Good neighbors – How best to manage relationships

28 Aug, 2020

Good neighbors – How best to manage relationships

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As a homeowner you will likely have neighbors. Moreover you will have likely chosen to be in your neighborhood. Having committed to living in your area it is important to manage these relationships to be good neighbours. Inviting housesitters into your home this adds another dimension. Here are some easy steps to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Neighbors.

Taking the time to make good relations with your neighbors can create  friendlier, safer, and more comfortable communities. While you don’t always get to change the neighborhood you live in, by being more involved with your neighbors and taking pride in your community, you can positively impact your living experience in your neighborhood.

good neighbors
Meeting and greeting neighbors can enhance your relationship

Here are 6 simple ways to be good neighbors:

Make important introductions

– Introduce yourself

Being friendly to the people in your neighborhood builds a pleasing and respectful relationship. Whether you’ve just moved in or had new neighbors moving in, make an effort to introduce yourself and spend time getting to know them, especially since they’ll be people you’ll probably frequently see.

A friendly hello can get a great welcome into the neighborhood.

– Introduce your housesitters

If you are having housesitters in your home while you are away, to care for your property and pets make sure they meet the neighbors. Take the time to make an good introduction so there are no surprises, and in fact the neighbors could help your sitter should they have questions or if anyting goes awry while you’re away.

Keep your place tidy

Pests are a problem that might affect your immediate neighbors negatively. Take the time to mow the lawn and clean up clutter and debris while following garbage and collection schedules. Your neighbors would take note of how you look after your property and belongings as nobody likes a messy neighbor.

Be a responsible pet owner

Introduce new neighbors and housesitters to your pet

Keep your pets in check. As not all neighbors might be too fond of your pet, be mindful of their tendencies to bark late at night or their preference to poop on your neighbor’s lawn. If you have a cat or dog, make sure not to let them roam around the neighborhood without you and clean up after any mess they might make. This will reduce potential complaints from your neighbors.

Be aware of shared walls

Constant loud noises from people next door can easily irritate other people and ruin relationships. Consider their lifestyle and schedules like having newborns in the house or coming home after a night shift at work.

The noise and vibrations generated by your house can be louder than you think. If you’re living in a house where neighbors share adjacent living spaces, try placing noisy household appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners away from partition walls.

If you want to get quieter appliances for some peace yourself, Silent Home Hub has great guides for quiet appliances and home soundproofing tips.

Volunteer to help -someone next door will appreciate it

During these times, having helpful neighbors is a blessing in disguise. You may help more vulnerable neighbors remain safe in their homes. As daily activities like buying groceries can be risky for them, doing an act of kindness by offering to drop off their groceries and other necessities is greatly appreciated. Even while social distancing, you can still be a good neighbor.

Good neighbors talk

Go online

It’s easy to crave face-to-face interaction when we’re all practicing social distancing; however, you can still build your relationships through social media. By joining or creating an online community group, you can easily remain connected with your neighbors. It can be a great avenue for you to discuss community issues and share about topics and hobbies you care about.

Keeping this simple, just follow the golden rule. Treat your neighbors the way you want to be treated. Following community rules goes a long way in creating a great neighborhood to live in and maybe even having long-lasting friendships.



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