Funny pet photos Competition: Funny animal photos

7 Mar, 2019

Funny pet photos Competition: Funny animal photos

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Every year HouseSitMatch hosts a Funny Pet Photo Competition and this year we were delighted and overwhelmed by the fabulously cute and funny pet photos you shared with us. There was a clear winner – Ziggy says ‘Smile!’ the four runners up were also very popular and we think rather amusing. Here is the 2019 Showcase for our HouseSitMatch Funny pet photo competition winners. Enjoy!

Funny pet photos – 2019 Competition Winner

funny pet photos
2019 Competition Winner

Winner of the Funny pet photos competition

Ziggy – by Gillian Inglis

All our voters loved Ziggy and his enthusiastic clenching of the smile toy. Don’t you just love him? How can anyone resist that fetching grin.

Runners up of our 2019 Funny pet photos competition

Runner up – 2019 Funny pet photos competition

Cinder by Ava Gavlovski

funny pet photos
Cinder: Who do you really think is head of the household?

Many of us will relate to this pet sitter’s experience. Here we see Ed clearly being challenged by his canine superior. It might all have been caused by a small misunderstanding about the permission to use the sofa. Ever had that experience when petsitting?

Runner up – 2019 Funny pet photos competition

Elsa by Jan Strange

funny pet photos competition
Elsa catches the ball

Wow! Elsa’s skill is fabulous and what’s even more remarkable is the fact that Jan was able to capture that moment just before Elsa captures her favourite ball.  No need to fix a photo this good. Great job!

Runner up – 2019 Funny pet photos competition

Cat in suitcase by Charlie Coombe

Funny pet photos
Don’t leave me

Here’s a sit many of us will be familiar with. Over the years you have told us many stories of a long and slow build up to the pets’ farewell in your household. We’ve heard about cats developing Oscar worthy limps as soon as they see the suitcases emerge from storage.  Multiple dogs piling into the boot of your car thinking they are part of you essential baggage for your trip is another frequent mention. But perhaps the most familiar is our pet cats secreting themselves in our luggage.

Runner up – 2019 Funny pet photos competition

Mocha hiding in a paper bag by Dale Rogers

funny pet photos
Mocha discovered hiding in a paper bag

Here’s something we don’t see every day. Mocha obviously likes a cosy hiding place.


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