Homemaking – Gifts ideas for the homeowner

17 Dec, 2015

Homemaking – Gifts ideas for the homeowner

Top 4 holiday gift ideas for the homeowner

It’s a well know truism that freshly ground coffee can make a home smell more like ‘home’, or the scent of freshly cut and squeezed fruit and vegetables can stimulate even the most exhausted taste buds. No wonder that kitchen appliances help us draw out our nesting instincts and are ever popular as gifts in the holiday season. We have selected a small number of exciting new items and kitchen appliances especially for the homeowner, as gift ideas. It’s not too late!

For those of you who have moved homes near the Christmas season, or even if you have been a homeowner for a while, there’s a good chance that you need new kitchenware to kit out your home and kitchen. But what better way is there to celebrate a new house or spruce up a comfortable home over the holiday season than by looking at some great new tech-enabled kitchen appliances to make home life more fun and interesting whether for you, your housekeeper or even your house-sitter.

With that in mind we offer you a guide to some fresh kitchen appliance ideas that would make superb gifts this holiday season. And for a more diverse look at what home builder Strata thinks should make the grade throughout the rest of the home, click here.

Fun with Fizzics

Fizzics Homeowner gift ideas
Fizzics – Great home gift idea

For any beer connoisseurs out there, this one is a must-have for every home. Fizzics turns any can or even growler into the smoother, fresher taste you are more accustomed to with a beer on tap. Although not quite on on the same level as turning water into wine, this counter-top beer system transforms any beer into a tap pour without the hassle of a traditional tap system – an essential for every home bar or kitchen.


Breville FastSlow

Gift ideas for home cooking
Gift ideas for home cooking

This beauty of a kitchen appliance also works magic heretofore unknown to the vast majority of homes. The easiest way to explain the Breville FastSlow would be as the marriage of a slow cooker and a pressure cooker: that is, convenience and ease of preparation meets fast meals done deliciously.  At an MSRP of $250 or UKGB of £165 this is one investment that will not go neglected for any kind of food, from porridge to yoghurt, from meaty entrees to desserts.

Ninja Coffee Bar

Coffee beans for home ground coffee
Coffee beans for home ground coffee

For coffee aficionados the world over, variety is indeed the spice of life and your home. There are so many different ways to enjoy your coffee. That is what the makers of the Ninja Coffee Bar believe with their versatile maker of home brewed coffee. This fully programmable brewer adjusts volume, strength, temperature and even has a frothing accessory to make your cappuccinos a creamy perfection. Even iced-coffee is possible, the Ninja Coffee bar is an essential for every Java loving homeowner.

Magic Bullet Blender

Magic juicer - Nutribullet
Magic juicer – Nutribullet

This new arrival in the world of blenders turns natural fruits and vegetables into magical concoctions of freshly smoothed drinks and cocktails. It’s perfect for the holiday season. Its compact form and ease of use are two more reasons to consider this item, neat and convenient it is easy to use, unobtrusive and quick to clean and store. The Magic Bullet is great for nutritionists, protein shake enthusiasts, or anyone who loves a delicious drink with minimal fuss.



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