Handy kitchen items to have at home

29 Mar, 2021

Handy kitchen items to have at home

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Making a home is more than simply securing a warm and secure living space. Becoming a real homeowner is more about knowing how to equip a home for comfort, convenience and style. The kitchen is a key room to equip for efficiency and convenience. So here is a list of handy kitchen items, useful utensils and tools to have at home, to help your kitchen feel like home.

Handy kitchen items that you must have

handy kitchen items
Keep some of the handy items literally within easy reach


The kitchen is often considered one of the most important rooms in the house. While you would think it might be the master bedroom, the kitchen is actually more prominent. From a practical perspective it is also often the gravitational centre of the house.

Moreover, a good kitchen if well designed and maintained can help increase the cost of a house. It is the place where people often gather during a party, and it’s necessary for its most relevant function – cooking.

Get organised to make cooking fun

The practice of cooking requires a good kitchen to operate in, just like at a restaurant. Therefore, it’s important to have all the handy kitchen items that make cooking so much easier.

If you’re someone that feels their kitchen is lacking in the essential utensils or accessories, find out by visiting Boat Bas In Cafe. Check out these must-have useful items that you need in your drawers and cupboards.

Moka pot the overlooked handy kitchen item

You may know it better as a stovetop coffee maker. But a Moka pot is becoming a more common tool in kitchens everywhere today, if a little retro of course. Plus it’s a handy kitchen item to keep. The ability to make your own freshly brewed coffee with fresh grounds is much better than a drip pot, which is why it’s so helpful to have one to hand.

Why a moka pot?

You don’t need to be a coffee lover to find a good one either, you can easily refer to a guide on the best Moka pot you can buy to help track down one that will work for you. All in all, a complete kitchen needs the right tools to make fresh coffee at home.

Cast-iron skillet

handy kitchen items
An iron skillet is one of the top handy kitchen items

You can’t have a complete kitchen without a cast-iron skillet. For a number of recipes it becomes one of the super handy kitchen items. It’s such an essential item that it shouldn’t have to be on this list but it is just in case you don’t have one. What makes a cast-iron skillet better than a regular saucepan?

Why is the skillet so useful?

The fact that it’s so durable and versatile. You can cook something on the stovetop then transfer it straight to the oven to be baked. And you never need to worry about it warping or burning. It’s an incredibly handy item that will help elevate cooking potential.

Heavy and durable

The only real downsides of cast iron are that it can be quite heavy, and may occasionally scratch the glass-top on an electric or induction stove. If either of those are concerns for you then a carbon steel skillet may be an excellent light-weight and temperature-responsive alternative.

Carbon steel has similar non-stick properties to cast iron, although it does generate less heat retention and may be a slightly more expensive option.


handy kitchen items
It’s so useful to have various sized pans in the kitchen

Pasta maker

Another accessory to have in the kitchen that will help you be more self-sufficient is a pasta maker. Just like a Moka pot and linen placemats, you want to be able to make your own homemade pasta instead of relying on store-bought products and serve it on elegant table linen. A pasta maker is an incredibly simple tool to use but the potential is out of this world when you start to learn to make all kinds of types of pasta.

Once you have one you’ll realise that is is one of those really handy kitchen items you simply can’t live without.


Cookbooks seem like a relatively obvious addition to a kitchen. They are such handy kitchen items if you use them. .Yet you’d be surprised by how many people don’t keep or even use cookbooks. The internet has definitely made it easier to find more recipes and find them faster.

Though with the cookbook to hand you can record how you adapted the recipe. It’s is fun and useful for the next time you try it. Plus it’s also a nuisance to use a phone while cooking with messy hands. A cookbook can get used and abused, touched with starchy or sloppy hands, and it’s good to have a physical copy of a recipe laying around.

handy kitchen items
Hard to imagine a working kitchen without cookbooks

Reliable knife block

Every world-class chef will tell you that you need a good knife block. It’s not possible to truly get the most out of your cooking and prep work without shape and durable knives. Some knife sets can be very expensive. Though don’t really need to spend an extraordinary amount of money.

Just be aware they can get pricey depending on the brand. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on utensils or tools for the kitchen, then a knife block is essential it is one of those really handy kitchen items. Whatever you spend on your knives, the block will protect them, it will soon become one of your go to kitchen tools and gadgets. And you shouldn’t feel bad about that.

handy kitchen items
A knife block is a really useful piece of kit in the kitchen

Full drinkware set

For most kitchens a drinkware set comes near the top of the list of handy kitchen items to have at the ready. To serve refreshing cocktails for a party or at dinner you need the right glassware. Whiskey glasses, wine glasses, highball glasses, all of them are essential for a full drinkware set.

No matter the occasion, you should be ready knowing that you have the appropriate drinkware for your guests.

Reusable glass containers

Last up is reusable glass containers. Everyone has reusable plastic containers they use for leftovers and lunch. And that’s fine. Though they are probably stained from pasta sauce or warped because of continuous microwave use. To avoid both of those problems, glass containers are the way to go, they are the ultimate handy kitchen items.

You can preserve the freshness of your food, keep them from harming you because of potentially unsafe plastics. Moreover, they prevent any long-term stains from leftovers. These are popular small kitchen gadgets.

A final note on your list of handy kitchen items

Having a great kitchen is a source of pride for homeowners. It’s not just about the backsplash, the ice dispenser, or the floor material. Having a great kitchen is all about what you have in the kitchen. Making sure that you have all the right tools for cooking and serving needs is necessary to complete the ideal kitchen.

That’ is why you need some of those useful items all within easy reach in yours.



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