Garden Care and Landscaping: Homeowner’s Guide

17 Jan, 2017

Garden Care and Landscaping: Homeowner’s Guide

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As a homeowner with a garden you are constantly aware of garden care duties and chores. This becomes more evident when you plan trips away from home for work or play. Here is a short guide on how to approach your garden maintenance for year round attention.

Garden care
Garden care and maintenance is ongoing and essential

Garden care crisis..?

Drew looked out over the backyard. and realised that garden care had not been his priority of late. The lawn was in need of mowing, the grass was high with dandelions and various other weeds including prickly nettles he never liked removing.

The soil in the garden beds was dry and brittle and the plants drooped; their sad stems bent and petals turning away from the light.

The patio furniture, covered in dust and cobwebs, like a mummies tomb.

Drew looked back toward his partner, Julie. “I need to do something about fixing up the garden and maintaining it while we’re away on holiday.”

“Perhaps get a house sitter?” Julie said. “Or at least arrange to try landscaping services of Folsom tree experts or similar.”

Unless you’re an absolute green thumb who loves pottering around in the garden, for some of us, garden care can feel like a never-ending task, trying to keep up a prim and proper look with our outdoor spaces.

Here is my guide on how you can give your landscape a leg up in maintenance and how small steps can turn large horticultural mountains into manageable tasks.

Invest in the waterworks:

garden care and irrigation
Water and irrigation systems sustain a garden

When it comes to a healthy and prosperous outdoor area, water is among the top priority. Among many irrigation supply experts is Sunshower Online in Melbourne.

By choosing carefully, you can make sure which irrigation system is correct for your garden’s soil. This can be from an automatic shut-off system to decent drip irrigation.

Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that your lawn and the surrounding flower beds will get all the saturation and hydration they require.

Understand your soils:

Before choosing and sowing your selected plants into your garden or into a pot, it is best to understand which soil works best – both for your climate and that into which you are placing it, as it may need a helping hand.

This is most appropriate when making sure your plants get proper drainage. It also assists with nutrient absorption, as certain plants will flourish better in sandy soil, while others grow best in clay soil.

retaining wall can help to prevent soil erosion, which can be particularly important for plants that require well-draining soil. By holding soil in place, the retaining wall can ensure that water is able to percolate through the soil and drain away from plant roots.

Hire a maintenance service:

If lawncare is the service you are considering and you are North Carolina based in the USA then you should consider as your service of choice. They are dedicated professionals expert in the art of lawn care and the climate and environments of North Carolina.

garden care
Housesitters or a gardening service can be found to mow your lawn

As Julie suggests in the scenario, why not hire for buy professional garden equipment like gas weed eaters to make a short job out of the physical work. Or hire a garden maintenance service to ensure you are removing weeds efficiently. If you’re not much of a green thumb or if you are going to be away, why not get someone else to do the job for you? 

There are many gardening and mowing franchises around Australia that can help you maintain or take the entire chore off your hands.

Those such as Airtasker are among the range of businesses that can make it much less hassle. Such services include mowing, weeding and trimming of plants.

Care for your outdoor furniture:

What with our exteriors becoming larger extensions of our homes, many Aussies now value having an outdoor entertaining space.

However, what with it often being exposed to nature’s elements, our outdoor furniture faces some regular care. This can include cushions, frames and the concerns of space and storage.

According to, “Wash the cushions regularly, clean the frames, use vinegar and scrub the hard surfaces on all your patio furniture.” This will help to keep it in the best condition.

garden care
Care for outdoor furniture can enrich a garden


When it comes to outdoor landscaping, many of us like the thought of having a deck. However, it is important to know that wooden decks require regular maintenance.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, “Clean your deck thoroughly. Many deck cleaners contain harsh chemicals so remember to protect your skin and eyes. “

Moreover, seeing a power washer or hose spray away tonnes of grime and dirt is sure to put a smile on your face.

Now there is a guide to some of the few areas you can tackle around your backyard. Good luck!

Need garden care in your absence?

To find a housesitter to help with your garden care in your absence sign up for a house sitting platform like .

They are not expensive and give you options for free accommodation in a comfortable home in exchange for house-sitting and pet-sitting.


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