Get a petsitter while you’re away in rehab

4 Sep, 2020

Get a petsitter while you’re away in rehab

Finding care for your pet while you are away for any reason can be a challenge. However, the beauty of having housesitters in your home to care for your pet is that it’s a minimal disruption for your pet. And if you are away in rehab you may need to stay longer so a resident housesitter can keep things going at home by arrangement as long as you need.

How to Ensure Your Pet is Taken Care of While in Rehab

Deciding to seek addiction treatment is not an easy choice. Whether you decided on your own or with family and friends’ support, there are many variables to consider. You need to choose which facility you want to go to, which friends and family you’re going to tell, what you’re going to do about your job, what to do about your home and belongings, and most importantly, what to do with your furry friend.

Your pet is a member of your family and leaving them can be extremely difficult. That said, you are on the path to recovery and creating a better life for both you and your pet. Most rehab centres will not allow you to bring your pet with you, so here are some ways you can ensure they are adequately taken care of while you’re gone.

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Pet sitters will care for everything at home while you’re away

Get a pet sitter

The best option for having your pet taken care of while you’re in alcohol rehab Orange County is getting a pet sitter. Not only can you have a trusted and experienced pet sitter look after your fur baby, but they can also look after your house. A pet sitter can come and stay in your place, reducing your pets’ stress and anxiety since they will feel more comfortable in their own home. The sitter can give your pets their full attention, taking them for walks, playing with them, brushing and bathing, etc.

They are often a cost-effective option since pet sitters from trusted companies like, will often work remotely from your home doing other work as well, rather than a boarding facility where they charge you for full-time care.

Ask family or friends

Another great option is to have your pet stay with family or friends that you trust. It will depend on your situation and who you have told about your treatment, but if you have someone willing to support you, it’s a great option. Even if this friend or family member lives a distance away, it is still worth it since you know that your pet is in good hands. You can also get updates through photos and videos, which will allow you to feel connected to your pet while you’re away.

Having your pet stay with friends or family is also a cost-effective solution since you can pay what you can. Some people might even offer to do it for free.

There are some great kennelling or boarding options

Find a boarding facility

If the above two choices aren’t an option for you, you can seek a long-term boarding facility. The good thing about boarding facilities is that your pet will get to be with other animals and interact with them daily. Pet boarders are also experts in animal care, and you can find a reputable one with great reviews, so you know that you can trust them. Often your treatment center may recommend one to you since many people face this same situation. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be costly, but you can’t put a price on your pet’s well-being.


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