Growing up with dogs can be health giving

25 Jan, 2023

Growing up with dogs can be health giving

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As many petowners will attest growing up with dogs can be great for your health and the health of your entire family. This counts towards both your physical well being, because of the exercise you get. And it can also be great for your mental health, because dogs are great companions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of growing up with dogs at home.

Growing up with dogs great for your health!

growing up with dogs
Caring for a dog from a young age brings benefits and rewards

It is widely believed that children who grow up with dogs in the home are healthier and have better mental health. Dogs can teach children about certainty.  Parents can teach their children many things with the help of a pet dog in the home.

One of the most popular is the the routine for ‘tidying up the toys in your room’ to keep your toys safe in the presence of the pets. Other household routines and chores around the house that are aided by the presence of a pet dog include daily feeding, and cleaning of pet equipment and food and water bowls.

And what better way to teach a child how to behave than get a dog into a training programme.

Dogs help children become more socialized

For real socialization, you need to ensure that your children have contact with pets, new friends and the wider network of your family members. Dogs can play an vital role for this process, and growing up with dogs really helps some children.

Be thoughtful about when might be the right time to get a dog for your family.

Manage the time children have for playing with dogs

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Children with autism growing up with dogs

This connection between dogs and the socialization of children is especially evident in children who suffer from autism. Studies have shown that children, like being able to house creatures and show greater social development.

Ways to help your children learn how to look after your dog

  • Anniversary of the dog according to the set schedule
  • Fill the dog’s bowl with water if it’s empty
  • Periodically walk the dog
  • Cleaning up after the dog.

More reasons to get a dog

growing up with a dog
Dogs are great companions at any age, and growing up with dogs is a huge benefit for children

Many of those who take a dog do not even think about the fact that the dog needs to be trained. This is a great responsibility. If this is not done, then the dog will become your headache. Will run away, disobey, bark, gnaw, and so on. And when the dog is trained – it’s convenient!

“Training is necessary for the dog’s safety – this is the most important thing. The second is for the comfort of the owner,” says Evgeny.

Studies show that people who have dogs develop better lifestyles and have fewer risks of getting heart attacks. If you want a better lifestyle, you should get your little friend. 

Dogs health care services

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It is great that people do not need to worry about technical issues and services nowadays; all the essential things are available online to take care of your dogs.

Health is the most important thing in life, and if you adopt a dog, you will ensure that your children and other family members will have better mental health. Then why don’t you adopt a little puppy and make everyone happy? 

How dogs can be trained 

“The intelligence of a dog manifests itself when the owner works with the dog; if not, then it will not have a mind. A smart dog generally becomes 6-7 years old, gaining experience. Up to three years old, a dog can be bad-young. Then she grows up, and we see more and more wit and intelligence in her behavior.

A stray dog also has a certain life and genetic experience. She comes to certain knowledge: life circumstances teach. Stray dogs ride the subway, cross the road at traffic lights, and so on.

Growing up with dogs means you learn early about training

In general most pet dogs under go some degree of behavioural training. If your pet dog is to live in your home with you their training and socialisation is essential.

Adopting stray and rescue dogs to live with you in your home can be a challenge. The rationale and good intentions are clear:

“I will take a dog from a shelter; I will make it happy.”

Training is vital to ensure the dog learns what is necessary for it to live safely in your home environment.

Often newly adopted strays and rescue dogs are nervous and reactionary.  The nervous habits are be evident in their behaviour, perhaps you notice a constant state of high alert and constant hiding or movement. Your stray or rescue dog is afraid of practically everything. There is a lot of gnawing, and destruction of objects and furniture. Rescue dogs take some time to calm down and feel safe in their new environment.

You need to care for dogs just as their age and breed requires

Adopting a dog is a responsibility

It is essential to mention that adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, especially if they are a stray or rescue animal. Training is vital. And if you do not have time and patience for the necessary training then it is better to give up the idea and find dog that is already house trained.

It is healthy for children growing up with dogs in the home. However, it is equally important that your dog’s needs are met and the dogs should be healthy and happy. Remember that adopting a dog as a pet will take time and energy until training is done to everyone’s satsifaction.

Growing up with dogs in summary

We all know that a pet like a dog is a real responsibility. They are intelligent animals that need love, care, exercise and companionship. While adopting a dog requires that you consider training, attention to their all round health and well being, it also brings many benefits.

The benefits are doubled if you start from a young age. Growing up with dogs means you get used to looking after them. You think about them when you are home and when you go out or away.

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