Get your garage door Winter ready – Top Tips

17 Nov, 2021

Get your garage door Winter ready – Top Tips

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If you are a homeowner with an outdoor garage then you will know the challenges facing you as Winter approaches. Here are some top maintenance tips to help you get your garage door Winter ready, to ensure smooth operations through the colder seasons.

Maintenance tips to get your garage door Winter ready

garage door winter ready
If you’re in a Northern climate getting Winter ready is essential

The garage door is the largest moving part of your home. Like most people, it’s also used several times a day, all times of the day and night, and in every season of the year.

If you want to ensure your garage door continues operating smoothly and free from problems for years to come, it’s a good idea to contact a reputable company such as Hero Garage Doors for regular maintenance. Along with professional maintenance, it’s also imperative that you keep up with garage door repairs throughout the year, especially as winter approaches.

Here are some preventative tips you can do to ensure you are ready for the season ahead. 

Listen and look

An essential preventative step you can take to ensure there are no issues with your garage door is to watch it each time it opens and closes. Does it move smoothly, or does it seem to jerk in some places? Does it open and close silently, or do you hear scraping and grinding sounds? Do both sides of the system seem symmetrical as the door moves up and down?

If you notice any issues, it’s best to call for an inspection and the appropriate repairs right away. Not only do these issues affect your garage door’s function, it may also put you and your family at risk.

garage door winter ready
Protect your home from all kinds of weather

Tighten the hardware to get your garage door winter ready

The average garage door will open and close over a thousand times per year. This is a lot of vibration and movement, which may loosen the door’s hardware over time. Take time to regularly examine and tighten the roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench. If you aren’t sure how to do this, call the pros.

Test Your Garage Door’s Balance

If the garage door installed on your home isn’t balanced properly, the garage door opener will have to work harder, and as a result, it probably won’t last as long. Once you have disconnected the opener by pulling on the release handle (which is usually a red cord), move the door manually to about the halfway position. If the door doesn’t remain in position, then adjust the springs. The counterweight system needs balancing. If the garage door springs need to be adjusted, it is best to leave the job to the professionals.

Inspect and Replace the Rollers

No matter if they are nylon or steel, inspect the rollers twice a year. Replace them every seven years. If you use your garage door several times a day, it could be sooner than this. If you notice there are cracked, chipped, or worn rollers, replace them right away. Remove them then reinstall the roller brackets that are not directly attached to the door’s cable system.

Preparation in good weather is the key

Replace the Weather Stripping

On close observation you might notice that the rubber weather seal strip at the base of the door is cracked or brittle. Replace it immediately to keep the elements out of your house. There are several different types of bottom rubber, depending on the door manufacturer. If you aren’t sure what type of rubber you need for the door, speak to the professionals.

Get your garage door Winter ready to ensure smooth operations

As you can see from the information here, there are several steps you can take to ensure your garage door continues to operate smoothly. The right preventative maintenance will pay off and help ensure that your door doesn’t experience any issues. If you do notice problems with your door, be sure to contact the professionals right away. They can diagnose the underlying issue and make the needed repairs before they become big issues. 



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