With that, there is also an increase in demand for those mobile apps that help freelancers manage their time and tasks, as well as monitor projects.  

Benefits Of Doing Freelance Work 

Freelancing allows you to make money in many different ways. You can choose to either work as a freelancer full-time or part-time. Working as a freelancer gives you the option to take on several clients at once and be paid for each project or task. Many marketers have been freelancing for a while, generating a full-time income with part-time work and a small investment of their time. This allows you to have an extra source of income, without having to quit your current job. 

For freelancers who would like to have a more permanent contract, many websites cater to this need. These sites offer arrangements that can be signed with as few as one client. With this type of freelancing gig, the person will be given a certain amount of time to complete the gig. Then, the contract is terminated by whichever party agrees.  

The freedom in freelance work

Some freelance gigs for independent contractors include website design or content for bloggers. As with most other freelancing jobs, these types of gigs usually require that they start with just a few clients. Once the freelancer can build a reputation for being effective and providing quality work, they may be offered larger projects.

Freelance work isn’t only applicable to people who work online. Freelance work is also suitable for other skills, like babysitting, interior designing, marketing, and photography, among many others. You can also work as a pet sitter and take care of fur babies whose owners may not have enough time to take them for a walk.

How Mobile Apps Help Freelancers 

Freelancers can do their work anytime and anywhere. With that, mobile apps help them with a lot of things relating to their tasks. Whether the work involves blogging, website designing, online tutoring, or caring for pets or babies, here are the ways mobile apps have changed freelance work:

  • They’ve Changed The Way Freelancers Communicate With Their Clients 

Constant communication with clients and team members is critical in a freelancer’s job. Communication is vital for exchanging ideas, discussing necessary changes on a project, and updating a project or workload. Mobile communication apps help freelancers because these make them available to their clients and team whatever time of the day. Even when they’re out of the house, if their clients need an urgent update or request, they can work on it instantly.  

Mobile communication tools are also essential for freelancers who are working with other freelancers on a project. Collaboration is critical when doing a project for employers who hire multiple freelancers. Mobile communication apps, like Microsoft Teams, which can be installed on the computer and mobile phone, help freelancers communicate with their team regarding updates and other critical changes.

  • They Help Track Time 

Time tracking mobile apps are helpful for employers and freelancers, whether they’re doing online work, like tutoring, or offline work, like babysitting. Time tracking mobile apps help freelancers and employers schedule each phase of their project so they can finish it in time. It also helps employers see how much time someone finished a job and pay them according to their rate.  

One of the widely used apps is Toggl. Toggl time tracking tool is a new app that lets freelancers and other professionals track billable hours online. Freelancers and independent contractors can log in to their accounts, create a username and password, and start following their hours working on different projects.

  • They Help Them Manage Their Schedules And Projects 

Freelancers use mobile apps to stay on top of their schedules. Perhaps, they have a meeting coming up, or they need to meet with a client face to face. If they do not make it to the appointed place or time, they might miss out on valuable business. However, if they can use a headspace calendar app on their phones, they will be able to keep track of their appointments to know precisely when they need to be there. They will also know when they have the next meeting to go and take care of business right away.

  • They Help Them Share Files Anytime And Anywhere 

Applications that help freelancers share their files for viewing and editing are critical for any project. Google Drive is one of the most useful apps used today, and it’s available on computers or mobile phones.

Offering online file storage and synchronization, Google Drive enables users to upload files to their online servers. It also allows users to sync files between multiple devices, and share documents with anyone connected with you.  

One of the most popular uses for Google Drive is to sync your documents between your computer and your mobile phone, allowing you to access your work anywhere.

freelance work
Mobile apps give freelance workers real freedom to work and travel

Final Thoughts 

Freelancing is an excellent way for people to make a living while staying at home or traveling. Freelancers not only can make lots of money, but they also have flexibility and control over their schedules. 

If you’re a freelancer who likes to stay organized, then apps for freelancers are a great way to keep in touch. You can stay in contact with your clients and with your home life. If you are managing daily business tasks, consider getting mobile apps that help you keep track of appointments and tasks.  

Using these apps, you can ensure that you are always prepared and always know what you need to do. As long as you think about what you need to get to run your tasks smoothly, you will never have a problem keeping track of what you need to do and where you need to go.


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