Good home Lighting enhances luxury furniture

5 Feb, 2021

Good home Lighting enhances luxury furniture

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Decorating a home can a challenge and a joy. If you are working to a budget and you already have a few good pieces of luxury furniture, you can really enhance the look of your home with good home lighting. Every homeowner wants a comfortable and a presentable living space. Here are some top tips for how to make the most of your special pieces of furniture using nothing more than lighting.

Use good home lighting to get the most out of your luxury furniture

good home lighting
Consider the drama of how the light falls on your furniture


A lot of homeowners fail to utilize the lighting in their homes. A good home lighting design is important. These are not just there to light the way and keep everyone safe. The use of good home lighting is also a great means to highlight certain rooms and parts of your home. If you have luxury furniture, then it’s a must that you learn these few tips on how you can complement those pricey fixtures in your house.

Brighter lights for darker colors

When it comes to lighting, it’s a must that you know how to properly compliment the colors of your furniture. The design masters from Prestige Edition suggest using brighter lights to highlight dark-colored furniture. This helps bring out the dark hues of your furniture while giving the rest of the room just enough lighting to keep it looking warm and fresh.

The last thing you’d want is to have bright lights shine down on light-colored furniture. What happens is that it will make your room look too bright. Moreover, your guests won’t be able to appreciate the overall appearance of your luxury furniture as it will be too bright to appreciate by then.

Use accent lighting

There are three types of lighting that you use for your home.  Ambient lighting is basically the lighting that you use to brighten up your home. These are generally brighter than most types of lighting and it’s something that you should use to highlight the furniture. Instead, it’s something that you illuminate your home with.

The next type is task lighting. As the name suggests, task lighting is there to highlight certain rooms in the house which are used for specific purposes. For instance, task lights in your home are often found in the kitchen area. These lights make it easier for you to cook and ready your dishes. These lights are often easy on the eyes and are not too bright.

good home lighting
Set the scene using lighting in each room

If you’re looking to highlight certain objects or luxury furniture in your home, then you need to use accent lighting. Accent lighting includes a track or recessed lights, and even table and floor lamps. These are generally less bright as compared to the other types of light as all they are for is highlighting furniture and other household items.

Natural lighting works best

As the homeowner, you’ll know where natural light falls easily in your home. You don’t always have to use artificial lighting to highlight your furniture.

In fact, it’s easy to use natural lighting to keep your fixtures highlighted if you have large windows. You probably have large windows in your living area and you can use the light from the sun to keep your furniture shining.

What’s great about natural lighting is that these add up to your energy bill. When it comes to natural lighting, the proper placement of your luxury furniture is what you should work on. Place the furniture near your window so that the light highlights the fixtures well. At night, you can have the living room’s ambient lighting to keep things illuminated.

For good home lighting less is more

When it comes to lighting, less or more. You don’t have to focus all your lights on the furniture as if you are using a spotlight on a model. When it comes to accent lighting, less means more. A little bit of lighting will be more than enough to keep the focus on your furniture. Making things too bright will even take the attention away from the furniture and will instead be put on the rest of the room.

Putting your house’s lighting to good use is a must if you want to unlock the full capacity of your home and luxury furniture. There’s nothing wrong with showing off what you have inside the house so make sure to use lighting to your advantage. Your guests will stand in awe at how amazing your house looks.



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