Garden furniture – Choosing the best materials

28 Nov, 2022

Garden furniture – Choosing the best materials

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If you own property and you are looking for garden furniture read this blog. Many homeowners seek advice when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture made with the right materials. Read on to learn more.

How to choose the best materials for your garden furniture?

garden furniture
The weather will dictate the range of options you should consider

A backyard, whether a garden or a patio, allows us to spend maximum time in the open air. As the backyard is a great place to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while vibing with nature, you must remember the top-quality furniture!

So, are you looking for top-notch materials for your backyard furniture? Choosing the right outdoor material takes time and requires extensive research!

Garden furniture materials

You must not overlook the material’s durability, price, and, last but not least, its aesthetics to spruce up your backyard. As backyard furniture comes with plenty of options, you would need help picking the right material.

Therefore, we have listed the top 3 materials to consider when buying a piece of new outdoor furniture. Let’s get started!

1.   Teak

Without a doubt, teak is the ideal material for patio and garden furniture. It is frequently commended for its all-weather resilience, sturdiness, and lovely textured finish.

It differs from other kinds of natural sources of wood because it creates its own oil. As a hardwood, it has an extremely durable surface, and it won’t sustain any dents or dings.

Choose the garden furniture to suit your lifestyle

In contrast to other timbers like pine or cedar that need to be preserved over the winter, teak can endure up to 50 years. Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture, including dining tables and armrests for chairs.

Although it isn’t quite as lightweight as outdoor aluminium furniture, it is still fairly portable and has a greater towing capacity. Click here to recognize real teak for your outdoor furniture!

2.   Synthetic Resin Wicker

People frequently mistake “rattan” for synthetic resin wicker furniture. This incredible piece of furniture is typically knitted in a wicker pattern and is fashionable, low-maintenance, lightweight, and incredibly durable.

One of the most significant materials for outdoor furniture is synthetic resin. Instead of buying cheap PVC wickers, opt for High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wickers only. Synthetics made of PVC will tear, become fragile, and disintegrate eventually. A significantly higher grade of material is HDPE.

If you’ve heard of negative synthetic resin experiences, it’s likely because the furniture in question was produced of subpar PVC plastic. Lastly, it is highly compact and simple to clean.

3.   Wrought Iron

garden furniture
Some styles of garden furniture are made of weather proof materials

A traditional outdoor furniture material is wrought iron. In reality, the word “wrought” simply implies “crafted by hand.” In contrast to “cast” iron, which is produced using molds.

If you want unique and bespoke designs, wrought iron is the best material for outdoor furniture. But thought should be given to the fact that wrought iron is significantly heavier than aluminium.

Final thoughts on choosing the best materials for garden furniture

If you want a piece of patio furniture that is both effortless to maintain and practical, teak is the best material you should be focusing on.

The world’s best garden furniture is made of more than just one material. Here, practicality and utility are essential. Once you’ve made up your mind about that, look at the products that are available and, if you can, try to focus on teak in contrast to other materials.


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