Good ways to spoil a pet

4 Jun, 2021

Good ways to spoil a pet

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There are some things that every pet parent should get for their pet. You, as a pet owner, should know how important owning an animal can be. You understand how beautiful bonds they form between humans and animals. The benefits of owning a pet are endless. From offering emotional support to improving your health, the list is endless. Considering this, ensure that your pet is well provided for and living comfortably. And treats are a good thing in moderation. Here are some tips on the good ways to spoil a pet.

The good ways to spoil a pet

good ways to spoil a pet
A comfort blanket can be important for a small short haired dog

The following pet essentials will ensure that they cater well to your pet.

  • Parasite control 

Worming is an integral part of kitten and puppy care. Worming not only protects your kitten or puppy but also protects the health of your family. Make sure that your pet gets regular worming. Roundworms have a detrimental effect on animals. Therefore, worm your pet regularly, be it a puppy, kitten, or adult animal. Always pick dog waste immediately and ensure that everybody cleans their hands after handling animals, especially kittens and puppies. Dogs and cats can pick up other parasitic worms that are harmful to their health. Consult your vet about regular worming. 

  • Pet furniture covers

Getting your pet to stay off the furniture can be a futile process. That is why you need to get a pet furniture cover. Manufacturers make the covers of materials such as soft velvet, stretchy polyester spandex, and thick microfiber. You can get one suitable for you at at affordable prices. If you want complete protection against accidents, consider one that has a water-resistant layer. You must take shape and size of your couch into consideration. Most couch covers only protect the seats, armrests, and backrest. Opt for a cover that covers the entire sofa.

Some of the couch covers include the following.

  • Fully Waterproof Faux Suede Covers  

They have an impervious layer, and they are precisely shaped for the surface to prevent liquids from seeping through at the corners. 

  • Quilted Water-resistant Covers 

They are made from quilted, waterproof microfiber that protects your couch from pet hair, paws, and other pet-related messes.

  • Stretch Overs 

They are made from spandex and polyester and have an elastic bottom and Styrofoam rolls to secure them in place, making them fit on most couches.

  • Vaccination

You should be aware that your pet needs to have regular vaccinations. The whole course of immunization needs to protect against diseases. If you have taken your pet for vaccination, you need to be issued with proof of vaccination. The vaccination card should inform you when your pet’s next appointment is scheduled. Find out whether your animal needs a primary vaccination course or if a booster vaccination is necessary.  A healthy treat after the challenge of the vaccination is one of the good ways to spoil a pet.

  • Food and food bowl

A healthy diet is essential to your pets’ health. You must nutritionally balance the food to provide all the vital nutrients your pet needs. It is always tempting to feed your pet the same food as you eat. However, it is not recommended because the ingredients, such as garlic, might be toxic and irritating to your pet. It is also essential that you consider how you offer food to your pet. Some pets will refuse food if it is presented to them differently from what they are used to. It would be best to replace plastic bowls regularly since not only do they absorb odors but are also chewed by dogs. Ceramic bowls don’t move around the floor during mealtimes, while stainless steel bowls are easier to clean.

good ways to spoil a pet
Cat neutering is important to manage cat populations
  • Neutering

The most crucial benefit of neutering your pet is preventing them from having unwanted litters. However, there are health benefits too. You neuter female pets by removing their uterus and ovaries, while castration neuters male pets. Castration is the removal of testicles. For male dogs, neutering helps prevent aggression and wander while preventing male cats from roaming and getting involved in fights. In females, the removal of ovaries means that your pet will no longer experience ‘heat’. Neutering is more effective than tying the ovarian tubes because the presence of the ovaries means that your pet will still experience ‘heat’ and the issues associated with it. Please consult your vet about the neutering routine and the benefits it has on your pet. Cats can attain protection against mammary tumors or breast cancer. Also, it can prevent womb infections common in older dogs.

  • Find a petsitter

As a pet owner it can be a worry when you have to leave home. Who will care for your pet as well as you? Can they move in to your home to look after your pets in the comfort of your home? Join a pet and housesitting website to find your perfect match. Choose your platform with care. Consider the options a free housesitting website or a free housesitter.  There are benefits to both, however, the reputation of the site should be a consideration.

  • Dog sitters that come to your home

One of the best ways to care for and spoil your dog is to have dog sitters who live in, they come to your home to care for your pets.  That means that you can ensure your dog can stay in their own environment, with their bed and toys to minimise any stress they might experience once you have left home.

A final note on the good ways to spoil a pet

It is your duty as a pet parent to spoil your pet. The above items are essential in ensuring happiness for you and your pet. You will notice that you are happier when your pet is happy. 



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